Papagayo Explorers Club

Peninsula Papagayo’s ongoing focus on sustainability includes the Nature Center that serves as the gateway to the peninsula’s incredible wealth of biodiversity. New facilities include a variety of basecamps and access points for all lifestyle interests, ages and skills. These scenic trails are designed to integrate man and nature and help preserve one of the most extraordinary biological corridors on the planet. New mountain bike courses throughout Peninsula will thrill biking enthusiasts, all connected by an extensive trail system, from easy walking trails along the roads, to more challenging hikes deep into the dry forest.

Inspired Adventures

Bird Watching & Photography

Go on a nature walk through Peninsula Papagayo with our specialist and his technical equipment to learn about natural history, flora & fauna. Listen to the whispered secrets of big Ash trees, plants, lizards, butterflies, birds, insects, monkeys, and their relationship with the natural order of the universe.

Nature Walks

Embark in a magical nature walk through the peninsula´s tropical dry forest to explore the rich flora, fauna and history of Peninsula Papagayo. During this tour, you will have the chance to find mammals like opossums, raccoons, porcupine as well as snakes, different spiders, amphibians, diverse types of reptiles and amazing insects.

Night Walk

Explore the diverse ecosystem of the dry tropical forest in all its nocturnal mystery, listening to its wild orchestra, and getting lost in the peace of this newfound world. Have you ever seen a sleeping bird? Our guided night walks are a wonderful way to spy the creatures that slow down their rhythms by day and come out to play after dark.

Mountain Biking

Peninsula Papagayo has great circuits for riding a pedal-assisted or a mountain bike to enjoy nature and the beautiful landscapes. While you work out on your bike, you´ll connect with a pro biker that will teach the right techniques to help you improve your skills. Obstacles are adapted to various levels to suit everyone´s skills.

Safari Nature Ride

Tour the property in a golf cart along the trails of the Peninsula with our knowledgeable naturalist guide. Explore natural areas where wildlife moves around, while thanking in pristine landscapes and breathtaking views. There is a chance to spot monkeys, coatis, birds like parakeets and woodpeckers- you’ll be busy taking pictures during the ride!

Outrigger Canoes

Indulge yourself in our unparalleled location and get inspired with the energy of your own body for an organic experience. Explore the turquoise waters of Bahía Culebra using this traditional Hawaiian-style canoeing method for a unique perspective on the breathtaking coastline. Get out of your ordinary workout and share a memorable teamwork.

Nacascolo Paddle Exploration

Paddle boarding in Costa Rica is one of our favorite ways to get out on the water. Go for a rigorous workout or take it easy, spending your time contemplating the infinite Pacific Ocean and connecting with the beauty of Peninsula Papagayo. Paddle in the company of our expert ocean guide and experience the sensation of connecting with the sea.

Tailored Journeys

Roots to the Sky

Journey on in a Luxury 4×4 SUV through the dry tropical forest, then take a short hike, as you round the last turn your gaze falls upon the most beautiful strangler fig tree you’ve ever seen, and it’s all yours to climb! Our expert guides will suit you up with helmets and harness and help guide you to views as far as the eye can see!

Dust on Horizon

Enjoy the Costa Rican Back-Country in their very own off-road vehicle, that can tackle the most difficult and rugged terrain, with ease and comfort. It’s the guest behind the wheel through private finca with 84 km of single track dirt roads, creeks, rivers and mud (in the rainy season).

Saddle to Sea

Ride from the tropical dry forest, through open farmland crossing through creeks and streams (during the rainy season) before finding an opening onto a pristine white sand beach where you can ride along the ocean’s edge. Horseback rides can take you to one place or ten, while making the journey a memorable part of the adventure.

Giants of the Planet Earth

Board the best helicopter fleet in the country for a rare journey into the crater wildlands of Arenal, Tenorio, Miravalles and Rincón de la Vieja. Hover over waterfalls. Dive between deep jungle valleys to observe geothermal activity. Land in your own private turquoise waterfall farm and later enjoy your own private hot springs.

Venice of the Topics

Journey to Costa Rica’s untouched, isolated north Caribbean slope for a complete shift of landscapes, flora and fauna in the “Venice of the Tropics”. Visit Tortuguero National Park, a turtle-rich region reminiscent of the Amazon basin. Explore the jungle in a traditional canoe. Embark on a sloth quest in a flat-bottomed motorboat.