Have you ever stayed in Costa Rica in the wonderful House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo? If the answer is no, then it is time you delight staying in one of the most tourist developed areas. With Costa Rica’s tourist enhancement over the last years, Papagayo Peninsula is the perfect place for a vacation. From natural resources to city features and tourists services, Papagayo Peninsula is a must-visit destination and there are many reasons why.
  • The Amazing National Parks Nearby Papagayo Peninsula?
Did you know that 25% of Costa Rica’s total landmass is actually part of natural protected areas? Costa Rica’s policies aim at natural conservation as priority given that natural resources are a part of its tourist appeal. The following are the national parks near Papagayo Peninsula; however, there are many more to visit throughout the whole country.
  1. Santa Rosa National Park
Not only beautiful and breathtaking, Santa Rosa National Park is also very strategically located in Costa Rica. The National Park is near the home of the International Airport in Liberia and also near the amazing Papagayo Peninsula. Though you may not know, this park is not only home of amazing biodiversity, it also has historical importance. Did you know it is home to la Casona monument? It is the most famous in the country. You can delight from the different vegetation you can see throughout different habitats with numerous animal species as well. Ranging from tropical forests to mangrove swamps, Costa Rica’s first national park has deciduous and evergreen forests, a visual delight. Three monkey species, five cat species, and deer are just some of the animals you may spot.House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo The monument to the historical 1856 battle that took place here is also an important tourist appeal you should remember.
  1. Rincon de la Vieja National Park
This National Park also counts with a convenient location for tourists as it is located near Liberia city. Did you know this is the area that counts with the most geothermal activity? With mud pools and marvelous hot springs, the environment in this park of volcanic formations will amaze you. However, volcanic features of the Guanacaste Range are just some of things you will see. You can expect landscapes that vary; from tropical to montane and dwarf cloud forests to open fields for cattle ranching. Guanacaste and Laurel trees are possible to spot, along with beautiful orchids in the park. Regarding animal diversity, you may see pumas, monkeys, jaguars, tapirs, sloths, among others. Did you know Santa Rosa National Park is also famous for its magical waterfalls? La Victoria and Oropendola waterfalls are two you can visit, which service the Colorado River.
  1. Las Baulas Marine National Park
The wonderful Las Baulas Marine National Park is located near Tamarindo, a popular tourist destination for its services and beaches. If you wonder about the access to this park it is better if you arrive in a 4x4 vehicle. This park, besides having amazing flora and fauna as the other parks of the country, aims to protect leatherback turtles. Did you know about the magical nesting ritual you could witness in Costa Rica?Luxury Condos Costa Rica “Baulas”, Leatherback Sea Turtles in Spanish, need to be protected from poachers and tourists, which is this park’s mission. Besides these turtles, the park protects monkey species, crocodiles, squirrels, pacas, raccoons and others.  Did you know the biggest mangrove estuary in Latin America is actually in las Baulas Marine National Park? 445 hectares of land 12 miles offshore make up for an amazing and beautiful territory of protected area.
  1. Guanacaste National Park
This park, across Santa Rosa National Park, is nearby Liberia and about 4 hours from the capital by car. Did you know this park was created in order to allow passage of numerous species from lowlands to steep highlands? Connecting Santa Rosa National Park and Guanacaste, mountain lions, monkeys, pumas, armadillos, tapirs and migratory birds are some you’ll see. Biodiversity is truly abundant. A diverse fauna, different habitats, volcanoes, biological stations and petroglyphs all make up for this park’s main attractions. You can visit Cacao Volcano, Maritza and Cacao Biological stations and see the Pre-Columbian petroglyphs hiking towards Orosi summit. The park, Dr. Daniel Janzen’s project, aims to protect tropical lowlands, cloud forests, dry forests, pastures, savannas and Caribbean wetlands.
  • The Amazing Beaches of the Area
Papagayo, located in the Guanacaste province, is filled with amazing beaches where tourists come to relax and do water activities:
  1. Hermosa Beach
Beautiful, as its name in Spanish states, is an appropriate name for this magical location. Although Hermosa Beach has all tourist services needed, this is not necessarily a crowded locations as other beaches nearby. Hence, Hermosa Beach is a good place for relaxation as well as for exciting water activities. It is important to remember that there is another beach by the same name in North Puntarenas.House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo As opposed to the other Hermosa Beach, which is actually a surfing destination, this beaches’ waters are calm. Apart from its beautiful clear blue waters, Hermosa Beach offers serenity and it is just 20 minutes away from Liberia. Did you know Hermosa Beach was the winner of the ‘Blue Flag Or ‘Bandera Azul’ prize? The prestigious award is only given to safe beaches with high environmental standards.
  1. Playa Panama
This beautiful beach is located near Playa Hermosa in Culebra Bay and it is also very conveniently located near Liberia. Not only does Panama beach have great tourist services but the roads to access it are well-paved. The tourist attractions of this are not only natural resources, tourist development has resulted in high-quality tourist services as well. Did you know there is a signature Arnold Palmer golf course nearby? Tourist experience here is not just about getting in touch with nature, the highest quality in services can also be found. There are also the Four Seasons and the Anadaz Papagayo as well as house rentals Peninsula Papagayo. The best Costa Rica luxury homes can be here; therefore, you can spend an amazing luxury vacation Costa Rica here.
