Many believe that spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica has to do necessarily with the beach; however, Costa Rica has incredible biodiversity (5% of the world’s total) and there are different life zones you can visit. If you don’t like spending beach vacations, or you are simply interested in visiting the forests, there is no problem; there are amazing national parks in land to go on fabulous adventures. Guanacaste National Park is located in the Northwest of the country, East of Santa Rosa National Park; Guanacaste National Park functions as a natural corridor for a big number of animal species. It connects Santa Rosa with Rincón de La Vieja National Parks; it is located just 30 minutes away from Liberia, Guanacaste’s capital, and it is also the closest park to the popular Papagayo Peninsula. Guanacaste National park protects over 80 thousand acres of territory; it has incredible tropical dry forests as well as beautiful cloud forests, and more. The landscape also includes the volcanoes Orosí, Cacao, and others. One of the most popular activities in the area includes bird watching due to the 300 hundred species of birds in the area; you can also see pumas, jaguars, sloths, monkeys and many other animal species.

What are Good Accommodation Options Nearby for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica?

It is possible for you to find accommodation in the park, in one of the 4 biological stations in has; nevertheless, if you’re looking to do justice to a luxury vacation Costa Rica, that may not be your best option. There are some options nearby in-land, but if you truly seek comfort and luxury, there are better ones; the nearby Papagayo Peninsula and beaches of the Papagayo Gulf have incredible options. You can spend your days visiting the incredible dense forests of Guanacaste and drive back to Papagayo Peninsula; the Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals have the best infrastructure, luxuries, and services to make you feel VIP. In addition, the beaches in the Papagayo Gulf are not too far. This way, you can enjoy the magical beach landscapes and Guanacaste sunsets and spend your days in land. Located East of Guanacaste National Park, it’s the third of three parks connected to protect the wildlife of the area; the park protects almost 35 thousand acres of territory and it’s located approximately 1h and 20 minutes away from Liberia. This park is full of geothermal activity, and its biggest attraction is the Rincón de La Vieja Volcano; it is an active volcano which has a hot lagoon in its active crater. This national park is an amazing destination to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica; you can go hiking, see volcanic activity, and visit and bathe in the most magical waterfalls. Besides the volcano, you can go sight-seeing, hiking and visit one of the many waterfalls, rivers and streams that flow. In addition, they are surrounded by incredible wildlife that will amaze you.

What are Somme Accommodation Options Near this Park?

As in the case of Guanacaste National Park, there are some options nearby; however, if you and to stay in the best hotels, resorts or Costa Rica luxury villas, there are amazing options. The town of Liberia has some decent options, but the towns in the Papagayo Gulf are outstanding; beaches like Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste (2h away by car) have incredible Costa Rica vacation homes for rent. Other towns like Coco, Panamá and Ocotal are not too far away; furthermore, as Playa Hermosa, these towns not only have Costa Rica beachfront rentals but also amazing resorts and luxurious hotels. The Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals are also located at about the same distance as these Papagayo Gulf beaches by car. This national park is located on the border that separates Guanacaste and Alajuela Provinces; it is located Southeast of Rincón de La Vieja National Park and about an hour away from Liberia. The main attraction of this park is the Tenorio Volcano; this volcano, though not considered to be active, has beautiful hot springs. In addition to the volcano, there are other natural wonders. Celeste River is another popular attraction of this park; this river has a characteristic blue-green color that combined with its surroundings, make it a paradisiacal destination. Hikes through the beautiful trails of the park may take you to hot springs or the Celeste River waterfall; you might spot ocelots, tapirs, pumas and more. In this tropical vegetation, you might see bromeliads, ferns, and orchids.

Are there Good Costa Rica Vacation Homes for Rent Nearby?

Accommodation options nearby are amazing! The nearest, most comfortable, and even beautiful options is right by the park; Montezuma Cattle Ranch is located right by the park and even borders with an incredible forest that leads into it. This is an excellent option for big families or simply big traveling groups; it is an excellent idea for a luxury vacation Costa Rica if you want to be away from the beach. There are great advantages to staying in this cattle farm with three comfortable and gorgeous farm houses; on the one hand, you get to delight from great-quality services. This means, that even though you are surrounded by natural landscapes, you don’t lack comfort; in addition, the house offers activities like hiking, horseback riding, fishing, paddle boarding, and more. luxury vacation Costa Rica Arenal Volcano National Park is located 2 ½ hours from Liberia by car; the park, as in the case of Tenorio Volcano National Park, is also located on a provinces’ border.   The park is partly on Guanacaste Province and partly on Alajuela Province. The biggest attraction of the park is the Arenal Volcano; however, there are other amazing natural attractions in the park Arenal Volcano is one of the 7 active volcanoes in Costa Rica; it is a must-visit destination in order to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica. It is responsible for great geothermal activity; for these reason, there are numerous hot springs and boiling mud pools you can bathe in. Another important attraction is Lake Arenal.

