Costa Rica is a paradise whether for a short luxury vacation Costa Rica or for a permanent decision; in fact, there are many expats in Costa Rica enjoying the wonders of this tropical country. Costa Rica is not only unique in its biodiversity and nature-oriented policies, but it also has incredibly modern infrastructures; you can end up living in a beachfront luxurious hotel-like villa.

6 Destinations that are Perfect for Retirees or a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Las Catalinas is a perfect destination for someone living in a chaotic, stressful city longing to reconnect with nature; this city is a great symbol of modernism and awareness for nature’s important role in urban design. This city has actually been designed under principles that exalt nature; Las Catalinas was designed under the principles of New Urbanism, a cutting-edge urban planning style. There are actually a few cities in the world that have been thoroughly designed under these principles; in them, the pedestrian experience preferred over the polluting roads for vehicles. In this regard, Las Catalinas has sidewalks, roads and trails for walking, bike riding, and more; the only road for vehicles is the main one for accessing the town. Las Catalinas blends modern designs with nature amazingly.

Interesting Facts about Las Catalinas

This town is located in Guanacaste Province; it is one of the very few cities in the world built under these architectural principles and it is the only one in Costa Rica. The town is actually very knew, it was founded in 2006; its foundation carried the purpose of creating a town with a lifestyle that would be healthy and fun. This was to be carried in a sustainable and nature oriented manner. Las Catalinas is located East of Danta Beach; if you are looking for incredible beachfront Costa Rica luxury villas, you can find them in Danta Beach. You can stay in this wonderful beach and do fun water activities as well as visit the beautiful Las Catalinas. This town promotes healthy lifestyles housing sports championships and it is also fun for tourists; activities like swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and more are popular. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Peninsula Papagayo is one of the most popular areas among tourists. Natural beauty and massive tourist development are some of the main reasons; in addition, its proximity to national parks, nature reserves, and the capital of the province, Liberia, also plays a part. Peninsula Papagayo is located Northwest of Costa Rica near the border with Nicaragua; water tours from this area to Nicaragua’s territory are possible even from here. The once underdeveloped Peninsula Papagayo is target of a massive project that aims to turn it into a tourist capital; nevertheless, those involved with what is known as the Marina Project are committed to maintaining 70% of the territory unspoiled. There’s an advantage to tourism in Costa Rica despite the inevitable impact of tourism on nature: it depends on its preservation.

Interesting Facts about Peninsula Papagayo

Peninsula Papapagayo is an amazing destination for tourists and expats due to the incredible resorts and Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals; the tourist development project encompasses luxurious resorts, vacation rentals and entertainment infrastructure. In this regard, a beautiful golf course and 5 tennis courts stand out apart from restaurants, bars and cafés. Besides the incredible Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals and other tourist services, the amazing Papagayo Marina also stands out. It is the most luxurious of Latin America and it offers incredible sailing tours and packages. In addition, the peninsula is located near Santa Rosa, Guanacaste and Rincon de La Vieja National Parks; on top of that, the area is located less than an-hour drive away from Liberia, Guanacaste. Coco Beach is a tremendously popular beach among tourists; the number one fans of Coco Beach are the young crowds. Coco Beach is one of those beaches where you can mix in with the local crowds; this is a place where you can truly experience getting to know the culture of the young Ticos. These joyful people also enjoy visiting beautiful Coco Beach during the holidays for fun. Coco Beach has also been target of great development and it has several bars cafés, and restaurants; here, you can enjoy the popular Guanacaste sunsets over drinks, food and maybe a dance. Whether you are interested in tasting the local flavors or you prefer international dishes; you can find it all in Coco Beach. Plus, its Costa Rica rental properties are incredible. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Some Interesting Facts about Coco Beach

Although the neighboring beach towns in the Guanacaste Province along the Pacific Coastline have a blue-green tint, here it’s different; Coco Beach has a unique blue-gray tint that characterizes it. The most popular tourist activities in Coco Beach are water sports; of those, there is world-class sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and many other exciting activities for a luxury vacation Costa Rica. Coco Beach is located less than an hour away from Liberia, which has an international airport; it is also not too far away from some national parks. Apart from the northern national parks, Santa Rosa and Guanacaste, Las Baulas Marina National Park is not too far away; Coco Beach has several shops, markets and all the services you may need during your stay in Costa Rica. Ocotal Beach is Coco Beach’s neighbor; nevertheless, as opposed to it, Ocotal Beach is usually less crowded and quieter. Ocotal Beach is surrounded by a dry tropical forest that houses incredible biodiversity; the beach is 3-mile long and it is said to have a characteristic magical energy in the air. Ocotal Beach is the perfect quiet beach for those seeking a calm vacation by the beach. The landscape of the area mixes sandy beaches with rocky formations and tropical dry forests; along with great tourist services in this beautiful area, this is a great tourist destination. For those planning an amazing time in a luxury vacation Costa Rica, this is a fabulous destination; in Ocotal Beach, you will delight from amazing natural beauty and high-quality tourist services.

