There are many reasons to spend great luxury vacations Costa Rica; and one of them is that this is a country with unique characteristics. This jewel in Central America possesses a climate, landscapes, people, culture and assets that make it desirable; furthermore, its wonders do not only attract people for short vacations. This has become even a desired destination for expatriate retirees. Surely there are tastes for everyone and opinion is a subjective thing; however, many concur that this is, by far, the best tourist destination. Costa Rica has many natural attributes; nevertheless, big part of the country’s success in tourism is that the industry has grown. This means that there has been major foreign and local investment in tourist services provided. In addition, given the noticeable economic advantages of having this industry grow, the efforts on enhancing it have increased; the government, locals, and foreigners have seen the potential in this nation and now and work for it and profit from it. Another important thing about tourism is that you can do ecotourism and still spend amazing luxury vacations Costa Rica; or you can travel on a low budget.
  1. Costa Rica Luxury Homes and Resorts are the Best

 On the one hand, tourist growth has promoted the construction of amazing hotels and the most luxurious resorts. Although the whole country has amazing places worthy of being recommended, it’s a good idea to stay in Guanacaste Province; it is located towards the Northwest of the country, and it’s a very rich area regarding biodiversity and natural beauty. For this reason, it has been chosen for new hotel projects. Besides the amazing resorts, Costa Rica has incredible vacation home rentals. They are actually Costa Rica luxury homes in which the design, the decoration, equipment and services included are jaw-dropping. Many of them were built at the beach facing the Pacific Ocean (in Guanacaste); they are simply amazing Costa Rica luxury villas. There are some destinations in Guanacaste with recommended Costa Rica villa rentals:

a.1) Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals

The Papagayo Peninsula has been one of the areas with biggest investment in the tourism industry; its infrastructure includes the worldwide recognized Four Seasons Costa Rica among other resorts and incredible beachfront vacation home rentals. Villas, suites and several types of luxurious rental homes with private pools, appliances of the highest quality and the most beautiful view characterize them. The Papagayo Peninsula is located to the northwest of the province not too far from the border with Nicaragua. Besides its wonderful housing complexes and resorts, other tourist services are available; furthermore, there are national parks and nature reserves nearby. This area is probably one of the best choices you will make if you are searching for a place to stay.

a.2) Las Catalinas and Playa Danta

Las Catalinas is a relatively new town in costa Rica which, more than other in the country, supports eco-tourism highly. This town was created in order to accentuate the pedestrian experience and eliminate the biggest causes of pollution; the town does not have roads, only the main one where tourists can access it. This ton designed under the view of New Urbanism is amazingly beautiful. Nevertheless, though Catalinas is a town worth visiting, if you want to sleep at a beachfront location, there’s Danta Beach. Right at Las Catalinas West is Playa Danta; this beach town has amazing luxurious lodging options. Imagine staying at the beach facing the Pacific Ocean with a private pool, a terrace, and VIP treatment; just minutes from the beautiful Las Catalinas.

a.3) Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa has a name that honors its reality; it truly is a “gorgeous” beach. There are two Hermosa beaches; however, they are located in different provinces. Hermosa Beach has condos, beach houses, and incredible Costa Rica luxury villas. It also has all the tourist services you may need which also makes it a desirable tourist destination.House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo

a.4) Ocotal Beach

Although there are several lodging options in Ocotal Beach, the best are probably a set of vacation rental apartments; these complexes face the Pacific Ocean and are designed with the highest luxury and quality. Besides the way they are fabulously equipped and maintained; they are offered with the best cleaning, cooking and other services. They also have the most amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. Ocotal Beach is a quiet option for those who stay in the loud and crowded Coco Beach, and it is located just a few minutes away.

a.5) Coco Beach

When it comes to youngsters, Coco Beach is a big favorite in Costa Rica. Whether Ticos or foreigners, young crowds are usually drawn to Costa Rica due to its party scene; if you are looking for a place with great lodging options, natural beauty, and an active nightlife, visit Coco Beach.  This wonderful beach town is filled with amazing bars, cafés and restaurants to unwind by the end of the day. Besides all the tourist services, the natural beauty and “pura vida” lifestyle of Coco Beach is of its biggest appeals. Although some prefer quieter destinations, Coco Beach is no less desirable as lodging destination. From fascinating vacation rental apartments to luxurious villa rentals are available in Coco Beach. Nevertheless, there other options in more secluded locations nearby.

 a.6) Tenorio Area

This area may not be located bordering with the Pacific Ocean; however, it is no less beautiful. The Tenorio Area includes the Tenorio Volcano National Park; it is a place of breathtaking natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Furthermore, there are lodging options that border the national park and combine outstanding service with a magical surrounding.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The options in Tenorio place you near the opportunity of witnessing numerous animal species just a little hike away from your room. The landscape may not be as that of beachfront villas, but the beautiful rainforests and majestic sight of the Tenorio Volcano will amaze you.
  1. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica with High-Quality Transportation