Other Attractions and Activities in Arenal Volcano National Park

Lake Arenal is actually very much responsible for many of its visitors; here, you can do numerous water activities. Some of them are windsurfing, stand up paddle board, snorkeling, swimming, and more. The dam located in its waters is also responsible for much of the country’s hydroelectric power. Besides Lake Arenal, there are other natural attractions in the park. There is also another volcano in the park known as Chato Volcano; as opposed to Arenal Volcano, this one is dormant and it has a beautiful lagoon in its crater. Another great attraction of the park is La Fortuna Waterfall; visiting it is quite an experience. You go on a hike through the forest at the base of Chato Volcano; the waterfall has a natural pool where you can swim as well, have snacks and enjoy the wonderful view.

Are there Good Accommodation Options Near Arenal Volcano National Park?

If you are visiting Arenal Volcano National Park, staying by the beach may be difficult; it is located a little far from the Costa Rican coasts, though it wouldn’t be impossible, just a little far. Nevertheless, throughout the whole country there are good options. The accommodation options near Tenorio Volcano National Park, for example, are a good option not that far away. This national park is located less than an hour away from Liberia towards the South of Guanacaste Province; there are numerous mangroves, animal species (especially birds) to see, and the wonderful Tempisque River is also a part of the park. Palo Verde National Park protects also important deciduous neotropical dry forests; it has abundant wildlife and vegetation. Dry and wetter tropical forests ornament the landscape along Tempisque River which pours into the Pacific Ocean in Nicoya Gulf; Tempisque River is not just beautiful but also an important tourist attraction. Its surrounding vegetation and wildlife attracts many, but also do its rapid waters. Many people visit Tempisque River to go on rafting tours and experience the adrenaline with such adventure.

What are the Best Nearest Accommodation Options to Palo Verde National Park?

If you are interested in spending your nights in Costa Rica beachfront rentals; there are amazing options, not that far away from Palo Verde National Park. One of the options is Flamingo Beach; this beach is actually not a real Tico settlement, but a tourist area. The beach has numerous Costa Rica luxury villas, hotels and resorts; there are all the tourist services you might need and it has a beautiful beach. Another option not too far from Flamingo is Tamarindo Beach. Both beach towns are located about 2h from Palo Verde National Park, but they are definitely worth the ride. Tamarindo is a very convenient destination for many reasons; on the one hand, it has amazing tourist services and activities available. On the other hand, there is also an airport in Tamarindo which offers domestic flights. This national park is located just 1 ½ hours away from Guanacaste’s capital; it is located at the Northeast of Nicoya Peninsula. The main attraction or most remarkable feature of this park is its caverns; near the Tempisque River there are limestone caverns that tourists visit every year. In addition, there are incredible climbing adventures that take place in these amazing caverns. In the caves, you can witness large bat colonies and overall, abundant wildlife throughout the park; some pre-Columbian artifacts have even been found in this area. Through the wonderful trails of the park, you will get to witness the numerous animal species of the area, such as: howler monkeys, deer, kinkajous, agoutis, peccaries, among others.

How are Accommodation Options in the Area?

There are accommodation options in the park; however, they are not precisely luxurious, but rather rustic. There are, however, some great options to the West, facing the Pacific Ocean.  The beaches of the Papagayo Gulf have amazing properties for rent as well as hotels and luxurious resorts; you can get to these beaches in an hour and a half, or even less. Some of the recommendations include: Hermosa, Flamingo, Tamarindo, Coco Beach, and many others. These towns have undergone amazing development and you can feel the international influences that have come to stay; the cafés, bars, and restaurants have an international vibe and usually count with a bilingual staff. They are considered by many as the best tourist destinations of the word.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Other National Parks in Guanacaste Province

These are not the only national parks in Guanacaste Province; however, if you are interested in visiting attractions in land, and not necessarily by the sea, these are your best choices. In addition to these, there are also nature reserves that, as opposed to national parks, are privately administered; furthermore, there are other national parks in the area that border with the Pacific Ocean. Some of these parks are Las Baulas Marine National Park, and Santa Rosa National Park. In summary, Costa Rica counts with diverse landscapes that include different types of tropical forests; nevertheless, beaches, mangroves, savannahs, end even volcanoes are some of the majestic ornaments of Costa Rica. Furthermore, they are strongly protected by this country’s government.

Do any of Those Parks Offer Luxurious Accommodation Options?

Some of these parks offer accommodation options, but they are rustic and not as luxurious as you might seek; on the contrary, the beach towns bordering Costa Rica’s West Coastline have incredible options. Therefore, if you want to visit the incredible forests but stay in comfortable locations, the beaches of Papagayo Gulf are perfect for you. These beaches not only count with great hotels and rentals homes; if you are interested in spending a great luxury vacation Costa Rica, in these locations you will find accommodation, and more. Be it transportation, adventure tours or whatever you need, you will find it; this is a country to have amazing adventures! Thanks fo read: ''A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Visiting the Best Guanacaste National Parks in Land''. Share or Comment this post. You must read: Visiting the Northern Part of Nicoya Peninsula in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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