There is no doubt you would spend an amazing time in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. However, there are many wonders of this country and fabulous options in Costa Rica luxury homes for rent; for this reason, many decide to seek advice from asset management Costa Rica in order to stay longer. From its natural features to tourist services, culture and beauty, Costa Rica is a must-see destination.

These are Just Some of the Features that Attract so many Visitors for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica:

  • Its Natural Resources
  1. Costa Rica’s Amazing Vegetation
Just as you feel immersed in a lush green while visiting exotic forests; you will also see colorful landscapes in Costa Rica. There are many flowering plants and trees ornamenting this beautiful country; you can see Heliconias, orchids, epiphytes—also known as “air plants”—bromeliads, and angel’s trumpets and many are some species you can see.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica There are also many tree species that you can spot while in Costa Rica; Coconut trees, Ceiba, Milk or Cow trees, and parasite plants such as the “strangler figs” are some species you might see. The landscapes are very varied and with breathtaking beauty; considering Holdridge’s classification of life zones, Costa Rica possesses twelve of these housing a rich biodiversity. 2. Costa Rica’s Abundant Fauna The variety of life zones present in Costa Rica makes possible a vast number of animal species. Did you know that there around 1 million species in this small Central American country? There are species that belong to different ecosystems; from dry forests to coral reefs and wetlands, forests of high and lowlands, there’s plenty of different belonging animal species. Regarding amphibians, you can actually see several species of which some are poisonous, such as the poison dart frog; regarding reptiles there is also a big variety of species. Sea turtles, crocodiles, iguanas and boas are some of the reptiles you can see. There are also plenty of insects, birds, mammals and rich marine life; numerous butterfly varieties, toucans and monkeys are just some of them.
  1. Geographical Features
Costa Rica’s mesmerizing geography is the main cause of so many visitors coming every year.  From the moment you fly over the country to land you will notice; a lush green will be the identification of this country filled with forests and magical landscapes. One of Costa Rica’s most attractive features is its volcanic formations. Of 200 formations, 100 show activity and 5 are active volcanoes.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Besides mountainous ranges and volcanic formations, rivers, waterfalls, natural river pools and hot springs nearby volcanic formations are breathtaking. The seaside also offers marvelous sights; amazing beaches with clear waters border Costa Rica by East and West where sunrises and sunsets are unforgettable. Wetlands and dryer ecosystems also characterize Costa Rica, it is naturally gorgeous.
  • Its Wonderful Culture and Traditions
Costa Rica’s culture has great influence from the Spanish culture after its colonization; however, influence from the Caribbean and a mixture of it with native group traditions make it a very interesting culture. Regarding language, there are some local languages like Bribri and there’s a creole language spoken called Mekatelyu; however, Spanish is the official language and English is broadly spoken. Costa Ricans are known as “Ticos”, and they are known by a relaxed, positive attitude; it is reflected on the unofficial motto that represents them: ¡pura vida!. Ticos are very religious people, being most of them Roman Catholics and many of the cultural celebrations are religious. Costa Rican culture has become richer and varied as many foreigners have moved in and influenced it.
  1. Costa Rican Wonderful Traditions
There are some holiday traditions in Costa Rica which visitors can join in order to get to know this culture during their Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. There is a wonderful “Lights Festival” that usually takes place on December’s second Sunday to welcome the Christmas spirit. Horse parades also take place along with many activities that include concerts; there are also typical foods. December and New Year’s Eve are the most festive times, if you are visiting, you can try to go to the most crowded beaches. Playa del Coco is a good example of a place you can visit if you want to be a part of the Costa Rican fiesta.
  1. Costa Rican Art
Painters and Sculptors Some important Costa Rican painters are Fernando Carballo, Gonzalo Morales Sáurez and Rafa Fernández. There are also some important sculptors such as: Jorge Jimémez Deredia, Ilbo Bonilla, Domingo Ramos, Max Jiménez and many others. Music Regarding other artistic expressions, Costa Rican music also stands out by its different rhythms including calypso, salsa, soca, merengue and others. Other music genres include cumbia and folk music. You can hear the heritage of African music in their tunes and other foreign genres are also popular in Costa Rica. Besides typical music, people also listen to pop music, reggae and other international sounds.Costa Rica Luxury Homes Dancing Costa Ricans enjoy dancing and the majority does dance. Although there are many typical dances, there is one called “Punto Guanacasteco”; this dance is considered to represent Costa Rica nationally by many and its origins come from Guanacaste Province. This province is a favorite for tourists and as in other regions; there are usually parades and dances on the streets on holidays.
