While spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica you can also be in touch with nature and witness amazing things. One of Costa Rica’s biggest appeals is its natural resources, with national parks and reserves being principal tourist destinations. Natural resources are these locations main priority and the wildlife you can witness is breathtaking. Furthermore, of the many animal species, here are 9 reptile species you might spot:
  • The Beautiful Basilik Lizards
This amazing creature is also commonly known as “Jesus Lizard” for its unbelievable ability to run across water surfaces. This lizard species has a crest and it has blue spots.  In addition, it is abundant in the tropical rainforests and it is an omnivore. The basilik lizards found in Costa Rica are diurnal; therefore, it is very possible that you spot them. Imagine seeing them running on water!Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The most commonly found species in Costa Rica is the Common basilik; however, there are also Brown and Emerald basiliks. Pay attention in the moist and wet premontane forests, as well as in the lowland dry and lowland wet forests. Fortunately, this lizard’s biggest predators are not humans, meaning they are not really in endangered. It is a beautiful creature you can see in one of you Costa Rica adventures!
  • The Green Iguanas
The Iguana iguanas are the biggest species of lizards found in the Americas, it can get to weigh 11 pounds. This species is a common choice as pet in the United States although they’re naturally found in rainforests. One interesting feature of is that iguanas can detach their long tails from its body when feeling threatened by a predator. It is an amazing defense mechanism these animals have. Although iguanas may occasionally feed on insects, they are mainly herbivorous, they live on trees and they are diurnal. Regarding locations where you might see them in Costa Rica, north-central Costa Rica, the Caribbean, and the Pacific are options. Lowland rainforests and dry forests are some locations where it is possible for you to see them. Unfortunately, they are in an endangered situation.
  • The Spectacled caimans
This species is not only possible to be seen, some tours are actually meant to observe spectacled caimans. They receive the name of spectacled caimans because of a protrusion they have making them look like they’re wearing glasses. Regarding size, did you know caimans can measure up to 8 feet? They can be found in swamp, marshes and rivers as well. They are a carnivorous species.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica This animal species can be agile either on land or in the water; however, they prefer the water. In Costa Rica, and more importantly in the Guanacaste Province, you can see them near Tempisque River and around Arenal. Regarding their status in the wild, caimans are not considered to be endangered. Though humans are their main predators; they are not usually hunted for their skin.
  • The Eyelash palm pitvipers
With eye scales that actually resemble eyelashes, this venomous snake species can be brown, green, red or yellow. This carnivorous species is a night-time predator, and their usual meals include frogs, lizards, birds and small mammals. Since they can be found near water sources, these snakes are usually in tropical rainforests, cloud, and montane wet forests. In Costa Rica, in the Guanacaste Province, the best possible place to see them is in Arenal Volcano National Park. Their flashy coloring will help you spot them easily; besides, they are usually on tree branches near the ground. This solitary snake is born with a natural instinct to attack their prey, and they reproduce after a ritual performed by the males. Although they have been considered endangered, habitat destruction is their main threat and the population of snakes has recently risen.
  • The American crocodiles
This species can measure 12 feet can move on land and in the water; though considerably better under water. Crocodiles can be found in s,river mouths, brackish rivers, salt lake and, in occasions, the ocean. It is not hard to spot the American crocodiles; they can usually be spotted in national parks. If you are staying in Guanacaste, Palo Verde National Park is a good place to see them.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica It is quite a spectacle to witness a few crocodiles sunbathing together over some rocks. Although it is not impossible, this species is usually solitary and shy. Interestingly, these species is characterized by mother and babies separating from each other very shortly after birth. This latter event is attributed to evolutionary purposes. Regarding their status in the wild, they are an endangered species.
  • Fer-de-Lances
This is a snake of the pitviper species and it is actually known as ‘terciopelo’ in the Central American country. Did you know this is one of Costa Rica’s most aggressive and venomous snake, it doesn’t bite only for defense? These snakes are nocturnal and they usually feed on lizards, frogs and small mammals. It is a good idea to keep an eye on these dangerous species when on a hike. This species can be found in lowland rainforests but they can also be found in places like banana plantations. Papagayo is an area in Guanacaste Province where it is possible to see these snakes. Regarding their status in the wild, these snakes’ main predator is not natural; habitat modification is their biggest threat. It is important to pay attention to the surroundings in order to avoid a bite during your vacations.
  • Leatherback Sea turtles
Unlike the bony shells that turtles usually have, these turtles have a leathery one. In addition, they are a very large species, they can measure up to six feet in length. In Costa Rica they are known as ‘baulas’, and Playa Grande is a location where you might spot them.  As well as in the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, these turtles are protected as main priority. Their reproduction results in an amazing nesting ritual that attracts many visitors worldwide. For spending amazing Luxury Vacation Costa Rica and getting in touch with nature; you need to events like this. Witnessing the magical nesting ritual of leatherback sea turtles is seeing an endangered species. This species is actually one of the countries priorities in animal preservation.
  • The Olive Ridley Sea Turtles
This species is also known as the Pacific Ridley and one of these can weigh up to one hundred pounds. The Olive Ridley sea turtles are dark gray-green and have heart-shaped shells. Furthermore, this is an omnivorous species; they may feed on mollusks, fish and crustaceans. Santa Rosa National park, Playa Grande and Playa Hermosa Wildlife Refuge are a few places where you can see their nesting ritual.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The amazing nesting ritual is considered magical, and many tourists seek to witness this experience. After turtles have laid their eggs, some natural predators start to lurk the area expecting eggs to hatch.  Nevertheless, their biggest threats are humans and populations have seen an important decrease in their numbers. There are big efforts being made in order to preserve this animal species.
  • Green Sea turtles
Did you know a colored fat that is underneath the shells of these turtles is what gives them this name? The color is thought to be a result of their herbivorous diet. These turtles can weigh up to 350 pounds and they can measure up to three feet in length. Their habitat includes subtropical waters, and besides having Costa Rica as important nesting site, Ecuador, Somalia and Brazil are others. This species changes its diet when reaching adulthood to a mainly herbivorous one, being this only herbivore species. Their average life span is of 80 years and their shells can be brown, green or yellow. This is an endangered species, of which the main threat is humans. Given that the eggs of these turtles are considered delicious in many countries, they face this big human threat.

