There are many reasons to spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; this is a destination that is famous for its amazing ecotourism, and great tourist services. For those looking for an experience filled with comfort and fun, Costa Rica has it all. Adventurous activities by the sea or water, relaxing sailing tours and visits to natural attractions; they are mixed with the greatest quality in services.

Visits to National Parks and Nature Reserves

Most of Costa Rica’s appeal has to do with this country’s amazing natural features. Furthermore, there’s a joint effort by the government, the tourist industry, and population in general to promote environmental conservation. For this reason, whether administered by the government or privately; there are several “green” areas to visit; many tourist activities can also be done there.

National Parks

There are incredible landscapes in Costa Rica and since the 1970s, there has been general awareness throughout the country; conservation became an important issue that led this country to become one of the best ecotourism destinations. There country is actually divided in 11 conservation areas; Costa Rica is a leader with its great conservation policies.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The National Parks in Costa Rica are protected areas which are administered by the government. The income that is received helps maintain the parks; it is a system functioning as a network of protected rainforests, cloud forests, tropical dry forests, wetlands, and marine areas. Did you know that these protected areas add up to almost 25% of the entire landmass of the country?

Nature Reserves

Just as there are several national parks which are areas protected under government policies; there are many other areas that may not be under public administration, but rather run privately. Costa Rica’s natural beauty enamors many and for that reason, nature enthusiasts and scientists do their part; these establishments have been created in order to protect certain other species and areas. There are, for example, safari-like parks, areas with several flower varieties and other amazing parks similar to national parks; however, differing in administration. They are sustained by the income that they generate; they are a result of true fondness for nature. In these natural reserves, you can do many of the adventurous activities that attract visitors to Costa Rica.

Amazing and Activities in Land and by the Sea

For those who love an adrenaline rush, as well as for those looking for relaxation, it’s time you start planning; a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is what you need. The whole family or travel group will be able to find a suiting activity for them; the good thing is that the majority of the time, there will be a majestic natural background. Whether in the jungle, at the beach, on a volcano or indoors, it’ll be fun!

Activities by Land

Canopy Tours and Aerial Tram Rides One of the most popular activities in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is going on canopy tours. This is a wonderful experience in which you get to see a different habitat; you get to see different plants and animals that very rarely descend to the ground level. Besides the wonderful sights of biodiversity and color, the experience is an adrenaline rush. It’s the ultimate adventure tour!Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Imagine descending by a zip-line, felling like you are flying. Furthermore, there are also aerial wooden bridges and with less daring options for all tastes. Whatever the case, you are harnessed for safety and get to experience Costa Rica from a literally different perspective. Horseback Rides This is another amazing activity; it is full of adventure and quite a thrill for animal lovers. Horseback rides allow you to interact with animal, to go through long distances while witnessing different impressive landscapes. Furthermore, some rides may start in a forest; however, you might go through rivers and finish the ride at the beach and even swim with them. Hikes and Visits to Volcanoes One activity that can be soothing and exciting at the same time is hiking. The many paths in the several national parks and nature reserves will lead you to amazing locations. You might see wetlands, dry forests, marine areas, rain forests and more; in this diverse country, just going for a walk will delight your senses.  One of these hikes might lead you to a river, waterfall, or even hot spring.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Did you know that there are over 200 volcanic formations in Costa Rica? Furthermore, did you know that 5 of them are considered active volcanoes? This is actually one of the features of Costa Rica that attract many of the visitors; the soil near these formations is by consequence fertile and results in abundant vegetation and also a rich wildlife. Hot springs and mud pools are some of the many wonders you’ll see. ATV, 4x4 and Golf Cart Rides If you like speed, ATV rides will be a fitting experience for you! Every activity in Costa Rica includes a magical and natural background; ATV and 4x4 rides are no exceptions. The difference between both experiences has to do with preferences, because they are both very exciting! Another experience which might be a little less daring is going on rental golf cart rides. It might be a little less adventurous; however, very entertaining. You can rent a golf cart and go for a ride around the Papagayo Peninsula. This is something you can do in this area which is located in the Guanacaste Province; you can go for a relaxing ride and get to know it while admiring the landscapes.  The beautiful beaches and well-developed area will make be a great time. Golf, Tennis and More The Papagayo Peninsula in Guanacaste is a recommended destination; you will find comfortable accommodation options and amazing activities nearby for your entertainment. And golf is one. In the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, there’s an Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course. It’s not just a great experience; it’s the way to spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica for many people.Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Other activities such as playing tennis are services that you can find in this area; your entertainment is the main goal in these tourist destinations and each day they are improved.