Interesting Facts about Ocotal Beach

Ocotal Beach probably has the best snorkeling tours of the area; you can spot several ray species, sea turtles, octopuses, even sharks, and more. As well as snorkeling, the area is also popular for the scuba diving tours available; one of these tours includes visiting Catalina Island, an area where you can witness a great deal of marine biodiversity. Ocotal Beach or Playa Ocotal is one of the quietest in the area; it is perfect for swimming. Nevertheless, even though Ocotal is known as quiet and not so crowded, Playa Ocotal vacation rentals are very popular; this is a very popular tourist destination, and you can find amazing accommodation options. Playa Ocotal vacation rentals are an option for those seeking a quiet destination for the family near the most incredible beach towns and attractions in Guanacaste. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica It is important to stand out that fact that there are two Hermosa Beaches in Costa Rica; the other one is located in Puntarenas Province, and it is actually a popular surfing destination. This Hermosa Beach is as beautiful as its name indicates in Spanish, and it has calm waters; it has gray sand, crystal clear blue waters and it is located between two mountains. Hermosa Beach has had great development in recent years just like other beaches in the area; however, it is not usually too crowded. Hermosa Beach is located near Papagayo Peninsula; it has calm waters that invite those wanting to go for a swim and just relax. In addition, Hermosa Beach has all the necessary services for a luxury vacation Costa Rica.

Interesting Facts about Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica

Whether for expats moving permanently or for tourists, Hermosa Beach has incredible Costa Rica rental properties; its Costa Rica luxury villas are also properties that, while facing the Pacific Ocean, allow witnessing the Guanacaste Sunsets. Hermosa Beach is also located near Santa Rosa, Guanacaste, Rincón de La Vieja and Marino Las Baulas National Parks. Hermosa Beach is located less than an hour away from Liberia; there are numerous tourist activities you can do in Hermosa Beach and have lots of fun. Activities like sea kayaking, windsurfing, and other including canoes and jets skis are popular. In addition, sailing trips are also popular; you can go on sailing trips that take you fishing while being surrounded by incredible landscapes. Santa Teresa is a Beach Town located also on the Costa Rican Pacific Coastline, but in Puntarenas Province; it is located South of Guanacaste Province in the Nicoya Peninsula, near its tip. This beach town is also a great tourist destination due to its wonderful tourist services and natural beauty; it is also located a little over 90 miles away from San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Santa Teresa has numerous restaurants, bars and cafés as a result of the big affluence of tourists; in addition, it has incredible rental homes whether for tourists or expats. Santa Teresa is located near Malpaís, which is another tourist destination; as it is the case of Santa Teresa, Malpaís is also a surfing destination, reason why many people visit this area every year. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Interesting Facts about Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is located near Cabo Blanco Absolute Wildlife Reserve; this is an incredible area with great natural beauty. There are numerous mangrove swamps with abundant biodiversity including 150 species of birds. Santa Teresa has abundant activities available for tourists; some of these activities are going on canopy tours, hiking, and horseback riding are also popular. Nevertheless, the most popular activities in Santa Teresa take place in the water; in this regard, Santa Teresa is a very popular surfing destination. Experiences surfers have a lot of fun in Santa Teresa; if you are looking for better conditions for beginners, then you can go to Malpaís. Here, you can also do other fun activities that are fun for the whole family.

Are there Enough Tourist Attractions Nearby?

Just counting National Parks, there are enough attractions to have a good time. Starting from the North, there are three national parks; Santa Rosa, Guanacaste and Rincon de la Vieja National Park are located near Papagayo Peninsula, and other towns. These three national parks form a natural corridor for the animals in the area; they can move from East to West in these parks without concern. On the Pacific Coastline, there is also Las Baulas Marine National Park; here you can witness the incredible arribadas of the leatherback sea turtles. Apart from these creatures and their magical ritual, you can see other species. There are also other parks like Palo Verde National Park, Arenal, and tenorio Volcano National Park. Guanacaste has plenty of tourist attractions. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Is Guanacaste the only Option for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica?

It is not that Guanacaste is the only province worth visiting in Costa Rica; however, there are certainly many reasons for you to choose this area. In addition, if what you seek is luxury, there is no doubt Guanacaste has tourist services of the highest quality. It has the best resorts, hotels, luxury villas Costa Rica and a luxurious marina; in addition, it has an international airport. Guanacaste is a place where you can find entertainment options as luxurious as golf and spas; on the other hand, you can also find adventurous activities available. If you like to feel the adrenaline but also enjoy getting home to a comfortable welcome, then Guanacaste has the best beach towns in this sense. You can plan your trip considering Liberia as your entry point and arrive in no time to the Pacific Coastline. Guanacaste Province has incredible options for tourists and expats seeking to retire here; whatever the case, for a luxury Vacation Costa Rica or a retirement, the rental properties available are amazing. Costa Rica is the closest thing to visiting the paradise. Thanks for read: ''6 Incredible Destinations for Expats or a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica''. Share or Comment this post. You will love read: Ostional Beach in Guanacaste Province: Perfect Destination for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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