For people planning on spending luxury vacations Costa Rica, the experience can be unique and very inspiring; there are numerous amazing destinations in this Central American country, so it can hard to choose.  Nevertheless, one area has obtained great popularity, and it is that of the Costa Rican Pacific Coastline; furthermore, it can be an eco friendly adventure you will get to witness. The following beach towns or areas are not just tourist-friendly, but the environmental preservation in them is evident: Papagayo Peninsula is located to the Northwest of the Country, very near the border with Nicaragua. The area is now home to various hotels and resorts, a golf course, tennis courts, spas, cafés, restaurants, and more! It is an area that has developed to provide the best tourist experience; it even has the most luxurious marina of Latin America.

Environmental Efforts to Maintain the Area Eco Friendly

There are 31 different beaches along the wonderful coastline of the Papagayo Peninsula making up for 15 miles; 1,400 acres comprise this beautiful territory of +natural beauty and tourist comfort. In this regard, the biggest effort and measure taken is commitment for the preservation of a significant part of land; development in this area has been thoroughly restricted. Regardless of the major development plans, tourist companies must stick to certain limitations; of the 1,400 acres of land, 70% must remain protected. The intention is to protect animal corridors and dormitories; the creation of an on-site botanical nursery has also been envisioned. This area is making efforts on living by sustainable principles; this has proven to be a great example.

Are there Good Accommodation Options in Papagayo Peninsula?

There are incredibly good accommodation options in Papagayo Peninsula; whether you are searching luxurious resorts, hotels or luxury rentals in Costa Rica, there are a lot to choose from. If you want to feel home, with privacy, but also with the benefits of a luxurious hotel, try a villa; there are amazing luxury villas in Papagayo Peninsula facing the Pacific Ocean, they are paradisiacal. Coco Beach, or Playas del Coco in Spanish, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guanacaste Costa Rica. This fabulous beach town has plenty of options for those who enjoy nighttime activities; if you go for a bite gazing at the famous Guanacaste sunsets or for a few drinks, there is variety. In Coco Beach, you can listen to Latin Music, dance and mingle with the Ticos.

Environmental Efforts Made in Beautiful Coco Beach

Coco Beach has beautiful clear waters; it is an amazing destination for a day at the beach doing all kinds of water activities. Furthermore, the policies to reinforce natural preservation and promote tourism are very strong and evident in Coco Beach. On clear example of this is the recently built “Paseo Amor de Temporada”; this Spanish name refers to an old typical Costa Rican song.Costa Rica_PEXS_ Activities 10 (Copy) Having caused even the demolition of old restaurants and other establishments, the Paseo is a boulevard mixed with nature; it offers a pedestrian experience with new planted trees and spaces for different sports. You can now also see the sunset from the Paseo. In addition, there is a Monkey Farm in the area; created to protect this and other species, it is one of the best examples of natural preservation in the area.

Are There Good Lodging Options in Coco Beach?

Just as natural preservation is important in Coco Beach, so is tourism; this industry that has made the area so prosperous has developed incredibly to offer amazing tourist services. In this regard, there are also amazing rental homes in Coco Beach, including luxury villas, apartments and resorts.  If you are seeking a place to spend luxury vacations Costa Rica, Coco Beach is an excellent choice. Costa Rica has two beaches with the same name, and not only that; they are both located in the Pacific Coastline. This Hermosa Beach is located more to the North, while the other is located in Puntarenas province, to the South. Both are beautiful; nevertheless, the waters of Hermosa Beach in Guanacaste province are calmer and better for swimming or snorkeling, different from the other Hermosa Beach.

Environmental Efforts Made in the ‘Gorgeous’ Hermosa Beach

Besides being truly gorgeous, as its name in Spanish indicates, Hermosa Beach is a natural paradise; it has been awarded with the ecological Blue Flag status. This important recognition is given by an association in order to enhance and promote preservation of marine areas and tourism; many organizations take part in this association, such as branches of the UN, the EU and others. These organization branches dedicated to environmentalist purposes and tourism enhancement recognize beaches that meet specific conservation requirements; furthermore, after giving the Blue Flag Status, this association monitors the area in order to assess maintenance of the title. This recognition is an incentive to the tourism industry and a great example of the Costa Rican efforts to promote natural preservation.

House Rental Options in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach also has a variety of options if you seek luxury and comfort. There are incredible condos counting with a shared pool and all the VIP services you receive in a hotel; in addition, there are incredible villa rentals Costa Rica. These estates are incredibly luxurious, some count with a pool, and they are just steps away from the beach; you won’t forget the beautiful sunsets at the end of the day. Las Catalinas is a tourist destination that will show you a different way of living and experiencing nature; here, you will forget about the hectic pace of big cities. In addition, you won’t miss the air and noise pollution caused by traffic and big crowds using public transportation, Las Catalinas is a fascinating beach town that aims to excel at providing the best pedestrian experience in Guanacaste.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Environmental Efforts in Las Catalinas

Luxury vacations Costa Rica will be unforgettable for you if you choose Las Catalinas as your main tourist destination; this is a unique town in Costa Rica. It is the only one of the country that has been designed under the principles of New Urbanism; this means that the town and each detail of it were thoroughly designed to enhance the pedestrian experience and including nature in the design. This means that there are neither roads nor traffic traversing the town polluting it with carbon monoxide, noise and stress. The town has been designed in a way that walking, running, skating, bike riding or similar activities are transportation methods; there is one paved road which allows easy regular access, but apart from that, driving is not possible in town. Las Catalinas mixes a modern design integrating nature with luxury.