  1. Coco Beach
‘Playa del Coco’ in Spanish, Coco Beach is located a little farther from Papagayo but still in the Guanacaste Province. With characteristic blue-gray waters, it’s famous amongst Ticos and visitors alike for appearing to be part of a non-stop party. Are you looking for a relaxing destination or for a Costa Rican fiesta? If your case is the latter, Coco Beach is definitely the perfect place for you.House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo Besides its gorgeous waters perfect for several water activities, Coco Beach is very famous for its active nightlife. If you’re searching a place with amazing natural landscapes, with discotheques and casinos at the same time, look no further. Coco Beach has amazing options in Costa Rica vacation rentals, great nightlife destinations, tourist activities and amazing natural attractions.
  1. Playa Ocotal
Playa Ocotal is even a little farther away from Papagayo; however, still in Guanacaste Province and nearby Liberia as well. Did you know that locals and visitors say there is a magical energy to Ocotal Beach? A mist covering the sea air is believed to have healing properties in the wonderful Ocotal beach; it’s magical indeed. Catalina Islands are also an important tourist attraction in this region. The beach is a breathtaking destination due to the sceneries that mix water with high cliffs and hills. However, animal diversity also plays an important role in tourism; this is a good location to spot Manta Rays. Access to a world-class golf course of, great Costa Rica rental homes and resorts, also make this an attractive destination. Amazing nightlife services can be found minutes away in neighboring towns.
  • The Amazing tourist Activities You Can Do
  1. Zip line Adventures
Did you know you can go on zip line adventures over the canopy? Did you know you can see Costa Rica and its beautiful landscapes and fauna from the treetops? You can go on an aerial adventure where you will witness wildlife and vegetation like you haven’t seen before. In Rincon de la Vieja National Park and santa Teresa National park, you can go on this amazing experience. However, there are many other destinations where you can do this.House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo Zip line adventures are made for adventurous travelers, nature lovers, as well as photography enthusiasts.  These zip line adventures usually include other activities in the tour packages that offer them. In this sense, try not to be too surprised if you get to do many things on the same day. Horseback riding, swimming in waterfalls and hot springs and going hiking on the same day is likely to happen.
  1. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Did you know that Costa Rica is home to approximately 3.5% of aquatic life on Earth? With over 7,000 marine species, many of the tourist water activities are m ore than exciting.  Adrenaline and an abundant biodiversity characterize the majority of the water activities in Costa Rica. Scuba diving and snorkeling tours are numerous; there’s efficient guidance as well as equipments and stores with anything you need. In the Pacific, Ocotal and Flamingo beach, Drake Bay and Caño Island are great scuba diving destinations in Costa Rica. Regarding snorkeling, Tamarindo, Flamingo, Samara, Uvita and Santa Teresa beaches, Tortuga Island and many other locations are perfect for snorkeling. Prepare to see barracudas, snappers, rays, sea turtles and even dolphins and sharks; it is a wonderful experience.
  1. Horseback Rides
The most popular destinations for horseback riding in Costa Rica are Rincon de la Vieja, Monteverde and Arenal National Parks. With this activity you get in touch with nature and get to go through long distances in little time. Imagine going through thick tropical forests, crossing rivers and hot springs all in one day in one amazing experience. Horseback riding is an amazing and fun experience.
  1. Visits to Hot Springs
Did you know that there are over 200 volcanic formations in Costa Rica? And did you know that 5 volcanoes are considered to be active? All these features make Costa Rica a visually delighting country. With fertile fields that have resulted in lush forests, volcanic formations help make Costa Rica make very appealing to tourists. Tall summits that mix with clear beach waters are not the only attraction. Hot mud pools, hot springs and waterfalls are some of the gifts this land has to offer to its visitors. Some consider they even have healing powers, visits to hot springs or mud pools can be revitalizing. Rincon de la Vieja is a destination where a hike can lead you to an amazing waterfall or hot spring. Other national parks with volcanic formations also show these amazing natural features. 4) The Amaazing Options in House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo If you seek spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica, accommodation is important, and in Papagayo Peninsula you have several options. From amazing resorts in the area to luxurious Costa Rica rental homes, you will not fall short of options. Luxurious villas, condos, beach houses, studio apartments and more are just some of the options in Costa Rica vacation rentals. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Costa Rica luxury homes have become tourist services with a reputation as good as the best hotels. With personalized attention regarding the basic needs and other VIP services, vacation rentals are the first option for many visitors. The growth of Papagayo has resulted in the construction of estates envisioned to satisfy visitors from all over the world. 5) Other Tourist Services of the Area Did you know there is a golf course in Papagayo?  From a golf course, to bars, casinos, and amazing restaurants, Papagayo has it all.  Tour packages, natural attractions and house rentals Peninsula Papagayo ensure you will have an amazing experience in Costa Rica. The high-quality of the tourist services, the natural destinations, warm people and other features like its food, make this a must visit destination. This is an area perfect for family vacations, a romantic getaway or a trip with friends. Peninsula Papagayo is the best decision for a luxury vacation in Costa Rica. You just read: "5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Costa Rica Guanacaste and Stay in House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo", please leave a comment or share in your social channels! May you like read: Planing vacation rental? Important tips before flying to Costa Rica  
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