It has become more and more common to spend luxury vacations Costa Rica among tourists worldwide; this Central American country that has 0.03% of the world’s territory also possesses an astonishing 6% of its biodiversity.  This means that Costa Rica has varied landscapes, abundant vegetation and animal species; in this sense, the amazing beaches of Guanacaste Province are of the most popular tourist attractions.

14 Beaches you Can Visit in your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

There are plenty of tourist attractions and destinations that are not near a coastline in Costa Rica; however, since there are so many water sports and amazing beach towns with fabulous tourist services, many prefer them. Guanacaste Province, located Northwest of Costa Rica, has incredible beach towns; some are more popular and crowded and some more low-key. Either way, they will amaze you: From North to South: This gorgeous destination is located in Santa Rosa National Park; not as crowded as some other beach towns in Guanacaste, this beach is no less beautiful. The access to Potrero Grande Beach is not possible by car, only by boat. There is an estuary formed by Potrero Grande River with beautiful marshlands and there is abundant wildlife in the area. There is also a big portion of tropical dry forests which house lush vegetation and aserveral animal species as well; the area is also popular for attracting sea turtles to the seashore for nesting. In addition, nearby there is a very popular surfing spot among surfers worldwide; the famous “Ollie’s Point” has amazing conditions for surfing. Other water sports are also popular here.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Naranjo Beach is also located in Santa Rosa National Park, South of Potrero Grande Beach.  This beach is also a secluded destination due to the difficult access by car; as well as Potrero Grande, the access to this beach is by boat. There is another town with the same name in Puntarenas Province, which is located South of Guanacaste; actually, many people refer to Naranjo Beach as “Witch’s Rock”. Naranjo Beach, as well as Potrero Grande Beach, is known for its great conditions for surfing. “Witch’s Rock” makes reference to a rocky formation located off shore that is actually an amazing spot for surfing. Naranjo Beach is popular for other water sports; however, surfing conditions of the area attract numerous tourists from around the world every year. Nacascolo is one of the beautiful beaches of this tourist area; it has crystal clear waters and white sand. The beach is in the area of the Costa Rica Four Seasons. For tourists choosing this resort or the luxurious Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals, comfort will not be an issue; plus, they can enjoy the services and facilities of the Costa Rica Four Seasons as well. Nacascolo Beach is located between two beautiful beaches, Manzanillo and Blanca (White in Spanish) Beaches; it is an amazing tourist destination for various reasons. Not only the natural beauty of the area and fabulous hotels are main reasons; the Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals, the golf course, the tennis courts, and water sports available are incredible. This gorgeous beach town is located in Culebra Bay very near Papagayo Peninsula. Panamá Beach is a quiet destination while also having all the luxurious services of other popular destinations; there are several cafés, bars, restaurants boutiques, and more in Panamá Beach. In this destination, you can relax, but ensure amazing and comfortable luxury vacations Costa Rica. Playa Panamá is conveniently located near Liberia and its international airport; it is also close by the Papagayo Peninsula and it amazing resorts and facilities, and at least 3 national parks. In addition, it is also near very popular beaches like Coco and Hermosa Beach, which attract many tourists every year. Access to Panamá Beach by car is easy; there is a paved road to get to it. Continuing down South from Panamá Beach is the beautiful—as the name in Spanish calls it—Hermosa Beach; there are two beaches with this name, the one in Guanacaste has calm waters, as opposed to the other which is a popular tourist destination. Hermosa Beach is perfect for luxury vacations Costa Rica; it may actually be difficult to find accommodations for those who are on a tight budget. Hermosa Beach has gray sand and crystal clear waters, and it is also surrounded by tropical forests; it is a great place for family vacations and it is also very near at least three national parks. Water sports are popular in Hermosa Beach, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, and other water sports are some of them. Horseback riding and visits to mangroves are also popular. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Coco Beach is very near Hermosa Beach; in just a little over 10 minutes you can get from Hermosa to Coco Beach by car. This town has incredible natural beauty; however, it is mostly popular among young visitors for its exciting nightlife. Coco Beach has several bars, restaurants, and cafés. As opposed to more tranquil destinations in Costa Rica with no active nightlife, Coco Beach is perfect to enjoy nighttime. In addition to having the facilities to enjoy nighttime in Costa Rica, Coco Beach is also popular among Ticos; therefore, if you intend to interact with the locals, Coco Beach is a great option for you. Coco Beach is conveniently located to Liberia’s international airport and the Papagayo Peninsula; it is also near several national parks and it is popular for its water sports and services like boat tours. Ocotal Beach is also popular among tourists; however, it may be a calmer option for family vacations and those interested in getting away from the party scene. This is also a good option for those seeking a chill destination with all the services nearby; you can spend luxury vacations Costa Rica staying in Ocotal Beach and be in Coco Beach in ten minutes. It is very nearbyy car. One reason that makes this beach so popular is the fabulous Playa Ocotal vacation rentals; in this beach town, you can find accommodation options for tighter budgets and those seeking luxury. However, the best choice is to relax