Many Costa Rica visitors fall hopelessly in love with the place and finally, end up deciding to move there so they start worrying about the Costa Rica Real Estate. Fortunately, it is a growing business, in part, due to the tourism industry. So, if you have truly decided to move to Costa Rica, there are some key factors you should consider before actually moving.

1) The Location and weather

There are different environments in Costa Rica, so you might want to think about where you would like to live. On one hand, you might want to think about deciding between living by the beach, living at a more rural area or in by the city. The saying, “Location, location, location!” is not to be taken lightly.Costa Rica Real Estate One reason to consider the location, for example, is the fact that living by the beach can be difficult. Maybe you are used to the beach house rentals when you visit Costa Rica, but renting a beach house or even one of the Costa Rica luxury villas is a very different thing from living in them, so consult with your Costa Rica real estate service . The sand and the salt get old with time, so think about it. The weather is also a key factor to consider, remember that during the green season some places have heavier showers and some have very few showers during the season, so you might want to consider that.

2)Vacation Rentals when you go away

Since many of the people who decide to move to Costa Rica more permanently still have to continue traveling, it is advisable to consider the services of house rentals. When the moment of going away arrives, you can resort to the services of vacations rentals in order to have your property well taken care of and even profit from it.

3)Reconsidering Acquiring a Costa Rica real estate

Not that it seems like a bad idea at all, but moving to Costa Rica permanently is a big decision, and being a resident anywhere is very different from being a tourist. In this sense, before you put any money down for a property, remember the beautiful Costa Rica luxury villas you can rent and feel at home, or the beach house rentals; there such great options that you feel like at home in the time of your stay.
Costa Rica Real Estate

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Far from trying to convince you not to move, it is important that you remember that Costa Rica has excellent services of house rentals, so maybe you could start by renting a place for a longer period to see how it goes, and if your mind is made up, the Costa Rica real estate companies will certainly have something perfect for you, so good luck! What other doubts do you have about buying or renting a property in the long term? Let us know in the comment section below!! Thanks for read: "3 Things You Need to Consider When you Move to Costa Rica – Costa Rica Real Estate", please  share or rate this post! You will love read too: Four Seasons Costa Rica, with the best vacation activities for you
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3 Things You Need to Consider When you Move to Costa Rica – Costa Rica Real Estate
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