If you have set your mind on spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; you have made a good decision. On the one hand, this country has amazing natural resources; reason why so many travelers visit from around the world. On the other hand, the tourist services and amazing Costa Rica vacation rentals also play an important role now. These are 9 recommended activities for you:

9 Types of Activities Recommended for your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in the Guanacaste Province:

  1. Volcanic adventures

Costa Rica is a country with varied natural landscapes of which volcanic formations play a big role in tourism.  Did you know that there are around 200 volcanic formations of which about a hundred actually show volcanic activity signs? These feature result in varied natural landscapes, where soils nearby become fertile; thus, vegetation flourishes beautifully adorning the sights.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Furthermore, volcanic formations not just make up for amazing sightseeing activities. There are plenty of activities and adventures that involve volcanic formations. On the one hand, there are tours that lead you directly to a volcano to witness its activity. On the other hand, some tours that include hikes pass you by hot springs, and boiling mud pits. Sometimes these tours are mixed with other activities.
  1. Canopy tours

This is one of the most popular activities for adventurers who love being in contact with nature and adrenaline. As you slide from a series of zip lines at the canopy level of the forests; you will delight from the view of the landscapes and different wildlife. Given that there are marked differences between the canopy level and the ground level; you will get to see animals that never descend.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica For those who are not big fans of such adventurous activities, but desire to experience something similar; there are options. If the idea of being suspended from a harness does not attract you; you can experience this on the aerial tram rides available. Just as there are zip line adventures, there are similar activities; with aerial tram rides, you slide sitting in a more calm experience that is no less fun.
  1. River and National Park Tours

If you do not pay a visit to a national park and see its amazing rivers and waterfalls; it’s like you haven’t been to Costa Rica yet. Did you this country holds over 5% of the world’s biodiversity while comprising less than 0.5% of the world’s territory? The national parks, nature reserves and refuges are located in amazing natural destinations protecting big areas and being home to rich wildlife. Hence, there are amazing tours that take through the trails of these parks and lead you to breathtaking locations. One adventure that you can’t miss is a tour leading you to Tempisque River, located in the Guanacaste conservation area. The sights, the landscapes, the animals that gather near the river banks and a boat ride will amaze you. It’s fun and nature in one adventure.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  1. White Water Rafting Adventures

In your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, going to river does not necessarily mean going sightseeing. Surely there are amazing sights; however, one adventure tour you cannot miss is going whitewater rafting. You will be able to go on an extreme adventure going through long distances and gorgeous landscapes white water rafting. Hence, if you like extreme adventure, the experience on these rapids will blow your mind.
  1. Amazing ATV Adventures

Another exciting way o get to know some locations is by going on ATV adventures. You can witness magical locations while having an exciting time on an ATV.  This is an excellent activity for your luxury vacation Costa Rica, and more so, for your family. Remember that you have to be over 16 to go on this experience; but other than that, just the disposition to have a lot of fun.
  1. Surfing in Costa Rica
Surfing is one of the reasons many visitors even consider this country as a destination for vacations. Including a location made famous by a movie (The Endless Summer II); there are several places perfect for this water sport.  There are also programs for learners where the conditions allow it; Costa Rica is basically a paradise for surfing lovers and amateurs.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Some Locations Perfect for Surfing and Sending a Amazing Luxury Vacation Costa Rica:

  • Ollie’s Point
This surfing destination is located on the Pacific Coast to the Northwest. It is one of the most famous surfing spots, and it was actually made more famous after being the set of a popular movie. In order to get to Ollie’s Point, you require a boat taken from nearby beaches: Playa del Coco and Playa Ocotal. These beaches are also excellent locations with great options in luxurious Costa Rica rental homes. In Playa Ocotal, the best options in Costa Rica rental homes are luxury condos Costa Rica. The estates available are not only exquisite designs equipped with high quality appliances to ensure comfort at all times; they are also surrounded by amazing natural landscapes and customers are provided with the best tourist services. The concierge team will aim to ensure clients’ comfort and satisfaction at all times.
  • Witch’s Rock
“Witch’s Rock” is a large rock formation that has received its name by locals. This formation is offshore Playa Naranjo which is a beach in the Northeast of Guanacaste Province.  Furthermore, the destination is located inside Santa Rosa National Park and can be accessed by a 4x4 vehicle or boat.  For this reason Playa Naranjo is not too crowded and there are better accommodation options near Ollie’s Point.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica These beaches are great surfing locations for learned surfers; however, it is a good location for new surfers as well. Furthermore, these beaches are not just great surfing destinations; these places have amazing accommodation options for your luxury vacation Costa Rica. Tamarindo in particular has amazing options in Costa Rica luxury villas surrounded by amazing vegetation and facing the Pacific Ocean. These two beaches, besides being beautiful, are excellent surfing spots for learners. Although more experienced surfers could also enjoy surfing here; this is usually a starting point to then continue in Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock when there is more experience. If you are looking for amazing Costa Rica luxury villas, there are options nearby, but not in those beaches exactly. There are numerous accommodation options throughout the whole country; however, some places have better options depending on your taste. If you are seeking for lodging options near Playa Iguanita, for example, your best choice is Playa Hermosa. On the other hand, you seek luxurious Costa Rica rental homes near Playa Prieta; your best decision would be seeking in Las Catalinas.
  1. Fishing in Peninsula Papagayo