in one of the wonderful beachfront villas of Ocotal Beach; Playa Ocotal vacation rentals are conveniently located for spending fabulous luxury vacations Costa Rica. Las Catalinas is a unique town in Costa Rica; the town was designed following the principles dictated by New Urbanism. In Las Catalinas, the most remarkable characteristic is the noticeable mixture and balance of nature with development; there are no paved roads but the main one that leads to the town, but apart from it, no others. The pedestrian experience is exalted. In addition to this beautiful town where nature mixes with the infrastructures, Las Catalinas has a beautiful beach; Danta Beach is located west of Las Catalinas facing the Pacific Ocean. There are amazing options regarding beachfront luxury villa rentals Costa Rica in Danta Beach; you can enjoy the famous Guanacaste sunsets from Danta Beach and visit the innovative and gorgeous Las Catalinas. Pan de Azúcar, or as it’s also known, “Sugar Beach”, means “Sugar Bread Beach”, and it’s a great tourist destination. The Pacific Coastline that borders Guanacaste Province to by the West is filled with beaches undergoing massive development; however, Sugar Beach is not one of these over-developed and over-crowded locations. It is actually one of the most secluded beaches of the area. There are no big resorts or luxury villa rentals Costa Rica as there are in some other Guanacaste beach towns; nevertheless, for a vacation group seeking to relax and enjoy the dry tropical climate of the area, it is perfect. You can practice many water sports in this beach as well as witness the abundant wildlife; monkeys, iguanas, sea turtles, and manta rays are just some of the species you might see. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Not to be confused with Potrero Grande Beach, which is located in Santa Rosa National Park, Potrero Beach is beautiful; this beach is located near the Southern and very popular flamingo Beach. It is known for its turquoise waters and it is a very laid-back destination; the number one activity of the area is sport fishing, but other water sports are popular as well as other in-land activities. Potrero Beach is known for its nice climate and beautiful landscapes; in land, you can go on horseback riding adventures passing by the incredible landscapes and witnessing the varied fauna. Flamingo Beach is characterized by having white sand which results in it being called “Playa Blanca” or White Beach; Flamingo is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its major development. There are incredible luxurious home rentals in the area and water sports available; since there is a marina, there are boat tours and sport fishing adventures you can go on from Flamingo Beach. Flamingo beach is a town that is strictly devoted to tourist activities because it lacks a Tico settlement; Flamingo Beach is made up of amazing villas, luxurious resorts, and abundant tourist services. There are plenty of services to go on water adventures and accommodation options in Flamingo Beach; however, if you are interested in interacting with the Tico culture, you can visit other towns nearby. Conchal Beach has clear turquoise waters and it is characterized by being made up of tiny shells; its clear waters make it a perfect destination for water sports where you observe the marine wildlife. Sports like snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular in Conchal Beach; there are accommodation options in Conchal Beach, but maybe not as many and luxurious as in other towns like Flamingo. Conchal Beach is locate dnear Brasilito beach which is another beautiful beach town worth visiting; not only is it beautiful, but it also has plenty of accommodation options for tighter budgets. There are two beaches with this name (there is another North of this Grande Beach); the Grande Beach being referred to currently is a part of Las Baulas Marine National Park. One of the biggest attractions of the beach and the park is the nesting ritual that it houses; the “baulas”, which means Leatherback sea turtles in Spanish, arrive to the shores of this park to nest performing a magical ritual. The beach is separated from the also popular Tamarindo Beach by a river called Guanacaste; besides the Leatherback sea Turtles, there is abundant animal life in Las Baulas Marine National Park, as well as landscapes. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Tamarindo Beach is located South of Grande Beach, they are both separated by Matapalo River. It is a beach town that has massively developed; however, despite all the major constructions and growth, the town remains a quiet village. This was once a fishing town here now many water sports are popular among tourists; plus, there are great accommodation options. Tamarindo has become one of the favorite tourist destinations of Guanacaste, and there are many reasons for it; it has great tourist activities—of which water sports are the most popular—, and it has great tourist services. In addition, access to Tamarindo is easy, not only by car; there is a national airport in Tamarindo where you can take domestic flights.

Spending Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in Guanacaste Province

Some of the beach towns previously mentioned are the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica; nevertheless, these are not your only options in Costa Rica or Guanacaste. If your intention is to stay in this wonderful province, there are options in the central part of the country; one great destination is the Tenorio Volcano Area. By staying in this zone, you are actually not too far from both Costa Rican coastlines. Costa Rica is an incredible tourist destination if you seek adventure, a reconnection with nature and comfort; whether in these beach towns or elsewhere, you are guaranteed to spend amazing luxury vacations Costa Rica! Thanks for read: ''14 Tourist Destinations on Costa Rica’s North Pacific Coastline: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica''. Share or comment this post. You will love read: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica with Fun, Comfort, and Amazing Casinos in Guanacaste Province
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