For those planning on spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, Guanacaste Province, is an excellent destination to choose. The province, located to the Northwest has the best Costa Rica resorts, and the best Costa Rica luxury homes; it also has a luxurious marina, paradisiacal beaches and majestic national parks. Furthermore, 3 specific territories can be recommended for your vacation trip.

Three Cantons of Guanacaste Province to Visit in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is divided in 7 provinces of which Guanacaste is probably the favorite tourist destination. These provinces are subdivided in cantons, and cantons are also divided in districts. There are 3 cantons that border with the Pacific Ocean and that can be recommended for visiting during your trip; they are conveniently near natural tourist attractions, great tourist services and an international airport.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  • La Cruz - The 10th Canton of Guanacaste Province

La Cruz is a Canton that borders with Nicaragua to the North; it also borders with the Pacific Ocean to the West, Upala Canton to the East and Liberia Canton the South. This area was once populated by the native “Chorotegas” and at some point it belonged to Nicaragua. The area is mainly popular among surfers as well as its natural beauty; a historical monument in Santa Rosa is also a place of interest.

What are the Tourist Attractions of La Cruz Canton?

  1. Its Beautiful Beaches
Given its Pacific Ocean bordering coastline, La Cruz Canton has beautiful beaches from Nicaragua down to the Santa Elena Peninsula. The most popular beaches are: Junquillal, which is a quieter beach than other more popular destinations. Salinas Bay is another beautiful beach located near Bolaños Island, home of a national wildlife refuge; it is also popular among surfers. Other beaches include: Cuajiniquil Beach, which is a magical beach surrounded by the mangrove of Cuajiniquil River; it has breathtaking vegetation. Another wonderful beach is Jobo, a beach with white sand surrounded by rocky formations. There is also Rajada Beach, which is actually located in Salinas Bay; it is a popular destination for surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing and others.
  1. Its Wonderful Tourist Destinations
La Cruz Canton has 2 amazing national parks and a national wildlife refuge that you cannot fail to visit. The first park you must include in your list of destinations is Santa Rosa National Park. This park is located to the south of the canton in the Santa Elena Peninsula; it was the first national park created in the country in the early seventies. It is home to the “Casona” monument.Luxury VAcation Costa Rica La Casona is a monument in memory of a failed U.S. invasion. The park is also an important nesting site for the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Another national park you must visit in La Cruz Canton is Guanacaste National Park; a park that is known for being perfect for animal observation among nature lovers. Junquillal Bay National Wildlife Refuge is another destination you cannot miss.
  1. Its Flora and Fauna
The vegetation you can witness in this park is amazing. There is a variety of habitats including mangrove swamps, tropical forests, dry forests and beautiful beaches; breathtaking lush vegetation ornaments the landscapes. The region is so varied regarding life zones that it has waterfalls, Tempisque River, majestic summits and other unbelievable features. The fauna is also incredible. On the one hand, regarding in-land wildlife, there are several species you can spot: five species of big cats; howler, spider and white-faced monkeys; bats, iguanas and many others. On the other hand, marine wildlife is also very abundant: though there are many species you could spot in the beach waters of the area; the Ridley turtle is probably the most outstanding.
  1. Accommodation Options Nearby for your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
The best options nearby regarding Costa Rica resorts and the best Costa Rica luxury homes are in Papagayo Peninsula. The Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica and the best hotels are in the area; besides, you can also choose to stay in the amazing house rentals Peninsula Papagayo. The Papagayo suites which are luxurious vacation rental apartments and amazing Costa Rica luxury villas.Costa Rica Resorts Besides the wonderful villas, the area, home of the marina project, has a variety of lodging options. These options are a guarantee that you will spend an amazing time in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; this, even though they may be higher in prices than in other locations. All these places are nearby the services tourists might need and surrounded by fascinating natural environments. Papagayo Peninsula may be located in Liberia Canton; however, it is nearby and there are better options for you here.
  • Liberia – The 1st Canton of Guanacaste Province

Liberia Canton borders with the Pacific Ocean to the West, Bagaces Canton to the East; it also borders with La Cruz and Carrillo Cantons to the North and South, respectively. To the Northeast it borders with Upala, to the Northwest with La Cruz and to the Southwest with Carrillo Canton. Liberia District is an important tourist destination, mainly because it has an international airport. Because of the airport, as well as proximity to important tourist destination/natural attractions, Liberia has become an important tourist hub. Many people arrive in Liberia, as opposed to some who do through San José; furthermore, they find the best tourist services and prefer to stay in the district or somewhere in the Canton. Beach towns are usually the tourists’ favorite lodging destinations.

