If you’re planning a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in Papagayo Peninsula, having great food and drinks won’t be an issue. Costa Rica’s gastronomy, apart from being tasty, has also received international influences. Furthermore, many of the visitors end up staying more permanently; thus, many establishments have been developed in order to satisfy those interests or influenced by them.

These are some of the best places for food and drinks in Papagayo peninsula:

  • Marea Seafood
Located in the Prieta Beach Club, you can have an amazing dinner that you will remember for a lifetime. This amazing restaurant is run by Chef James Cassidy and you can enjoy this experience only with previous reservations. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace that faces the Pacific Ocean where you will be able to enjoy amazing sunsets; the seafood and regional dishes of the place will also delight you. Regarding the menu, there is a broad set of options that mix local with foreign flavors. Seafood and Italian dishes are popular in the menu that you can actually check online. The prices can be considered as not quite cheap; however, most customers seem to agree on it having a fair price considering that it reflects its good quality. You could spend 100$ on a dinner for two.
  • Olas American
Also located in the Prieta Beach Club, this restaurant opens only for lunch and reservations are not really necessary. You can enjoy part of your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica by coming to this beautiful restaurant by the sea.  In it, you can seat under a palapa or by the pool; the location is perfect for a family meal.  It is an excellent option if you are in Playa Prieta and the dishes are delicious. Regarding the menu options, there is one special dish recommended, and that is the “tuna club”. However, there are plenty of other choices for you and your family. Besides delicious seafood and amazing appetizers, here you might find options that are more children-friendly. When you go to Olas American restaurant, you can have salads, sandwiches, pizzas, hamburgers and more.
  • Dive Bar Costa Rica
This popular restaurant is not only a place with delicious food, but it is also in a beautiful location. In the Dive Bar Costa Rica and enjoy the view of the yachts in the harbor and a gorgeous horizon. Located in the Panama Beach, you will find the service of this restaurant impeccable; furthermore, since you can access it by the sea, just arriving is a fun experience you will enjoy. Regarding the menu, you should remember that it may vary depending on the season; during the low season it gets reduced due to the low influx of customers. It is not required that you make reservations in order to eat in the Diva Bar Costa Rica and you can go for lunch or dinner. In the menu options, there are local delicious “patacones” and varied appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, seafood and more.
  • Ostra Seafood
Ostra Restaurant is located in the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort; it is one of the best places to delight from the amazing Costa Rican seafood. The architectural design of the restaurant tries to emulate a private residence and it has three different culinary stations. The food is usually fresh and the flavors represent Costa Rica. It is open for dinner and reservations are not required. Regarding the menu, the whole experience is amazing from the moment you arrive. First, you are offered an appetizer or cocktail; then you can watch the chef prepare the dishes right in front of you. The ceviche is famous and you can enjoy your wonderful meal in an elegant place with beautiful terraces; there are also more private spaces for those seeking to have a romantic dinner.
  • Sol y Sombra Latin
This restaurant is a popular fish house and rotisserie located in the Four Seasons Resort. You can go for a breakfast, lunch or dinner and have an amazing time in this latin-inspired location where you can eat al fresco. Reservations for eating in Sol y Sombra Restaurant are required; this is a place with a lively environment, good music and representative of Costa Rican flavors. Sol y Sombra Latin Restaurant is of the few restaurants that has made to order ceviche; you will see the chef in the station preparing it for you. The menu has land and sea options such as chicken and varied options in seafood where a South American influence can be perceived in the flavor. This is a place with an amazing ambiance where you can go for a casual dining.
  • Rio Bhongo Continental
This amazing restaurant is located in the Andaz Papagayo. This place that has dishes where you can taste Latin American flavors requires reservation for eating; you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. The flavors of the dishes are unbelievable; furthermore, the restaurant also offers an amazing view of the beach and the pool for you to enjoy your meal. This beautiful restaurant, to some, resembles an island inside a river; it is placed in the middle of a pool. Not only is it beautiful, but it also offers delicious flavors and typical Costa Rican dishes; one of them you cannot miss tasting is the popular “casado”, which is a local dish of rice and beans. The restaurant also has a coffee bar; you can have great coffee and amazing drinks there.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  • Chao Pescao Tapas Bar
The gourmet creations of the chef delight many customers in Chao Pescao Tapas Bar; to this beautiful bar and restaurant located in the Andaz Papagayo, you can attend for dinners, but you require reservations. It has wooden ceilings, open terraces for you to enjoy the view, and the atmosphere usually includes a live band; the Latin sounds are also a good part of the experience. You can truly experience a magical Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in places like the Chao Pescao Tapas Bar; here, the chef creates seasonal dishes inspired by Latin American culture. There are Colombian dishes, such as the “arepas” or Costa Rican dishes like the “chicharrones”. Among other dishes, you can also have chicken wings, roasted sausages, and local craft beer; there is also a mixologist.