One of the most relaxing and awesome experiences you could have. Go on one of the amazing fishing tours that will take you through an awesome sail on a luxurious vessel. Prepare to go on a one-in-a-lifetime experience with a prepared crew and explore the wonders and flavors of marine life. The Papagayo Marina has all the services you may need to go on an amazing sailing experience.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  1. Water Adventures for Animal Lovers

Given Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity, nature-oriented tours are also popular under water. There are water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and sport fishing where you can witness Costa Rica’s amazing marine life. If you like calmer tours and you are an animal lover; these are perfect activities for you. From sea turtles to dolphins, to rays, to even whales or sharks; Costa Rica marine life will amaze you.  
  1. Golf
Your luxury vacation Costa Rica is not all about going into the jungle or going on extreme adventures. You can also do other amazing activities; activities that are not so extreme, they keep you in contact with nature and are great for unwinding. Playing golf is a perfect example; you practice a sport that is relaxing, helps you focus, and that allows you to admire the landscape. The Papagayo Peninsula has amazing lodging options like luxury condos Costa Rica and the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica. There are also bars, casinos and restaurants; but unlike regular tourist destinations; there is a golf course. Designed by Arnold Palmer, this golf course allows you to unwind while enjoying your luxury vacation Costa Rica. The facilities are mesmerizing.

Golf Cart Rentals

This is an amazing way to get to know a large portion of Costa Rica; on a golf cart. You have to have a license and you need a car seat if you have small children; however, this is not a regular ride. In golf carts that fit from four to six people, you go on an exciting ride throughout the Papagayo Peninsula. Just as you can drive around the golf course you can go on a ride across the beautiful peninsula.Luxury Condos Costa Rica The golf course alone is a wonderful combination of jungle, well designed areas for the course and an ocean background. You can drive around on a golf cart inside the course as well as out and visit beautiful destinations comfortably. This is a fun activity you can do in these wonderful landscapes. Being in the golf course alone, you might be able to spot some animal species. You can spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica because you can do activities like tennis besides the other luxurious services. If you are a tennis enthusiast, prepare to have fun playing in the court at the golf course. There is medical assistance and all the equipment you may need in stores nearby. If you need lessons, that is also a possibility. Accessories or anything else you might need is available for you to have an awesome time. There are over 10 amazing restaurants in Papagayo Peninsula, and they are all amazing destinations. There are different restaurants for all kinds of tastes; there are restaurants that serve typical dishes, as well as others that serve foreign dishes. Given the foreign influence, native and foreign flavors mix in these locations. Also many of these restaurants become bars as the night falls. Another amazing characteristic of Costa Rican restaurants and bars is that many of them are built facing the Ocean. Hence, you could be enjoying an exotic dinner, while delighting from one of the famous Guanacaste sunsets.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The Prieta Beach Club has amazing facilities that aim towards tourists’ satisfaction. In this club, you can swim in a beautiful pool, or at the beach. At the beach there are several activities that you can do, such as surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling. If you need equipment or accessories, as well as lesson for any of these practices; you should not worry. The amazing staff provides lessons and there are plenty stores. One visit that you can do to the city is to Liberia if you are in Guanacaste province. Just as you can visit the national parks, reserves and beaches, you can also enjoy a visit to the cities. Liberia has developed greatly, so visiting the city is a great experience, there are many things to see. Furthermore, there are all the services you may need during your stay in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is an excellent tourist destination, no matter the motive of your trip, nor the group traveling with you. There are amazing land and water activities, as well as extreme adventures and calmer options. The bottom line is that you can have a lot of fun and you can spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica. The Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica and home rentals are amazing and this improves the experience. You just need to plan your trip, you will surely have an awesome vacation! Thanks for read: "7 Types of Activities You Can Do in your Next Luxury Vacation Costa Rica", share or rate this post!! We recommend read too: Luxury homes Costa Rica: 3 options to rent at the Peninsula Papagayo
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