Tourists spending luxury vacations Costa Rica in Guanacaste Province can witness incredible biodiversity; covering 0.03% of the Earth’s territory, this small country possesses 6% of its biodiversity. The different life zones present in this beautiful Central American country house abundant animal species; from mammals to reptiles to insects, you will be amazed by these species.

Some Animal Species You Might Spot in Costa Rica:

  • Sloths

It’s not too difficult to see sloths in Costa Rica and there are two types of sloths in Costa Rica; you can see the 2-fingered and the3- fingered sloth. Sloths are arboreal mammals and their diet consists on leaves and they are actually good swimmers. 2-fingered sloths are harder to see because of they are nocturnal; it is easier to see a 3-fingered sloth in Costa Rica. If you want to see sloths in Guanacaste, you can see them in La Fortuna and Bijagua. If your intention is to visit Guanacaste and spot these amazing mammals, you can stay in the Arenal area. You might find good options in Costa Rica villa rentals and spot these wonderful mammals. In some areas in Costa Rica, they have even been spotted crossing a street.
  • Crocodiles

It is not uncommon to spot crocodiles in Costa Rica; you might even find ours that take you to see these amazing creatures. If you enjoy watching exotic wildlife, you will delight watching these creatures in fresh or even salt water. It is important to take precautions and so it occurs if you go on a tour like this; you don’t want to see them as a surprise. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica You can see them in Tempisque River, in Bagaces and many other areas. You could stay in the Tenorio Area or in Costa Rica villa rentals by the beach; any ride to a tour to witness crocodiles will be close by. This is a species you can see in Costa Rica and which the country pays special attention to; these sea turtles, as their name indicates, have a softer carcass than other species do. It actually seems like a leathery surface. This beautiful species is endangered and you can spot it along the Pacific Coast; however, if you are specifically interested in them, there is a place to spot them. These amazing creatures visit Grande Beach in Las Baulas Marine National Park; “baula” is the name of the turtle in Spanish. The park has this name because it specifically protects this species; there is a nesting ritual that they perform that you could spot and would amaze you. If you wat to see these creatures, choosing Costa Rica vacation rentals in Tamarindo or Flamingo Beaches is a good idea.
  • Tapirs

This is an animal species that you will specifically find in the tropical rainforests; you can find it from Mexico to South America, it is also known as “danta” in Spanish. It is a nocturnal animal and it eats fallen leaves and fruit. If you are interested in spotting a tapir in Guanacaste there are some options; you can spot them in Rincón de La Vieja National Park or in Santa Rosa National Park. Regarding good Costa Rica vacation rentals near any of these national parks, there are also options; if you want to stay near Santa Rosa National Park, the recommendation is that you stay in Papagayo Peninsula. However, if you want to stay near Rincon de La Vieja National Park, choose rentals in the Tenorio area; it is a good option close by, but Papagayo Peninsula is also not too far from it.
  • Dolphins

Dolphins are known to everyone, and it is a marvelous sight to see them. If you are interested in seeing them, a sailing tour in the Pacific should do the trick. It obviously depends on the season and a little luck; but it is not too uncommon to spot them in the waters of the Pacific in Guanacaste Province.  Go on sailing tours from the marina in Papagayo Peninsula and you might get to see them. Costa Rica luxury homes
  • Coatis

You can find coatis from Central to South America; they measure about 12 inches in height. Coatis are omnivores; they eat fruit, nuts, insects, and more. Coatis can usually be found in the humid rainforests. If you are staying in Guanacaste and you want to see coatis, you can in Arenal Volcano National Park. In addition, if you seek luxury homes Costa Rica nearby, the Tenorio area is a good option.
  • Whales

As well as with dolphins, in order to see whales, you have to go on sailing tours; these are popular in Guanacaste and you can do this from the Papagayo Marina in the Papagayo Peninsula. It also depends on the season and where you go sailing; however, it is not too difficult to spot them. You can stay in Papagayo Peninsula in order to go on tours that might take you to see them. You can also stay in Tamarindo or Coco Beach in order to go on sailing tours like these; furthermore, these locations have amazing luxury homes Costa Rica.  They are also located near several national parks.
  • Howler Monkeys

Costa Rica has four species of monkeys; if you want to specifically see the howler monkeys, Guanacaste Province is a good place to spot them. They howl in a particular way which responds to the name they receive; their diet includes leaves and only the males are the ones that howl. Two places where you can spot them in Guanacaste are Guanacaste and Arenal Volcano National Parks. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica If you are interested in visiting these national parks and want to stay near them, there are some options; if you want to stay near Guanacaste National Park, staying in Papagayo Peninsula is a great option. Places like Hermosa or Coco Beach are also nearby and have great rental homes. If you want to spend luxury vacations Costa Rica and stay near Arenal Volcano National Park, Tenorio Area is excellent.
  • The Jaguar