Another reason why it is a smart choice to spend Luxury Vacations Costa Rica is because it has good transportation. With the same property management companies with which you can find rental homes, you can find transportation. Whether it is a rental car, hiring a private driver or simply arranging airport transfers you shouldn’t worry. However, if you rent a car, remember that some destinations require a 4x4 vehicle; apart from this, you should able to move around Costa Rica without problems.
  1. The Papagayo Marina

There are many amazing services nearby if you choose Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals or the Four Seasons Costa Rica; some of these are the ones provided by the fabulous Papagayo Marina. It’s a result of major foreign investment, part of a program destined to create a tourist hub in the peninsula; the Papagayo Marina is the most luxurious of Latin America. The Papagayo Project aims to provide tourist with a unique experience in an area where everything aims for their entertainment. For foreigners sailing and visiting the country, locals or tourists wanting to go on sailing charters, there’s the marina; it offers the most luxurious vessels, with trained staff and all the equipment you need to go on amazing tours.
  1. Golf, Tennis, Spas and Gyms and Nature

Costa Rica is one of the few countries where you can go backpacking or on a luxurious experience; however, the fact that you will visit magical forests or do water sports, does not mean there won’t be luxury. Furthermore, for specific tastes, there are options like playing golf, tennis, going on golf cart rides; you can also spend a day in a spa, go to the gym, get a massage, and more.
  1. Its Natural Beauty

Surely your vacations will be full of luxury and comfort in Costa Rica; however, its biggest attraction is the variety of national parks and wildlife reserves. Did you know that with just 0,3% of the planet’s territory, it contains close to 6% of the world’s biodiversity? Costa Rica is beautiful, fun, and environmentally responsible; it truly is a paradise. Another great reason to visit this wonderful country is its joyful people. “Ticos”, as Costa Ricans are referred are in general friendly, joyful and open to new cultures; in fact, they have a popular saying: “pura vida”. This saying expresses relaxation, good vibes, and an easy-going lifestyle; it’s something similar to “no worries”. Many Costa Ricans also speak English and profit from the tourism industry. Furthermore, Costa Ricans have amazing traditions and a rich culture. They like to dance and their food is just fascinating. Throughout the many bars and cafés available, local and international cuisine mix in order to create incredible menus; you can taste local dishes which usually have rice and beans, or involve seafood plus a touch tropical fruit juice. In addition, the international influence has also made way for international flavors; so it is interesting to visit a Costa Rican restaurant. It’s not that other countries do not have these natural features; however, not everywhere you have so many life zones in such small territories. In Costa Rica, you can go to the beach, and go hiking to the summit of a volcano; then, you can bathe in a hot spring, swim in a waterfall natural pool and see a mangrove. You can do all of this in the same day! Costa Rica which is located in a very violent area, Central America, is actually a country without militia. This is the safest country of the area; it was one of the first countries in the world to ever eliminate its military.  Dating from 1948; the elimination of the militia resulted as a consequence of a civil war. After this war, most of the military staff and equipment had disappeared. This meant that the country would have to make a great investment into training and acquiring new equipment; for this reason, the current leader announced the elimination of its army. This meant that the country would be redirecting the funds towards other investments: education. For this reason, Costa Rica is one of the safest countries; in addition, it does have national security. The many foreign investments in Costa Rica have resulted in very well-planned cities; there, life results beautiful, and calm as a never ending vacation. In addition, tourism industry has influenced restaurants and other establishments creating a friendly vibe for tourists. This means that you can find international and local cuisine in Costa Rica; different cultures are easily embraced. Furthermore, the options in Costa Rica luxury villas usually charm the clients enough to make them want to come back. For this reason, there are many who have moved to Costa Rica permanently; there are others who cannot live in Costa Rica but at least rent a place and frequently visit it. Going for vacations is the first step for wanting to live in Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s weather is one of the main reasons why people also visit. This beautiful country has a tropical weather which results very nice for those who come from lands with 4 seasons; furthermore, when countries of the North are going through rough winters, it is Costa Rica’s dry season. It does have 2 distinguishable seasons, but they are both nice. Costa Rica is truly a jewel in Central America. It has amazing joyful Latin People and infrastructure that is very modern and of high-quality. If you visit Costa Rica and book all the services in advance, a good time is guaranteed. Nonetheless, these are just some of the reasons why you would love this country, but there are many more. You will probably feel you need more time to enjoy in Costa Rica. Book everything in advance and dare to go on the great journey that is Luxury Vacations Costa Rica! Thanks for read: " 6 Reasons Why Beautiful Costa Rica is Unique: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica ", rate or share this post! You will love read: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica with the Best Exclusive Activities
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