If you are feeling indecisive about where to spend your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; here are some reasons that will make you realize Guanacaste is the best area you can choose. All the natural attractions, tourist and basic services, as well as cultural history will make you choose this region. You can visit other areas in following opportunities; however, you might want to come back for more.
  • It has an Interesting History
Guanacaste Province is a region that was once part of Nicaragua. This area currently borders with Alajuela Province by the East, and Puntarenas Province by the South; it also borders with Nicaragua by the North and the Pacific Ocean by the West. Before the pre-Columbian era, Chorotega Indians inhabited this region and “Náhuatl” is an identified language originally spoken in the region.Costa rica Vacation rentals Regarding its name, it also has an interesting history. In 1769, the current capital of Guanacaste (Liberia) received this name given the many ear pod trees found here. After a few administrative changes, the capital became what today is Liberia; Guanacaste also comprises other important cities like Santa Cruz and Nicoya. Liberia is of great relevance economically due to many reasons.
  • Liberia, Guanacaste: the Starting Point of your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
Liberia is not important just because it was once declared the capital of the province. Economically, regarding tourism and transportation and proximity to natural attractions; its relevance in the province and in the country is undeniable. For starters, it has the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport which is where a big quantity arrives in Costa Rica (San Juan is another option). In Liberia or very nearby, you can find luxurious homes for rent in Costa Rica and extraordinary Costa Rica resorts. Furthermore, there is great asset management Costa Rica in Liberia, as well as transportation, tour packages, natural attractions and luxury. If your interests as adventure tours or you wish to enjoy sailing or other water activities in Costa Rica; Liberia has all the options nearby.
  • A Remarkable Culture
A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica does not imply spending your days just sunbathing and drinking cocktails by the beach—although it does not sound like a bad idea at all. However, for those with hunger to learn about the colorful Tico culture, Liberia and Guanacaste have options for you. Some tourist attractions and villages will allow you to get a grasp of it. Santa Cruz is a must-visit city if you have a cultural interest due to its popularity for the national folklore; an important festival, the Guanafest, takes place here.  Liberia itself is another cultural spot, its main church, Sabanero Museum and Ferias Square are just some of the places you can visit. Nicoya is another cultural spot, the San Blas church is today a small museum.
  1. Traditions in the Amazing Guanacaste Culture:
The “Lagarteadas” are the first of the traditions list Guanacaste sees; it takes place in Santa Cruz and consists in the hunting of a crocodile. This tradition has as a purpose to catch the animal without slaughtering it; it is the trophy of a colorful ceremony. Also in Santa Cruz, there are usual traditions involving candles, payers, delicious typical food and carrying the image of Christ of Esuipulas in a pilgrimage.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Furthermore, there are traditional foods and drinks you cannot miss trying in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; such is the case of the “coyol”. This drink comes from a tree of the same name and it can be tasted in traditional “coyoleras”; great music and a colorful vibe usually accompany these huts. There are also many “turnos” (smaller celebrations) you can be a part of in Costa Rica.
  1. Guanacaste’s Tempting Cuisine
As in many Latin American countries, the cuisine is a mixture of African, Indigenous and Spanish influences; the exotic flavors usually include recipes with common denominator: corn. Meals like tamales, tortillas, empanadas and even beverages are made with corn and are mixed with other delicious ingredients. Many of the dishes also include beans; a touch of an exotic tropical fruit is also common. Some of the typical dishes of the region include the popular “casado”; which is a dish with beans and rice, as many of the dishes in Costa Rica are. This dish may also include other ingredients that distinguish it from the similar “Gallo pinto”. Tamales and Bocas, which are also knowns as “Tapas” in the area (entrées for the main courses) are also popular. Other dishes are: pastels de viento, atoles and chichime.
  • National Parks
The natural characteristics of this region are the main causes of this area’s big appeal for tourists worldwide. From backpackers to those seeking to experience a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; national parks of Costa Rica attract everyone equally. Did you know that there are 11 conservation areas in Costa Rica of which Guanacaste has one?Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The Guanacaste Conservation Area is one of the regions delimited to promote, defend and support strict eco friendly policies. In Guanacaste there are 5 national parks; these are territories administered by the government where you can also do eco tourism. They are; Barra Honda, Palo Verde, Rincon de la Vieja, Guanacaste, Santa Rosa, Diria and Las Baulas Marine National Parks.
  1. Barra Honda National Park
This national park is located in the Nicoya Peninsula. Did you know that Barra Honda caverns are probably one of this park’s main appeals? Years of water erosion have resulted in amazing limestone caves that represent an important landmark in this park. For this reason, one of the most popular activities you can do in this park is climbing; it is a perfect destination for nature and adventure lovers.
  1. Palo Verde National Park
Palo Verde National Park is located adjacent Tempisque River. It is known for its animal diversity. Hence, bird watching is a popular activity here; wetlands and other different habitats make possible a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica seeing varied fauna. A fun way to see the majority of the park in less time is by bike or by boat; which make perfect adventures for nature lovers.