Water Activities

There are many water activities for all tastes as well; so weather you want to relax or feeling adventurous, you will find something suitable. A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Sailing Right in the Papagayo Peninsula you will find the spectacular Marina Papagayo. Whether you own a vessel to sail or not; you can enjoy the services of this fascinating marina. If you want to sail and do not possess a vessel of your own, there are sailing charters. You can go sailing with your group and have a relaxing experience, while eating delicious food and seeing wonderful landscapes. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Costa Rica These are two amazing activities you can do while going on sailing tours. All this is possible to plan from the Marina Papagayo; you might depart from this destination and go to an island or paradisiacal spot to see the abundant marine life. It is not a problem if you are a first-timer (although there should be some precautions for scuba diving); anyways, gear and lessons are not a problem!Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Sport Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing It is another activity you can mix with the sailing tours; this is also exciting but probably less adventurous than other activities. The abundant marina life in Costa Rica makes for perfect deep sea fishing or sport fishing tours; you can also arrange these tours in the luxurious Marina Papagayo. Surfing in Costa Rica Besides the admirable natural beauty that this country possesses; another important tourist attraction is the amazing conditions for surfing in Costa Rican waters. Also in Guanacaste Province, there are several surfing spots. Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point are just two of the many surfing destinations just in Guanacaste Province. World championships have even taken place in Costa Rica. It is such a popular activity in the country that movies have been inspired and been filmed in Costa Rica. It is not difficult to find a surfing instructor if you have never tried it and gear won’t be a problem. There are perfect spots for learners and experts; it’s a paradise for surfers all over the world. Similar activities like Stand Up Paddle board are also available in the area. Kayaking, Rafting an Boat Rides These activities (except rafting) can be done in sea or river waters in Costa Rica. Rafting, which is done on river waters, is a very exhilarating activity; it is suited for those who love an adrenaline rush and adventurous experiences. Although the difficulty will depend on the River Class (how fast the water flows), this is for the most adventurous. If you like this kind of rush, you can’t miss it!House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo Kayaking and boat rides, on the other hand, can be done in river and sea waters. A more relaxing experience; you can go through long distances, different habitats, see several animal species and finish your ride in a paradisiacal destination. Boat rides are perfect for learning about any different places in short time; all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride and the wonderful view.

Going to Bars, Restaurants and Delighting from the Best Food Services

An incredible Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is not complete if you cannot ensure great services in food and drinks. Regarding food services; there are amazing restaurants and private chef services you can hire. In the various resorts and elsewhere, there are luxurious and delicious restaurants. Furthermore, exclusive services that handle Costa Rica vacation rentals offer private services. For those staying in Costa Rica luxury homes, private chef services can be arranged through asset management Costa Rica companies. The same companies that can help you find a suitable estate will arrange the best private chef services according to your needs. Regarding drinks and nightlife entertainment, there are great options in Peninsula Papagayo as well in some other partying locations.

Staying in Costa Rica Rental Homes and other  Great Accommodation Options

If you want to spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, you are looking for the best options. One of them is going for a traditional choice, like choosing the fabulous Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica. Nevertheless, there is also the option of contacting companies in charge of asset management Costa Rica; you can try the also amazing option of Costa Rica vacation rentals. If quality and comfort are concerns for you, it is important that you remember you can have the same comfort; choosing to stay at the glorious Costa Rica luxury homes will allow you to experience luxury in privacy. You can still have cleaning services as well as food services; however, you can do this while feeling like at home in a marvelous beachfront villa gazing at the Pacific Ocean.Costa Rica Luxury Vacation

Relaxing by the Beach and Learning about the Culture

Just as there are any activities you can do in Costa Rica; you might want to spend a relaxing day swimming or just sunbathing. Mora than a simple recommendation, this is a “must-do” for those who seek to escape from their hectic lifestyles. The wonderful beaches of Costa Rica are definitely suitable for this. You can also visit specific beaches that are usually less crowded and more secluded than others. Another recommendation worth taking is trying to take a city tour and get to know the wonderful Tico culture. You don’t want to miss experiencing the “pura vida” lifestyle that Costa Rican profess; proving to have openness and a relaxing vibe to their personalities. They are very welcoming and have a rich culture that you can get a taste of in towns with an active nightlife like Coco Beach. There are many things you can do in Costa Rica; it’s not really that difficult spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in a paradisiacal place with such tourist services quality. The hardest  part is probably deciding what to do among all the possibilities; however long you stay, it will probably seem like too little in the wonderful Costa Rica. Thanks for read: “5 Things to do in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica" We recommend read too: Costa Rica Nightlife in Guanacaste: Bars to Visit in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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