There are Important Reasons for you to visit Liberia Canton:

  1. It also Has Fascinating Beaches
First, all the beaches of the Papagayo Gulf, which is actually in the Liberia Canton, are worth visiting. Culebra Beach is a beautiful place with calm waters that are perfect for swimming. Manzanillo Beach is another great place to visit; it is in Culebra Bay and nearby there are mangrove swamps. These are great destinations to visit if you are seeking to spend Luxury Vacation Costa Rica.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Nacascolo Beach is also an amazing tourist destination; it has clear waters that are perfect for those interested in scuba diving or snorkeling. Virador and Blanca Beach are some of the beaches you can visit in the Papagayo Gulf; did you know both beaches here actually create a beautiful natural bridge? Another beach woth mentioning is Iguanita; it has gray sand and it is near a mangrove.
  1. The Fascinating Tourist Destinations of Liberia Canton
Santa Rosa National Park is one of the places you cannot miss; part of the park is also in the Liberia Canton. Another amazing destination is Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park; place where not only flora and fauna, but also geothermal activity and impressive waterfalls are the main attractions for tourists. The hikes lead you through magical trails where you can do sightseeing and many things. Another popular destination among tourists is the area of Tenorio and Miravalles Volcano. Tenorio National Park has amazing vegetation and wildlife, and it has the beautiful Celeste River. Another important tourist attraction of the area is Africa Mia Safari Reserve. The place is beautiful and you can have a safari-like experience here watching many animals; zebras, dromedaries, and ostriches are just some.
  1. The Wonderful Flora and Fauna of the Canton
There are several habitats in this area. You can see deciduous forests, savannas, marshlands and others. There are tropical forests, from dry to rain forests that house a big number of plant and animal species. You can see Guanacaste and Laurel trees in this area as well as sapota and oak trees, among others. You can also see beautiful ferns, heliconias, bromeliads and many other flower varieties.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica There is also a varied wildlife in this area. You might see more than one monkey species, peccaries, jaguars, tapirs, mountain lions, jaguars and several bird species. Given that this canton also has a coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean; it has an abundant marine wildlife too. Sea turtles, rays, maybe even whales and dolphins are possible to spot in the area; many people go sailing there.
  1. Lodging Options of the Area for a  Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
There are many accommodation options in Liberia Canton; however, the best are probably in Papagayo Peninsula and in the Tenorio area. Whether in the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica or in Costa Rica luxury homes, Peninsula Papagayo has outstanding lodging options. House rentals Peninsula Papagayo are part of the effort made by the Marina Project; the target is visitors’ satisfaction. The Tenorio area has amazing services as well. You can stay in a farm-like estate, where luxury comfort and nature are combined. Right by the national park and surrounded by forests, there are options with VIP services in the midst of a natural paradise. You will experience the country side of the area, while eating the best food and sleeping in the highest comfort; you won’t regret it.
  • Carrillo – The 5th Canton of Guanacaste Province

This canton has beautiful beaches and important rivers. It borders with Liberia Canton to the North, ant to the West with the Pacific Ocean. It also borders with Santa Cruz Canton to the South and with Bagaces Canton to the East. It is actually known as the “National Archeological Canton” of the country given some important findings in the area and ongoing research taking place here. Did you know that this canton is shaped like a boot? It attracts many visitors yearly for several reasons, among them:
  1. It Has Wonderful Beaches
Carrillo Canton has incredible beaches with the best luxurious services for your pleasure. One of the best beaches is Playa Hermosa, a gorgeous beach as its name indicates in Spanish; it’s important to remember that there is more than one “Hermosa” beaches in the country so you don’t get confused. Coco Beach is another great option, especially for those seeking an active nightlife. Besides Coco Beach, you can also visit Ocotal Beach which is next to it; this is a great place for practicing water sports such as snorkeling or scuba diving. Another popular destination by the coastline is Matapalo. The beautiful beach has turquoise clear waters; this is a perfect location for water sports and it also offers a variety of adventure tours in land.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  1. The Amazing Tourist Attractions of Carrillo Canton
Carrillo Canton has beautiful landscapes that combine beautiful forests and a coastline as well as La Cruz and Liberia cantons. One of the natural attractions nearby is an area that includes 3 natural parks: Palo Verde National Park, Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve and Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodríguez Caballero Wildlife Refuge. The three parks are a part of the Tempisque Conservation Area. Tempisque River passes by this protected area which also includes the nearby National Park Barra Honda. A little farther to south, but still not far away, is also Diria National Park. These national parks do not border the Pacific Ocean; however, the Tempisque River flows into the Gulf of Nicoya. These parks have abundant wildlife where you can go on amazing adventure tours.
  1. The Flora and Fauna of Carrillo Canton
Tropical forests, beaches, swamps and other habitats make up this area where wildlife is abundant. Herons, storks, monkeys anteaters, and iguanas are just some of the animal species you might see. Regarding the vegetation, you might see mahogany trees and many flower varieties like bromeliads. The waterfalls and rivers in these parks attract many animals you can spot in your visits.
  1. The Great Accommodation Options of Carrillo Canton
There are many options for those looking for rental homes. If you are looking for options by the beach, the best are probably in Hermosa, Ocotal and Coco Beaches. The best luxurious estates including beachfront villas, condos, townhouses and more are in these beach towns. Enjoy the popular Guanacaste sunsets by staying in one of the amazing luxurious rental homes of the coastline of Carrillo Canton. Costa Rica is a wonderful country with more attractions than you will probably have the chance to visit.  However, these three cantons of Guanacaste have all the services and activities for the best Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Thanks for read: “A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in 3 Cantons of Guanacaste Province: La Cruz, Liberia and Carrillo" We recommend read too: 10 Reasons Why a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Make Many Come Back
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