  1. Rincon de la Vieja
Rincón de la Vieja National Park is located to the Northwest of the country. Its main attraction is Rincón de la Vieja volcano, along with the rich biodiversity, landscapes and exciting tourist activities available. Besides the volcano itself, which had its last eruption in 1983, other natural characteristics of the landscape attract tourists; hot springs and similar volcanic features make this an interesting environment.Costa rica Luxury Vacation
  1. Guanacaste National Park
Guanacaste National Park is located to the North of Liberia. This project is a result of the intention to connect a protected area with Santa Rosa National Park; the aim was also to ensure the safe passage of numerous animal species between both parks. Another important aspect of this park is that it comprises four biological stations where the different habitats are thoroughly looked after.
  1. Santa Rosa National Park
Connected to Palo Verde National Park is Santa Rosa National Park. Besides the rich flora and fauna, as well as the 10 different habitats found in the park; it has excellent surfing conditions and a historic relevance to it. Usually known for the surfers it attracts to the region with a offshore rocky formation called “Witch’s Rock”; this territory also witnessed a battle in its historic “Hacienda de Santa Rosa”.
  1. Diria National Park
This National park is located in the Nicoya Peninsula, more specifically in Santa Cruz. The park was originally thought and created to be a wildlife refuge; however, its status later changed to national park in the year 2004. Besides the stunning animal and flora diversity, rivers and waterfalls like the Brasil Waterfall are great attractions of this park. There are many trails throughout the whole area and many activities to practice.
  1. Las Baulas Marine National Park
Las Baulas Marine National Park is the most important site for turtles to nest. Here, the ritual of the Leatherback sea turtles takes place and tourists can witness this amazing event following park directions. This park is one of the best examples of Costa Rica’s efforts to protect animal diversity. Tourists can observe the ritual from an appropriate distance; it is quite an unforgettable event.
  • Nature Reserves and Refuges
Just as there are national parks in Costa Rica, which are run by the government; there are also private reserves and refuges. These entities are in majority the result of nature enthusiasts or scientists who wish to contribute to natural conservation. Just as with the national parks, there are also fun activities you can do in these places that are in occasions devoted to the preservation of a specific species.Vacation rentals costa rica There are some in the Guanacaste Province that are highly recommended to be included in your trip schedule:
  1. Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve
In this amazing destination, besides being able to see different monkeys, reptiles and fish; you can see a big number of insects, as people actually refer to the reserve as the “Insect Park”. The park comprises 2279 hectares and it is located north of Liberia. The park is also a good bird watching destination; this because during the rainy or green season, many trees lose their leaves facilitating the activity.
  1. Ostional Wildlife Refuge
This refuge borders with the Pacific Ocean; therefore, it is an excellent location to observe the abundant and varied marine life. This is another important nesting site for sea turtles; here egg harvesting is allowed in an effort to promote an eco friendly practice in the area. The Refuge is located between the Nosara River and Punta India comprising 246 hectares of territory.
  1. Isla Bolaños Wildlife Refuge
This magical destination is accessible only by boat; it is a wonderful island located near Punta Descartes, to the Northwest of Costa Rica. This island comprises 25 hectares of territory with interesting wildlife; it is also an excellent destination for practicing water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. It is a dry place; however, it has vegetation. It is known that the age of the island 40 million years.
  1. Bahia Junquillal Wildlife Refuge
This place is part of the Guanacaste conservation area comprising a territory of 505 hectares. The area has mangroves as well as a dry forest and it also has a varied wildlife you can observe. Some of the animal species you can spot here are pelicans, turtles, raccoons, coatis, lizards and others. Some of the activities you can do here include hiking through its trails and water activities in its calm beach waters. There are other reserves and wildlife refuges in Costa Rica: however, if you are in Guanacaste, these are destinations you cannot miss. You can surely spend an incredible Luxury Vacation Costa Rica staying in any of the Costa Rica resorts; however, if you have not considered Costa Rica rental homes, it is time you do. You can enjoy the same services that you usually do at a fancy hotel, but from the privacy of a luxurious beachfront villa. Asset management Costa Rica can help you find a proper estate for you.Costa Rica Vacation Rentals You can start browsing online the different options you have, which in Guanacaste are several; furthermore, if your interest is finding luxurious homes for rent in Costa Rica, it won’t be hard to. The best way to search for a home is to decide on the activities or parks you want to visit and stay in a beach nearby. Beach towns like Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa and the Papagayo Peninsula are great options.
  • The Amazing Activities
Costa Rica is characterized by its high-quality eco tourism and adventure activities. Whether by the sea or being in land, there are plenty of options for you. If you like golf or playing tennis for example, or simply relaxing by the beach or at a spa; Costa Rica is the place for you. These are just some of the reasons why you will have an amazing time in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; you can only pack your bags and decide to see the wonders of this paradise for yourself! 7 Reasons Why Guanacaste is the Best Area to Stay in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Thanks for read: “7 Reasons Why Guanacaste is the Best Area to Stay in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica" We recommend read too: 5 Things to do in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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