Some of the better Costa Ricans Athletes are preparing for one of the most important sporting events. It means that Costa Rica was chosen by the IRONMAN brand to organize one of their events next year in Guanacaste. This is a test only for braves in which will be crossed approximately 113 kilometers which will be distributed as follows: almost two kilometers of swimming, 90 km cycling and 21 km athletics, giving total 70.3 miles.

IRONMAN Costa RicaRegistration is now available for Costa Ricans Athletes

Registrations for this activity were opened several days ago and will have a value close to $ 285. They are available to all persons who wish to meet the challenge, there is no age limit and the only requirement is to be over 18 years.

Edwin Vargas, who is part of the organization, manifested “It's a very strong event; we will have 1,800 registrations available for athletes. Swimming will take place in Playa del Coco, cycling will be in the communities of Sardinal and San Blas, and athleticism will be on the entire community of Playa del Coco” It is expected the participation of several national athletes, including Rom Akerson and Carlos "Macho" Moncada, who have enough experience in these competitions. Both say they will give their best efforts to win at home.

In one of the declarations, Moncada said “From 2009 I compete internationally in IRONMAN events. It will greatly benefit our country in sporting, commercial and tourist level. Also it will attract many people around the world. There is no doubt that we must try to win it, we are at least 5 Costa Ricans who can fight for the victory, if that is not possible at least seek podium”

Meanwhile, Akerson said he did not have this event in your schedule, but once that it was proposed, he did not think twice to include it. "I spoke with the coach and we will do it, expectations are the same as I have in every race I do, I just want to offer my best participation and give my best effort in searching the prize" he said.IRONMAN Costa Rica On the other hand, Costa Rica requested to be host of this event from four years ago, so it had to expose a series of conditions offered by the country because not all countries are chosen by the brand to organize an IRONMAN competition. Meanwhile, Costa Rica was selected to be host for three consecutive years which could increase. If you need more info about Ironman Costa Rica click here Need accommodation?? Click here Please rate us or leave a comment if you like our article: Costa Ricans Athletes are preparing for IRONMAN in Guanacaste May you like read: Costa Rica will be host of IRONMAN triathlon 2017
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Costa Ricans Athletes are preparing for IRONMAN in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
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