Are There Only Reptile Species in Costa Rica?

Did you know that in the 0.03% of the landmass Costa Rica comprises is about 6% of the world’s biodiversity? The efforts is natural preservation in Costa Rica are notorious, which results in very rich biodiversity. In this sense, you can distinguish reptiles, many amphibians, mammals, birds, insects and arachnids, and a broad marine life. Vegetation is also lush and varied. Regarding the country’s vegetation, did you know there are over one thousand orchid species in the country? There is a big variety of these flowers and you can witness them in Monteverde National Park. Heliconias and other flower varieties ornament several regions of the country as well. There is usually a color spectacle during the change of the seasons from dry to rainy.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Is it Possible to Witness all the Mentioned Species?

Given Costa Rica’s policies regarding animal preservation, there are no zoos in Costa Rica per se. Nevertheless, there are biological reserves and refuges you can visit where some specific species are intentionally kept for protection. Some of the species; however, are ‘kept’ in the wild; without this meaning you won’t be able to see them. It is all a part of Costa Rica’s conservationist policies. One of the intentions is to show how animals and humans can interact, and animals be seen without forcing them. As it may seem unlikely to get to see a turtle that arrives to nest, it is fairly possible. By learning about their behavior and respecting their boundaries, you can successfully expect them and enjoy the experience. National parks and the wild in general are the best places to admire wildlife.

Can You Truly Experience a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica among all the wildlife?

It is important not to be confused; one thing is to travel with luxury and comfort, and another to get in contact with nature. When you travel to Costa Rica, one of the best accommodation options are Costa Rica rental homes. Different, but in no means of low quality; Costa Rica luxury homes represent privacy, comfort and, obviously, luxury. Homes for rent in Costa Rica have amazing features. Some surrounded by impressive jungles and facing the beautiful Pacific Ocean, views from Costa Rica rental homes are usually incredible. In this experience you can go from extreme luxury in Costa Rica luxury homes to a wild experience in minutes. Similarly to Costa Rica resorts, special services offered in these homes for rent in Costa Rica pamper tourists with all their special needs in a VIP service.

Are there any Activities Designed Specifically for Animal Lovers?

If you are an animal lover, you will definitely not get bored in Costa Rica. In some activities you take a moment to delight from the view; however, some tours are specifically designed for it. There are bird watching tours and sport fishing tours, where the main intention is to delight from the amazing wildlife of the area. Horseback rides, snorkeling and scuba diving are specifically designed for witnessing the wildlife of the area.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica In the majority of the other popular Costa Rica tour activities; you may get to witness the amazing wildlife. Even on the zip line adventures or rafting, you will get a chance to glance at the wonderful biodiversity. Furthermore, if you are especially interested in learning about the local species; make sure to hire appropriate guides to help you with this information and not miss out on anything.

Can you Book Animal Gazing Activities with Property Management Companies?

Exclusive companies that rent homes in Costa Rica, also offer you other services that include transportation, tour packages and others. By contacting these property management companies, you can arrange the whole experience in Costa Rica. Make sure to let them know what your special needs and requirements are, you will surely be well taken-care of. Costa Rica is one of the few places where you can mix an experience witnessing nature while taking luxury vacations. The amazing exclusive services provided by these efficient companies truly represent the idea of a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Thanks for read: “9 Reptile Species You Can See Spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica”. We recommend read too: Amazing Events to Attend in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica  
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