If you have planned or are thinking of planning luxury vacations Costa Rica, you are in for a treat. In Costa Rica, you can experience magical natural destinations in extreme adventures; however, this does not mean you cannot also experience comfort and luxury.  On the contrary, you can enjoy the most luxurious services while also visiting magical destinations like amazing waterfalls as the following.

4 Must-Visit Waterfalls while in Guanacaste Province for Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect place to do tourism; it has wonderful natural destinations and great tourist services. However, you can only cover so much territory in a vacation, so regarding recommendations, Guanacaste Province is a good destination. The following are waterfalls you will love to visit when in Guanacaste: Llanos de Cortez is a beautiful waterfall located near Bagaces, Guanacaste Province Costa Rica. It is also not too far from Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste Province (about half an hour away); it is also not too far from other popular tourist destinations. Beach towns like Playa Hermosa, Playas del Coco, Playa Conchal, Las Catalinas and others are nearby; which makes it strategically located for tourists. paisaje 4 (Copy) Regarding access, there is a road that leads near the waterfall; then, there is a path you need to walk to get to the waterfall. Recently the access involves a longer hike due to restricted access responding to hotels under construction; however, this is just a temporary situation. The waterfall has a beautiful pool at the base, to swim, relax and enjoy the landscape; it’s a magical experience.

What Animal Species Can you expect to See in the Waterfall?

Around the waterfall area and during the hike that leads towards it, you may come across several wildlife species. You might see frogs and tadpoles in the water, or you could go for a walk along the river banks; you might spot monkeys and several bird species. Furthermore, you might witness several fish species and even the Jesus Christ Lizard that can amazingly walk over water surfaces.

What Are the Visiting Hours and what is the Fee?

You can access the waterfall from 8 to 5pm; this isn’t just a magical and natural place, you might come across snacks vendors, though natural conservation is always primordial. Furthermore, regarding fee, there is no actual amount required. Right before accessing the waterfall you will come across community members that will ask of a donation from you. It is important to remember that no actual payment is required; however, whatever big or small donation you make will contribute to the community. All the donations received by the community members are destined to the local school; therefore, by visiting the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall you are not only ensuring a magical experience in a wonderful destination. When you visit this community, you help it with your donations.

What is Bagaces Town Like?

This beautiful town is located near Palo Verde National Park, Lake Arenal and other amazing tourist destinations. Given the fact that it is not a beach town, it may not be one of the most popular destinations; however, this does not mean Bagaces is not a good tourist destination. Although many would prefer beach towns like Playa Hermosa, Playa Conchal or Playas del Coco, Bagaces is not a bad destination. There are amazing Costa Rica vacation rentals right in Bagaces. Therefore, if you are considering this lodging destination for its proximity to national parks, waterfalls, lakes, as well as beaches; you are not making a bad decision. The best options in the area are actually in the territory of the Tenorio Volcano National Park; they offer a mix of wild nature and the best luxury and comfort. These two waterfalls are located in Hacienda Guachipelin Hotel in the Rincón de La Vieja Area; it is roughly 5km from the National Park of the same name. The Oropéndola waterfall would be the first you would come across and then you would encounter Las Chorreras waterfalls downstream; the latter compose a double waterfall that create, along with Rio Blanco (White River), a fascinating blue pool at the Las Chorreras base. These waterfalls are located a rather short hike from the Hotel, and the access is easy. Las Chorreras waterfalls are just 20 minutes away from the hotel; it is not a demanding hike. If you also want to visit Oropéndola Waterfall, the hike is longer into the Rincon de la Vieja National Park. It is a magical scenery of tropical dry forest surrounding you in this wonderful experience.

What Animal Species Can you Spot in the Area?

Near Las Chorreras twin waterfalls you might have the luck of witnessing several animal species; you might see birds, snakes, and beautiful butterflies like the “morpho” species. Since this is a protected area (a national park), you might witness more species; there are monkeys, sloths, iguanas and around 300 hundred bird species. This is a protected area of mesmerizing landscapes.

What Are the Visiting Hours and what is the Fee?

You can access these waterfalls from the Hotel or Rincon de La Vieja National Park; for this reason, visiting hours respond to the visiting hours of the park. In this regard, the park opens from 8 to 3pm every day, except Mondays. The cost to visit the waterfalls ranges from 5$ to 15$ with special rates applied to students; the visit is definitely worth the fee, which is not too high anyways.

What is this Area like?

