If you are planning Luxury Vacations Costa Rica, you can’t leave aside visits to natural attractions; in this regard, Costa Rica is actually popular for attracting nature lovers. If you are one of them, you might want to know about the different beaches, national parks, wildlife refuges, etc; furthermore, you might want to know about the majestic rivers that go through Guanacaste, a popular province among tourists. This river is considered one of the most important of the province; it is almost 90 miles long. Tempisque River starts in the Guanacaste Mountain Range and its river mouth is in the Nicoya Gulf; it is joined by Liberia River which is where the division of the latter is marked and Tempisque River starts. Tempisque River passes by a series of beautiful towns, natural attractions and amazing landscapes. The river is an important habitat for numerous species; it passes by Palo Verde National Park and Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez Caballero Wildlife Refuge. Historically, Tempisque River had an important function as it was used to transport logs down the stream. It is now of great relevance due to its value with respect to nature; rivers, in general, are of great importance to the ecosystem.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Palo Verde National Park

One of the important tourist destinations this river passes by is the wonderful Palo Verde National Park. This park comprises over 45,000 acres of territory with abundant wildlife and a tropical dry forest. Tempisque River borders the park by the west and depending on the season, it affects its landscapes; it soaks up the area depending on how much rain is falling. There are two seasons in Costa Rica, a rainy and a dry season; during the rainy season, from May to November, heavy rains make the levels of Tempisque River rise. This also makes the swamplands fill up; therefore, vegetation turns greener and wildlife varies. Because of Tempisque River, there are several swamps, and waterfalls; there you can witness numerous animal species and do exciting activities.

Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez Caballero Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife refuge is an extension of Palo Verde National Park; Tempisque River also borders this refuge by the West. The area has various habitats that range from tropical dry forests to swamplands; this wildlife refuge is also bordered by the Nicoya Gulf by the South, here is where Tempisque River empties. The wildlife and vegetation in Palo Verde National Park and this refuge is very similar.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez Caballero Wildlife Refuge was named after an important botanist. Dr. Rodriguez had a great contribution in Costa Rica’s natural conservation causes; he contributed to the creation of a journal, an important organization concerned with orchids and other relevant causes. It is possible to hike and camp in the refuge; however, there are no facilities for it if you seek luxury vacations Costa Rica.

What Animal Species Can You Spot?

Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez Caballero Wildlife Refuge, Palo Verde, and Lomas de Barbudal National Parks are amazing bird watching sites; the latter is adjacent to Palo Verde National Park, located towards the North. You can spot Scarlet Macaws, Jabirus, Great Curassows, Roseate Spoonbills, sea gulls, herons, Wood Storks, falcons, ducks and many others. This river also joins Tempisque River; it starts its course in the high Rincon de La Vieja National Park and continues until the Nicoya Gulf. Along with Tempisque River and through the Colorado Gulf, Liberia River makes its course towards the South. It obviously passes by the tourist attractions nearby after it has joined Tempisque River; however, it also starts in the amazing Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park. Besides the amazing national park, the river passes by the Capital City of Guanacaste Province, Liberia. This is not just a nice town to visit; Liberia is a tourist capital. It has an international airport, and other types of transportation of high quality service; in addition, it has great attractions and tourist cities nearby. The area is perfect for your luxury vacations Costa Rica.

Rincon de La Vieja National Park

The course of Liberia River starts in this paradisiacal national park. The area, besides marvelous landscapes of various habitats, has the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, a popular tourist destination. The park offers visitors numerous adventures, incredible sights and the peculiar characteristics of volcanic formations; there are several hot springs, waterfalls, and boiling mud pits making this area unique.House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo One of the great features of the park is that there are two sides to it; there is one that faces the Caribbean Coast and one facing the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, its greatest attraction is the volcano; its last activity took place in the nineties; a hike towards the peak will lead you through amazing landscapes of fertile soils and hence, lush vegetation. It is a magical place.

Horizontes Experimental Forest Natural Reserve

This is a Natural Reserve; Liberia River does not pass by or through the reserve, but it does pass very nearby. It is an area of Tropical Dry Forests located in the Nacascolo district, Northwest of Liberia city. The area was created in order to promote reforestation; in this regard, it is a very important forestry research center. The station has infrastructure for research, conferences and accommodations for attendants. This beautiful river is actually very popular for its great conditions for rafting. The rapid waters of Tenorio River start their flow in Tenorio Volcano and they join Corobici River. You may go on boat rides in some rivers, but Tenorio River is meant for a fast and extreme adventure.  You can go on a long adventure where there will be rapid waters and you’ll have to hold on tight! Tours like these, whether rafting or in calmer boat rides, are an amazing way to go through long distances. The best part is that you get to do it in very little time, luxury vacations Costa Rica are about comfort but also adventure; also, you paddle with effort but downstream. Furthermore, you get to see a side of the landscapes that are otherwise difficult to access; plus, see the varied wildlife.

