There are many areas here you can spend a fabulous luxury vacation Costa Rica and there are many popular towns; however, if you’re still indecisive about where to spend your vacation, consider the western border of Guanacaste and Puntarenas Provinces. It is a growing area for tourists, but it is still not as crowded as other more popular tourist towns.

Basic Information about the Bordering Area

The western border of these two provinces is in the Nicoya Peninsula; it has beach towns that are as fabulous as those in the North of the Peninsula, but they’re more low-key. The location is not disadvantageous for transportation, as there are several options for travelers; for starters, the international airport in Liberia is located not too far away from this region by car. In addition, in this border, which is located at the tip of the peninsula, there are several national airports nearby; El Tambor, for example, is a national airport located at the tip of the peninsula where you can fly to different locations in Costa Rica. In addition, there are several options for you to go on boat tours; you can go around the peninsula and head South, or go North and visit the beaches of Papagayo Gulf.

Costa Rica Luxury Rentals near the Border by Guanacaste Province’s Side

Guanacaste has numerous tourist beach towns that have had a major development; they possess the best resorts and Costa Rica vacation homes. Most of these towns are located in the Papagayo Gulf, but there are nearer options; in Guanacaste, you could stay in the fabulous Playa Coyote. This beach, as opposed to the mentioned towns in Papagayo Gulf, is more low-key and secluded. Nevertheless, though this is a more secluded area, Playa Coyote has amazing Costa Rica home rentals. Playa Coyote is located in a very wet area; there are dirt roads and roads that go through water streams in order to get to the town. Nevertheless, a good vehicle should do the trick in order to get to this paradise. Water sports are the most popular tourist activities, but there are many more options.

Costa Rica Luxury Rentals near the Border by Puntarenas Province’s Side

The case isn’t the same as in Guanacaste regarding the numerous tourist beach towns and their major development; however, there are fabulous options for tourists in this area that corresponds to the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. One remarkable beach town where you can stay in incredible Costa Rica vacation homes is Santa Teresa; this is actually a popular surfing destination. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The tide in Santa Teresa provides great conditions for surfers; the waters, though unclassified regarding level of difficulty, can welcome all types of surfers. From first timers to experts, all can try surfing in Santa Teresa. In addition to the popularity of surfing, there are many tourist activities; its proximity to Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve also attracts many tourists.

A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Near the Guanacaste-Puntarenas West Border: Natural Attractions

This wonderful area is not only naturally beautiful but also possesses a certain historic relevance; Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve was the first area to become protected by governmental law. It is located at most southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula, right at the tip; the reserve takes its name after the island located to the South called Cabo Blanco. It is a place of great biodiversity. Regarding vegetation of the area, Cabo Blanco has at least 150 identified tree species. There are species that correspond to the deciduous dry forests; however, tree species of evergreen forests outnumber them. These forests also house numerous animal species; the reserve is actually a sanctuary for bird species. Besides birds, you can spot deer, 2 monkey species, coats, and more. Relatively near this border is a protected area that encompasses two wildlife refuges and one national park; these protected zones are located at the north of the Nicoya Gulf. The three areas protect the last remaining of dry forests on the Neotropics; given its proximity to Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve, it’s also a bird sanctuary, many bird species can be seen here. The whole area is bordered by the Tempisque River, which flows by the West; this river is partly responsible for the attractiveness of the park. There are numerous boat tours available for visitors allowing them to appreciate the beauty of the landscape; in addition, the river is also perfect for other more adventurous experiences like rafting tours. Any of the three parks are incredible destinations. Initially created as a wildlife refuge, Diriá National Park is a natural attraction in the Nicoya Peninsula near the border; there is abundant biodiversity protected in the park, including over 380 identified tree species. Regarding animal species, the park also houses numerous, such as; anteaters, deer, two monkey species, iguanas, and more. There are also over 140 bird species in the park. The park also has numerous rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, one of them is the gorgeous Brasil Waterfall; it is located in magical surroundings and it forms a natural pool where you can swim, relax, and admire the landscapes. Also located in the Nicoya Peninsula, Barra Honda National Park is another breathtaking natural attraction; one of the most remarkable features of the park it that it has limestone caves. Here, tourists can witness the stalactites and stalagmites in a fun underground adventure. It truly is a unique experience. The Westside of the Guanacaste-Puntarenas border is an excellent choice for a luxury vacation Costa Rica; in this region, you can find the best options in Costa Rica home rentals, luxurious services, and incredible natural beauty. There are fabulous Costa Rica luxury villas in this area, and Playa Coyote and Santa Teresa are perfect examples of it. You can have an incredible experience in this amazing tropical paradise; the sights and adventures will excite you and the Costa Rica luxury villas will make you want to stay forever! Thanks for read: ''A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in the Western Border of Guanacaste and Puntarenas Provinces''. Share or comment this post. Also try: Costa Rica Real Estate: the Best Homes for Rent in Costa Rica for your Christmas
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A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in the Western Border of Guanacaste and Puntarenas Provinces
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