  1. Costa Rican Food
Typical Costa Rican dishes usually include rice and beans; however, another characteristic of Costa Rican cuisine is its dishes usually contain fresh vegetables and tropical fruit. With slight variations, rice and beans are typical ingredients of Costa Rican dishes. Beverages containing cane sugar are popular and regarding desserts, corn, coconut, fruit and milk are the most common ingredients. 3) There Are Amazing and Luxurious Homes for Rent in Costa Rica Costa Rica tourism industry has grown tremendously due to its undeniable many wonders. For this reason, there are big housing complexes that have strictly designed as Costa Rica luxury homes; if a luxury vacation Costa Rica is what you are looking for, here you will want to stay more permanently. Besides the amazing Costa Rica resorts, this option has gained popularity. With the best personalized services, asset management Costa Rica can hook you up with an estate that suits your interests. The luxurious villas, condos and even studio apartments for rent feel as comfy as the best Costa Rica resorts; however, you can also enjoy the privacy that will feel at home. In the Guanacaste Province especially, the most luxurious complexes have been developed.
  • Tourist Attractions are Nature-Centered
Even if you are seeking to spend time with the highest luxury, you will always have, at least, an amazing background landscape. First of all, typical visitors seek adventure tours that bring them to a close encounter with nature. Scuba diving, kayaking, horseback rides, hot springs and hikes; all these activities depend on natural resources; they are the reason why people can practice them.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The biggest tourist attractions in Costa Rica are actually its National Parks and Biological Reserves. These are the main locations where you can go on all this wonderful adventures; if you are visiting Guanacaste Province there are actually a few you can visit within a short area. If you go sailing, or decide to practice tennis or golf, you will also have an amazing natural background to enjoy.
  • Costa Rica Has Great Environmental Policies
This country was once victim of massive deforestation (in the 60s and 70s); however, Costa Rica has made a big change by making big efforts in both fauna and flora preservation. After being victim of the consequences of cattle pasture, this country has world-leading policies are motivating natural preservation. There are actually 11 conservation areas in Costa Rica. The environmental policies include laws regarding specific animal or tree species, for example, as is the case of the Leatherback sea turtles. Regulations of commercial activities with some species have helped enhance the dangerous situations some of them may be facing. Eco-tourism has also forced development be measured given the fact that it basically relies on natural resources.
  • It Is a Safe Country
Did you know that Costa Rica has no army? This paradisiacal country of the Central American isthmus is not only beautiful but a safe place for you to visit. This country with no army is not a place for you to worry about more than spending a wonderful time. It has presented murder rates below 10 people for every 100 thousand citizens; it is also considered Latin America’s most pacific country after Uruguay and Chile.
  • Economy
Costa Rica’s currency is the Costa Rica colon. It has a fairly stable economy and it depends greatly on tourism; it is the most visited country of Central America and tourism generates more than the bananas and coffee businesses combined. Many of Costa Rica visitors come from the United States which is also the source of lots of foreign investments.
  • Its Weather
Costa Rica has two distinguishable seasons. There is a dry season which is also called “dry season”. Starting in January (or late December), this season is the one that attracts more visitors throughout the year. Dryer and sunnier, it ends in May; for this reason, son many visitors come from the North, when it is winter for them. This applies more to the West, the East tends to be wetter. The other season is the rainy or “green” season. From May to late December, the rains get heavier on the West side. This doesn’t mean that during the green season it is not advisable to visit; on the contrary, it just means, you will have to plan your activities considering this variable. It is important to emphasize on the fact that during green season there may be days without rain.
  • The Amazing Activities you Can Do in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
Just as you can have exciting adventures on your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, you can have comfortable and relaxing experiences. The most luxurious experience you can go on for starters is going Costa Rica sailing. Right at the Papagayo Marina in Guanacaste Province, you can go on an experience of a lifetime across the Pacific.  Sunbathing, fishing, delicious food and wonderful sights are just a part of it.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Besides Costa Rica Sailing, there are other activities for the luxurious tastes. You can go golfing, and delight from the wonderful sights at the Arnold Palmer signature design golf course; you can also go for a ride throughout Papagayo Peninsula renting a golf cart. There are tennis courses, spas and the most luxurious cafés and accommodation and transportation services for you.
  • Costa Rican Transportation
There is fairly good public transportation in Costa Rica; however, you want to hire private transportation if you wish to truly spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica.  Whether you rent a car to drive yourself or hire a private driver, it is important to travel comfortably. The heavy shower on the one hand, as well as the hot weathers on the other, make travelling without air conditioned hard to do. There are many private transportation services in Costa Rica, and actually many asset management agencies can help you find private transportation. These companies that handle Costa Rica luxury homes can also help you find suitable transportation in comfortable vehicles. In case you decide to rent a car, remember that some destinations are difficult to access on sedan vehicles. It Simply Is Pura Vida! Costa Rica is a place where to enjoy high-quality services in a magical destination with beauty and a good vibe. Although you come to enjoy the wonders of nature, you can truly experience a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica by hiring the different tourist services such as accommodation, transportation or others. Staff is bilingual and there is always room for tourist development in Costa Rica. These and many other reason, make Costa Rica the perfect destination to spend a luxurious vacation with your loved ones. Thanks for read: “10 Reasons Why a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Make Many Come Back" We recommend read too:  9 Reptile Species You Can See Spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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