Tenorio Volcano National Park

This wonderful national Park in the Guanacaste Province has many natural attractions. For starters, it has beautiful vegetation, of which heliconias, specifically, stand out; in addition, it has an amazing waterfall called Río Celeste.  Besides these things, there is a lagoon, and natural hot springs. The natural beauty of Tenorio Volcano National Park is mesmerizing. There are many tourist activities besides just wonderful sights, and even more so, for the adventurous spirits. There are canopy bridges that will allow you to awe from the amazing landscape gazing. Tenorio Volcano National Park stands out for its volcano and natural beauty, but it’s also a great bird watching destination.  There’s also a naturally heated lake on top of the volcano. The majestic Corobici River starts its course in Tenorio Volcano and it joins Tempisque River; as well as Tenorio River, Corobici has excellent conditions for rafting. The waters of this river are of class I and II; therefore, though a little paddling is required, it is such an extreme adventure and all the family can enjoy it. Whether old or young, anyone can enjoy this adventure. This river is considered one of the freshest and cleanest of the country; it passes by lowland dry forests through incredible landscapes with abundant wildlife. Paddling over Corobici is a great experience to satisfy all the tastes; it is an adventure with a lot of excitement  but without the feeling of danger. There are over 300 bird species in the area, also monkeys, iguanas and other animal species you can spot. This beautiful river empties its waters in the Pacific Ocean creating a natural border between Playa Grande and Tamarindo town. It is an estuary that is actually popular among surfers. Matapalo River is located in a very popular area for tourists for several reasons: Tamarindo town has amazing Costa Rica vacation rentalsCosta Rica Vacation Rentals and other tourist services, and it’s near Las Baulas Marine national Park. Furthermore, Tamarindo River creates a natural border between two popular tourist beach towns which are also not far from Liberia; therefore, it is a magical area regarding nature and it has a strategic location for transportation. The estuary is also popular among tourists because it is home to the American Crocodile; their presence, instead of driving tourists away, attracts them.

Las Baulas Marine National Park

One of the amazing natural attractions of the area is the fabulous Las Baulas Marine National Park. This is a conservation area that was created with the main purpose of protecting the Leatherback sea Turtles; this species arrives in the beaches of this area to perform a unique nesting ritual. The turtles as well as other species are protected; however, turtles get special attention and control. These beaches are of great beauty; however, tourist affluence is controlled due to the importance of the Leatherback sea Turtles’ ritual. Some factors like: number of people and lights that aim at this area are of great importance for their habitat; for that reason the number of tourists visiting the area and lights at night are monitored. The name “Baulas” means Leatherback sea Turtle in Spanish.

Are there Good Costa Rica Vacation Rentals for Luxury Vcataions Costa Rica near these Rivers?

Luckily, the whole Guanacaste Province is filled with amazing options that range from fabulous hotels to luxury homes Costa Rica. These rivers are located near beach towns like Las Catalinas, Tamarindo, Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa and the Papagayo Peninsula; these areas have the best luxury homes Costa Rica for rent.

Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas is a wonderful beach town designed using principles of New Urbanism; this means that it was envisioned to be a place that enhances the pedestrian lifestyle and embraces nature. No cars go through Las Catalinas except for the main Avenue that leads to this beautiful town. There are wonderful options; you could stay in beachfront Costa Rica villa rentals in Playa Danta next to Las Catalinas.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica


This beautiful beach town may have been quiet and calm once, but it is a now a significantly developed town. Tamarindo’s appeal has to do with the natural beauty that surrounds it; it also has great conditions for tourists to access the town with regard to transportation. Furthermore, regarding accommodation, there are options for every budget.

Playas del Coco

This beach is the perfect place for those looking for a Costa Rican fiesta.  Coco Beach has amazing luxury villas, great bars, restaurants and cafes and a great vibe; not only tourists but also Ticos come to Playas del Coco to party and have a good time. It is a popular destination, so if you seek peace and quiet, maybe other options are better for you.

Playa Hermosa

This Beach is beautiful as its name in Spanish dictates; it is also a very popular tourist destination for its beautiful beach and tourist services. Playa Hermosa also has great options in Costa Rica villa rentals, so a good time here is definitely guaranteed.

Papagayo Peninsula

The Papagayo Peninsula has incredibly developed to favor the tourist industry and it has had great results. The area is, not only as gorgeous as it was, but it’s a zone for pleasure, fun, luxury and comfort; the natural beauty of it now blends with the best resorts, cafes, restaurants, luxury villas, sport facilities and more. It is a wonderful tourist destination. These are just some of the nearby destinations to these rivers with amazing accommodation options; however, there are also plenty more tourist destinations as well as rivers in Costa Rica. The best part of this country is that you can mix comfort and luxury with adventure. If you seek to spend luxury vacations Costa Rica and love nature; it is guaranteed that you will have the time of your life. Thanks for read: "5 Rivers in the Guanacaste Province to Visit in your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica", rate or share this post! You will love read: 10 Reasons Why a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Make Many Come Back
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