There is a hotel indeed in this protected and beautiful area; however, if you want to spend this vacation in a more popular destination, you might consider nearby towns. First of all, Liberia city is located southwest of this area; it is the capital of the province and has all the tourist services you might need. Furthermore; if you seek Luxury Vacations Costa Rica staying in luxury homes Costa Rica, Papagayo Peninsula is a good pick. In this regard, if you are interested in visiting the waterfalls, you can arrange a day trip to visit these wonderful destinations; however, returning to an area with the best Costa Rica villa rentals and all the tourist services you require. Located in the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula, Carmona Waterfalls are not the most popular; however, there are in no way less pretty than others.  Some other waterfalls like those of Llanos de Cortex may be more crowded; on the contrary, Carmona Waterfalls are an amazing option to visit a paradisiacal destination with a little bit more privacy. They are actually 3 fabulous waterfalls of which you can get to one by car; the other two, you can access after a short hike. These waterfalls have pure water; the first probably has the biggest fall, while the third is probably the best for swimming. The pool that is formed at the base of the third waterfall is amazing; you might need to feel more adventurous to get to this one, but it’s totally worth it.

What Animal Species Can you Spot in the Area?

Near Carmona there is a wildlife refuge, the Camaronal Wildlife Refuge. It is possible to see several animal species near the waterfalls; however, if you are interested in witnessing an abundant fauna, visiting this refuge is a great idea. Located West of Carmona, bordering the Pacific Coast in the Nicoya Peninsula, the area protects sea turtle species and others.

What are the Visiting Hours and what is the Fee?

You can access the area at any time given that they are not part of a specific park; nevertheless, it is always advisable to include a native guide in your adventures. Regarding fee, you can dismiss this concern, there is no fee to access these waterfalls. These waterfalls are located taking the road to San Rafael de Carmona; you will need to walk a little to get to the last two, but it is a short hike.

What is Carmona like?

Carmona is a town in the Nicoya Peninsula, which at the same time, is on the Southern part of Guanacaste Province. It is not one of the most popular towns for tourists; however, it is located in the middle of the peninsula, so many great destinations are nearby. It is not a beach town; nevertheless, it is just a short car ride away from the most popular beach towns on the Pacific Coast. Carmona has not undergone the major changes in tourist development like other towns have; for this reason, Costa Rica vacation rentals in the area are not the most luxurious. If you intend to spend a Luxury Vacations Costa Rica, the best luxury homes Costa Rica are in other towns. In this regard, you could look for better options in Ostional or in Tamarindo beach towns. This fascinating waterfall is located between two popular tourist destinations, Monteverde and La Fortuna. They are located near Tilarán city which is on the Eastern side of Guanacaste Province, bordering with Alajuela Province. The cascades (it is more than one) range from over 60 to close to 300 feet high! The water of the falls may be cold, but the beauty of the area and the sun will make up for it! The access to these waterfalls is not too difficult, you can get there by car; however, renting a  4x4 vehicle will guarantee a smoother ride. The way to the waterfalls is muddy and depending on the season it may get less friendly; however, it is not terrible. You will find a parking place where the trailhead leading to the falls begins; it is a little long but not too demanding hike towards the falls, as well as enjoyable.

The Four Waterfalls of Viento Fresco:

There are actually four waterfalls you can visit in the Viento Fresco area which are the following:

  1. The Serena River Waterfall

This is the first majestic waterfall you will encounter in the hike downhill from the parking lot; it is a magical spot that even has a restroom.  The fall is 102 feet tall and at its base, there is a wonderful pool for you to swim and relax. Depending on the time of the day, the shade may not work to your advantage in the cold waters; nevertheless, the landscapes are amazing.
  1. The Hidden Waterfall

This is the second waterfall you will come across when you continue down the path from Serena Waterfall. Before getting to this magical spot though, you will pass by a place called the lookout; this is one of the many magical spots of the area; here you have a wonderful view of the mountains and the following waterfall. This waterfall is 66 feet tall.
  1. The Rainbow Waterfall

Continuing down the path from the parking lot from Hidden Waterfall, you’ll encounter a climb down to the following waterfall; it is the Rainbow Waterfall. This beautiful fall is 247 feet tall. The mist created by the water falling sometimes creates a rainbow, to which the waterfall owes its name. This area is a little sunnier than the previous falls, which is why many prefer to swim and relax here.
  1. The Slide Waterfall

This is another waterfall that you can access from the lookout area through another climb down.  The walk takes about 10 minutes from the Rainbow Waterfall that is 312 feet tall. The water of Slide Waterfall actually does slide over the rocks as opposed to freely falling; for this reason, it falls in several directions and the result is very nice pools formed at the base of the fall. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The previously mentioned waterfalls are just some of the many you can come across in Costa Rica. Guanacaste Province is a rich area regarding natural attractions; nevertheless, you can find even more waterfalls throughout the country. Regarding the best Costa Rica villa rentals; the best options are in the beach towns on the Pacific Coast. Costa Rica villas in the area are the best. You can plan your trip to visit the wonderful waterfalls while staying in the fabulous Costa Rica villas; this way, you ensure a fun trip and a comfortable lodging experience. There is no doubt you will spend an amazing time in your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica! Thanks for read: "4 Waterfalls in Guanacaste Province to Visit in your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica ", rate or share this post! You will love read: 10 Factors to Consider about Moving to Costa Rica Luxury Homes
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