Golf Cart Rentals


Our easy-to-use carts allow you to tour Peninsula Papagayo on your own schedule, with time to stop and capture the moment — and the views — with your camera. With the breathtaking views and the sun carts are the preferred mode of transportation. Rental golf carts are able to travel all of Peninsula Papagayo area. Please see the master plan of the Resort for details. You have control over where you go and for how long – stop and get out exploring as you like. We have limited number of golf carts available for rental. Booking a reservation in advance will save you from waiting inside a closed car or wait for shuttle service. We have two types of golf carts available to rent: 4 passengers or 6 passenger. If you are traveling with kids under a year we recommend you to have car seat. We can charge your credit card with no problem, so you can avoid getting cash out of an ATM. All drivers must have a driver’s license with them at all times.