Accommodation Options in the Unique Las Catalinas

Just as natural beauty characterizes this town, excellent tourist services do as well. There are great vacation rentals Costa Rica, and if you are looking for options right by the beach, then you can check Playa Danta. There are incredible and luxurious options in Playa Danta, Las Catalinas’ beach, where you will be surrounded by incredible landscapes; the estates are also incredibly beautiful and luxurious. Ocotal Beach is another breathtaking destination in Guanacaste Costa Rica; it is a calm beach with a laidback vibe. There are many water sports you can practice in its beach waters and it is also conveniently located; it is located near Conchal and Coco Beaches, which are very popular as well. Ocotal Beach is actually a quieter town and better option for those in the area trying to avoid the party scene at Coco Beach.Remove term: Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Environmental Efforts in Ocotal Beach

Ocotal Beach has tremendous environmental efforts visible as well; for starters, the monkey farm and sanctuary is actually located in Ocotal Beach, though it also serves the wildlife of the area of Coco Beach. This farm was created as a solution to the problem that presented when lack of wildlife corridors affected monkey’s habitat; many actually died from this impact. In addition, other electrical infrastructures were causing their deaths which resulted in the creation of this wonderful project. However, that is not the only effort you can witness in the area; as it is the case of Hermosa Beach, Ocotal Beach has also been awarded with the Blue Flag status. This means that this beach also meets the ecological standards that grant the town this recognition.

Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Accommodation Options in Ocotal Beach

A convenient option for those who prefer calm locations rather than crowded and loud ones, Ocotal Beach is another paradise; on the contrary, its neighbor, Coco Beach, is ore recommended for those who enjoy the party scene.  Some of the best vacation rentals Costa Rica can be found in Ocotal Beach; its villa rentals Costa Rica specifically are just incredible. This is another beautiful beach town on the Pacific Coastline of the country; however, unlike the previously mentioned destinations, it is located in Puntarenas Province, to its Northern part. It is located on the Osa Peninsula, near its Southern part or the tip. It is the farthest destination to Liberia—Guanacaste’s capital with an international airport—in comparison to the other locations mentioned. Nonetheless, this does not mean that Santa Teresa cannot be easily accessed; there is an airport which offers domestic flights nearby (in Tamarindo).

Environmental Efforts in Santa Teresa

One of the most remarkable evidences of the efforts made in Santa Teresa is its Blue Flag status. As well as other locations mentioned, this beach meets the requirements that classify it as a clean, pure beach. Furthermore, efforts made as a result of governmental policies are not the only ones taking place in Santa Teresa; private companies such as hotels are taking part in this action. Tourism does cause an inevitable impact on nature; nevertheless, sustainable practices can help diminish the impact of human activities. In this regard, the private industry is taking measures in order to the least possible from the Earth; in addition, it is important to reduce carbon monoxide emissions and remember the three R’s, “reuse, reduce, recycle”. In Santa Teresa, this is taken into account.

Accommodation Options in Gorgeous Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is another location that has the best options in luxury rentals in Costa Rica; characterized by a modern design and surrounded by fascinating landscapes, the rental homes available in this beach town are amazing. Luxury and comfort will not be issues as well as transportation and entertainment. Rental homes in Santa Teresa are simply incredible. Imagine staying in a rental house with all the appliances and special services included (you could hire a private chef); at this rental home, imagine yourself sharing with your loved ones a 180º view of the Pacific Ocean. These are big estates where you can visit with a big group of people; they are also suitable for reunions. Organizing a wedding would mean a celebration in a paradise.

Other Efforts in Costa Rica

Throughout the whole country, you can find evidence of the imposture of measures in order to promote natural conservation; conservation areas, national parks, nature reserves and other smaller efforts are some of the examples throughout the country. Costa Rica is biologically very diverse and fortunately, many have become aware of this and have taken action. Costa Rica has a very rich biodiversity compared to the small portion of territory it actually comprises; in this regard, members of the government, citizens and even expats are taking action in the preservation of its resources. Another reason for this is the fact that it has finally struck, the fact that tourism, and therefore, economy benefits from environmental preservation. More than a leap of faith, traveling to Costa Rica is ensuring that you will visit a place where nature prevails; several beach towns are even internationally certified to guarantee that you are visiting a clean ecological area. You will love your time spent in luxury vacations Costa Rica. Thanks for read: " 7 Tourist Destinations were Environmental Efforts are Evident: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica", rate or share this post! You will love read: What are the Top Destinations to Visit in Guanacaste for your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica?
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