There are many popular destinations in Costa Rica, and due to tourist development, there are usually amazing Costa Rica Vacation Rentals nearby.  However, apart from the famous beaches where the majority of tourists decide to spend their vacations, there are many other secluded, low key beaches and destinations you can visit to also enjoy the magical hidden wonders of this beautiful country.

These are some of those destinations and recommendations of Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Nearby:

  • The Fascinating Uvita
Located to the south of the Pacific Coast, Uvita is a beautiful secluded location although it has recently grown commercially. It is in the Puntarenas Province nearby the Marino Ballena National Park and for surfers, the popular Dominical is a hot spot is less than 10 miles away. Among the most popular activities you can do here, there is kayak, horseback riding and scuba diving.

Costa Rica Rental Homes near Uvita

There are great luxurious and high quality hotels nearby, and Tucan Hotel is one example among others. Nevertheless, there are many other lodging options, as rental homes have become more popular with the arrival of North American expatriates who have decided to move here for more permanent periods of time. In this sense, the recommendation is to look for options in Playa Hermosa. Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Not very far from Uvita, Playa Hermosa is a very popular destination, more so than Uvita, and here, there are amazing Costa Rica vacation villa rentals that can accommodate up to 14 people and have the most luxurious amenities you can imagine, as well as all the private services you need to feel like staying at a five-star hotel, in the privacy that rental homes provide.
  • Bahia Las Salinas
This bay is located to the north side of the Pacific Coast and here Costa Rica borders with Nicaragua. This area is very rich in biodiversity and the bay actually contains an archipelago formed by Islands Bolaños and Murciélago. Since this is a natural reservoir, this area is run by the management of the Santa Rosa National Park. Apart from Santa Rosa National Park nearby, there is also the Guanacaste National Park; both are tourist areas of high popularity.  Among the most popular activities, you can do in Salinas Bay are windsurfing and kite surfing, because of the convenient environmental conditions. Nature lovers specifically will enjoy visiting this area since marine life in the bay, as well as bird species and others in the area, are abundant and protected.

  Costa Rica Rental Homes near Salinas Bay

Regarding accommodation options, there are great hotels and resorts. Here, you can find amazing lodging options nearby. However, if you are looking for rental homes and you have a way to mobilize while in Costa Rica, the best recommended places are a little to the south, in the Guanacaste Province. Exclusive services online show you the best options not so far away so that you have the best experience taking into account sleeping arrangements. This may not be one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, but that doesn’t make it less of a worthy place to visit during your vacations. If your intention is precisely to get away from it all and get to know the real Costa Rica, coming to Paquera and asking the locals for the best recommendations on natural attractions is a great idea for an adventure. Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Paquera, located at the tip of the south of Nicoya Peninsula is near an archipelago that you can visit by boat, and it is also located near Curú Wildlife Reserve, where animal lovers will be able to delight from the diverse marine life and do some bird watching.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals near Paquera

Paquera, as mentioned before, is not so much of a tourist destination, however it does have hotels and accommodations nearby. If your case is that you seek for Costa Rica Vacation Rentals, the recommendation is that you search for a place in Santa Teresa beach, which is nearby. Exclusive online services have great options in this area, including Costa Rica vacation villa rentals that can accommodate up to 20 people and have all the most luxurious amenities you can think of, and that you would expect from a five-star service.
  • Gorgeous Playa Bejuco
Bejuco is the best example of a non-tourist area in Costa Rica, where nonetheless, you can have an amazing time in the beautiful coastline. This is a place where the main economic activities are agriculture and crafts sales, among others, so tourist development is not so evident, except for some new projects that are taking shape. For this reason, coming to Bejuco is not the traditional tourist destination, however, if what you are looking is a secluded location where you could even spend the whole day without other people nearby, this is the beach to go to. Regarding things to do, in the village, there are just a few sodas where you could try typical dishes. Bejuco is also close to National Wildlife Refuge Camaronal and 21 miles from Manuel Antonio National Park.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals near Bejuco

Although there are options right in Bejuco Beach, considering its proximity to other destinations with better options and this city’s underdevelopment regarding tourism when compared to others, you could stay in other locations. The nearest of the best areas with house rental options, in this case, is Santa Teresa Beach as well, where exclusive services have better, more comfortable and luxurious options for you, Playa Hermosa is also nearby.
  • Cerro de Turrubares in the Central Pacific
Also located to the west of the country by the Central Pacific, Turrubares is located in the San José Province. Although this is an off-the-beaten-path, Cerros de Turrubares is near very popular tourist locations as well as important natural attractions including Carara National Park.  Containing a beach side and protected areas of beautiful rainforests, this place is near Jacó Beach. Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Due to its location, the beach side is perfect for water activities such as surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, and also swimming.