This is one of the 6 species of wildcats you can spot in Costa Rica. The population of jaguars has decreased which calls for their protection; this also means it is not so easy to spot them; however, it is not impossible. These wild cats are shy and they will not approach humans in a friendly way; nevertheless, you might see them in Santa Rosa National Park with a little luck. If you seek options for accommodation near Santa Rosa National Park, there are some; the closest are in Papagayo Peninsula, options in Coco and Hermosa Beach are also very close by.
  • Scarlet Macaws

This colorful species is very popular and it is a great sight for bird lovers and animal lovers in general. They live from 30 to 40 years, although they have been known to live longer than that. Their diet consists in seeds, nuts, and fruits; in Costa Rica, they are known as “Guacamayo rojo”. If you want to see them in Guanacaste, you can do it in Palo Verde National Park. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica If you want to visit Palo Verde National Park and stay nearby, there are some accommodation options; you can stay in the Tenorio Area, or you can also choose beach towns if that is what you prefer. Tamarindo and Flamingo Beaches are two good options with great vacation rentals Costa Rica.
  • Anteaters

This mammal can be found in grasslands and tropical forests usually in Central America. They are carnivores; their diet consists in termites, ants, beetles, and in occasion, fruits. Anteaters are said to eat up to 30 thousand insects per day; they usually live about 14 years. One of the parks you can see anteaters in is Santa Rosa National Park; but you can see them in others as well. As previously mentioned, if you wish to stay near the Santa Rosa National Park, you can choose Papagayo peninsula; this area has amazing resorts and vacation rentals Costa Rica. In addition, there are other services and tourist activities you can enjoy in this area. Coco and Hermosa Beach are also great options nearby.
  • Pumas

Pumas or cougars are a different type of wildcat of the six found in Costa Rica. They are the second biggest wildcat in Costa Rica and they are not characterized for roaring but for growling. Pumas are usually alone and they are known for hunting at night; they can be found throughout the Americas and in Costa Rica they can be seen in Guanacaste and Santa Rosa National Parks. Santa Rosa and Guanacaste National Parks are located next to each other; therefore, staying in Papagayo Peninsula is a good option if you want to stay nearby.
  • Yellow-Bellied Sea Snakes

Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

These sea snakes can be seen along the Pacific Coastline; they have been reported to be seen in Flamingo Beach. This species is very venomous; however, it does not represent a threat to humans because of its docile nature. These snakes are not known for biting humans and are not likely to attack, at least not without a reason. Actually, they have increased their numbers lately. If you are staying in Flamingo Beach, there are incredible rental homes and resorts in the area. They also have the best services if you seek to spend luxury vacations Costa Rica.
  • Bats

There are over 2 hundred species of mammals in Costa Rica; some of them are bats and you can see them in many places in the country. There are species of vampire bats; there are white bats and many other types. One of the places where you can witness these wonderful creatures is in Santa Rosa National Park. The tropical dry forests of this park are hose to these amazing animals.
  • Sharks

There are rocky islands and their outcroppings near the Guanacaste shores are where you can spot these creatures. Some of the species of sharks you can see in Costa Rica include the white and black tip reek sharks; others you can see are the hammerheads and the bull shark. Although some shark species may be dangerous for people; these encounters are rare. There are always probabilities of these encounters happening; however, not all shark species are dangerous and there are other simpler activities that statistically result more dangerous.  These beautiful animals are also very important for their role in our ecosystem; for this reason, they are protected as other animal species, regardless of their dangerous reputation.

Are there Good Accommodation Options in Guanacaste for Luxury Vacations Costa Rica?

The beach towns that have been previously mentioned have developed greatly in favor of tourism; moreover, there are incredible resorts and rental homes available. Whether it is in a resort or in a rental home, you can enjoy comfort and great luxury in them; the property management companies make sure that you get all the services you need to feel at home or even better.

Can you Find Tours to Witness these Animal Species in these Towns?

With the property management companies you will be able to find a suitable place for you to stay, and more; you can find tour packages and transportation to those destinations. In addition, some of these towns count with sailing services for tourists; whether you want to sail to a specific destination or to embark on a specific activity, you can find these options. In addition, you can find tourist guides to show the most remarkable features of the Costa Rican landscapes; there are trained and bilingual guides that will make sure you make the best of the trip and appreciate the biodiversity. These are just 15 of the numerous animal species you can delight from in luxury vacations Costa Rica; but there many more that will amaze you. From incredible natural beauty to amazing tourist services and destinations, Costa Rica is a place that will enchant you; make your plans and have the adventure of a lifetime here! Thanks for read: ''15 Animal Species You Will Enjoy Witnessing in Luxury Vacations Costa Rica, Guanacaste Province''. Share or Comment this post. Also try: Ecotourism in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: An Environmentalist Nation
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