  • Caracol Steak House
You require reservations to eat in the wonderful Caracol Steak House and you will have the time of your life. On the one hand, the setting will amaze you as it overlooks the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf course; it specifically has a view of the 18th hole. It is located in the Four Seasons Resort; in this restaurant, you can eat indoors or al fresco, it is a beautiful location. On the other hand, the food, which is why you would go there in the first place, is amazing. You can taste the local seafood, always fresh as there is an unbelievable raw bar and also taste its dry-aged beef. You have to try the Caesar salad, the tuna tartare, the four cheese Mac & Cheese and many other dishes; fresh vegetables and exotic flavors will delight your palate.
  • Tico’s Lobby Bar
Another place to enjoy your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is by coming to the Tico’s Lobby Bar. You do not require a reservation and you can visit for a delicious lunch or dinner. Tico’s Lobby Bar is located in the Four Seasons Resort, it is beautifully decorated and the service is just wonderful. There are comfortable couches and a wonderful view to the beaches and pools. One great characteristic of this bar and restaurant is that you can eat food that comes from a sustainable production. Late in the afternoon you can attend the mixology classes and delight with delicious cocktails throughout the night; early in the day, you can have delicious sandwiches and salads, and “pastelitos”. The coffee and smoothies you can have in this comfortable lounge will make this a relaxing experience.Costa Rica Rental Homes
  • Poro Poro International
Continue your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica experience by having luch or dining at Poro Poro International; the wonderful bar and restaurant is located in Exclusive Resorts, next to The Four Seasons Resort. In this place run by Chef Nicola Devenelle and it is a place with an amazing environment; there is live music that you can dance to and the tables are next to a beautiful pool. Amongst other dishes, you must try the Saffron Risotto and the delicious seafood the chef will prepare. The dining style of this place is of casual dining and you can attend for lunch and for dinner time, as well as for a few drinks. There are sushi nights, so try the wonderful rolls, the cuisine of the place is international, seafood and steakhouse; you will delight your palate here.
  • Cena Sociale Italian
North of Doit Centre Liberia is this wonderful Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort; it is only open for dinner and you require reservations to eat at this delicious restaurant. There is a great ambiance and the kitchen is run by Chef Dario; he takes pride in his delicious cooking and will explain the dishes for you. This is a place to eat authentic Italian food in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Try authentic Italian dishes, you can start with a selection of appetizers such as a salad with seafood ingredients. One of the must-try dishes of this restaurant is the chicken parm, which is made with the chef’s particular input. Other recommended dishes are the lasagna, the Cioppino and you could end your meal with a sorbet or a wine from the selection available.
  • CR Burger Shack American
The wonderful CR Burger Shack is a fun restaurant located in the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica; it is next to the tennis courts and the golf clubhouse. It is open for lunch and you do not require reservations in order to eat in the CR Burger Shack; you can actually eat in the facilities or take your food to go. Given its location, it is a perfect place to go eat after an exciting tennis match or playing golf. The CR Burger Shack American is a place for you to taste American burgers; however, with a Costa Rican influence in the flavor that will delight your palate. Did you know that the majority of the Costa Rican visitors come from the United States? If you are an American citizen wishing to visit Costa Rica, you can also taste a little bit of home with a Costa Rican dash of flavor.

Can You Visit These Restaurants If You Are Staying in Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals?

Absolutely! Some of the housing complexes like the Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals are actually part of the Marina Project; this project aims to provide customers in the area with all the accommodation, transportation, entertainment and food services necessary. For this reason, many housing complexes with the best Costa Rica luxury homes, resorts and restaurants are part of the same project. Resorts in the Peninsula like the Andaz Papagayo and the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica have a transportation system that connects them; if you are staying in the first, you can easily visit the latter and enjoy its services. These are amazing options if you are staying in any of the Costa Rica luxury homes; you can go out and see Costa Rica and taste its amazing flavors.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: Do You Need to Eat Out Staying in Costa Rica Rental Homes?

If you stay in Costa Rica rental homes you will have the option of hiring a private chef service; however, it is good to know all your options. Although you can have excellent food staying in; these are the best places to eat in the Papagayo Peninsula; the food is great, service is amazing and the settings, where they are located are incredible. Your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica will not only be fun, you will surely delight your palate! Thanks for read: “12 Recommended Locations for a Food and Drink Experience in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica" We recommend read too: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in 3 Cantons of Guanacaste Province: La Cruz, Liberia and Carrillo
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