Homes for Rent in Costa Rica Near Cerro de Turrubares

There is a rural hotel nearby, where you can stay and it is very comfortable. However, if your interest is to stay at the fabulous Costa Rica Vacation Rentals and you have a way to mobilize, the recommendation is that you drive to the south west. Near Jacó and Playa Hermosa, you can find amazing condos, villas, houses and even townhouses or studio apartments for rent.
  • Santa Elena Gulf in Costa Rica
Located on the Pacific Coast in the Guanacaste Province is yet another magical destination. The Santa Elena Bay in the Gulf by the same name is popular with water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling, due to the rich marine life it contains. It is situated near Santa Rosa National Park which is also characterized by its biodiversity, you can witness a varied marine life, but you could also spot any of the cat species, monkeys or deer.

Homes for Rent in Costa Rica Near Santa Elena Gulf

Cuajiniquil is the closes village to the beautiful beaches of the Santa Elena Gulf. However, if you are looking for the best options in home rentals, the best places nearby could be those a little to the south in the Papagayo Peninsula, where there are amazing accommodation options for the most luxurious and demanding tastes.
  • Tenorio Volcano Area
This area is between the Provinces of Alajuela and Guanacaste. It is part of a protected zone that includes a second volcano. The area has an abundant wildlife since it comprises many different habitats including dry, cloud and rainforests, numerous rivers, mangroves, a coastline and an area of high thermal activity, as there are many hot springs and fumaroles in the area of the Tenorio Volcano National Park.

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Rentals Near the Tenorio Volcano Area

The Tenorio Volcano Area, among others, has the option of a rental home that is a farm land, with 3 farmhouses inside with all the amenities of a five-star hotel and a backyard that is basically part of the National Park. The priority here is to protect nature as well as providing you the best rural but of the highest quality service. Here, you may see monkeys, toucans, sloths and even pumas. Costa Rica Vacation Rentals The estate is so big that just inside it there are many activities you can do such as hiking, fishing, paddle boarding or horseback riding. There are also other lodging options in the area, but this is just one example of the marvelous accommodation locations you can find in the area.
  • Playa Danta and Dantita
These two beaches in the Guanacaste Province are great locations for a day away from the more crowded beaches where the majority of tourists go. However, due to its proximity to Las Catalinas, as well as Flamingo and Tamarindo beaches, Danta beach is more crowded, so if you are looking for a more secluded location, the best choice between these two is probably Playa Dantita. If you are looking for more activity in the city, there are cafes near Playa Danta and you could even get to Las Catalinas which is a more active location regarding tourism. Although there is no national park nearby Playa Danta, over one thousand acres are part of a natural reserve and there are many kilometers of trails perfect for mountain biking and hiking.

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Rentals Near Playa Danta and Playa Dantita

There are great accommodation options in this area. Imagine renting a luxurious villa where you can go with all your family and have the amenities of a five-star resort, feeling like at home. You can stay at a place where you have a view of the Pacific Ocean facing right at Playa Danta, with a swimming pool inside the estate, plus all the comforts of a special concierge and a home of the finest design.

Are the Most Secluded Destinations Located only by the Pacific Side?

Most definitely not. Costa Rica is an amazing jewel in Central America, and there are many recommendations regarding low key destinations for tourists. However, it is not just a matter of the daily activities, when you travel, you have to consider your lodging options, and when it comes to rental homes, the Pacific Coast sure has the best options in luxury, comfort and quality. Costa Rica Vacation rentals Nevertheless, there are great off-the-beaten-path destinations worthy of being mentioned if you visit other sides of Costa Rica. In the Northern Lowlands you can visit Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui and Boca Tapada; in the Caribbean, you can visit: Cahuita, Tortuguero, Pacuare, Guapiles, Limon, Sixaola, Caño Blanco, and Manzanillo. In the South Central the recommendations are: San Gerardo de Dota, and Orosi. If you are in the Central Valley, you can visit Naranjo, Sarchi, and Tres Rios de Cartago, there is also La Paz Waterfall Gardens in the Central Highlands and there are other great secluded recommended destinations in the South Pacific.

What is the Best Way to Ensure Great Accommodations in the Recommended Locations?

Tourist development in Costa Rica has become more aggressive the last years, which is why from the moment you arrive in the airport, you notice that you can find anything you need from good transportation services to booking guided tours and accommodation services for enjoying your Costa Rica Vacation Rentals. Costa Rica Vacation rentals However, the best way to start checking out and booking your accommodation services is by doing it online. From this moment you can check out online all the amazing estates, with the fabulous Costa Rica Vacation Rentals and the great ranches where you basically have a national park as a backyard. The exclusive services that manage these estates show in their online portfolios all the amenities, features and special services you can hire. If you are looking for a low-key vacation in Costa Rica, there are several options for you, take a look at the Costa Rican map and start browsing for the best Costa Rica Vacation Rentals, the most difficult part will be deciding between all the fabulous options you will find. Thanks for read: “8 Low Key Destinations and Luxurious Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Nearby“. Rate or share this post!! You will love read: Why it is a Good Idea House Rental Websites if you Travel a Lot from your Home in Costa Rica
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