It is no difficult task spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica; the landscapes are evidently beautiful from the moment you fly in, and the tourist development in areas like Guanacaste Province and the Papagayo Gulf more specifically, make it a perfect destination for a vacation. There are also several companies that offer exclusive services not only with options in rental homes but also with amazing adventure tours.

Some of the Best Adventure Tours in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

There are many types of activities you can do while staying in Costa Rica; it is just a matter of planning out a trip where you pick out activities that fit your interests. There are tours for more adventurous tastes, as well as more relaxing activities; there are land adventures as well as water activities; and tours for nature or culture lovers. The following are some of the best adventure land tours you can go on:
  • Amazing Hot Springs Near Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Volcanic formations in Costa Rica are actually one of the main reasons so many tourist are attracted to this beautiful country. These volcanic formations have resulted in a very fertile soil surrounding them, making part of a diverse flora and fauna where they are located. There are three volcanic ranges in Costa Rica: the Guanacaste Range, The Central Volcanic Range and The Talamanca Range.

Where are the Most Popular Places for Visiting Hot Springs Costa Rica?

The Guanacaste Range and the Guanacaste province, in general, tends to attract more tourists, and in the Guanacaste Range you can find the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and not too far from it, in the Alajuela Province, you can also find the Arenal Volcano, which due to recent volcanic activity is probably the most popular in Costa Rica and it is located in the National park by the same name. Luxury VAcation Costa Rica Arenal Volcano is mainly surrounded by primary forest and you can find several life zones with a rich biodiversity and wonderful landscapes that include hot springs and similar natural formations. Rincon de la Vieja volcano is actually located in Guanacaste Province and it is the most active of the Guanacaste Range. The area is also good for other amazing adventure activities.

How are the Hot Springs Tours in these Areas?

The tours to hot spring in Costa Rica are usually mixed activities in which you get to hike through beautiful trails, go horseback riding and a number of other adventure activities in the gorgeous passages of either national park. These hot springs, depending on where you are; have different sizes and some of them have even been a little intervened in order to make them more elaborate and pool-like. Luxury VAcation costa rica Besides the hot springs, the nearby territory usually has also fumaroles and mud pools; the latter are sometimes used for massages and beauty treatments. Hot springs and mud pools are said to have therapeutic characteristics; this is an amazing experience. These areas also have rivers and waterfalls, where not only swimming but a big number of other adventure activities are possible. Costa Rica is a country with little landmass but rather great biodiversity. There are many different life zones in Costa Rica and the National Parks have different forest types in protected areas; this makes possible for aerial tours, where tourists get to experience the different wildlife and vegetation at the level of the tree tops, where things are not the same as in ground level.

What are the Best Places for Going on Canopy Tours?

Rincon de la Vieja National Park is one of the locations where you can go on a zip line adventure and pass over a river (Rio Blanco). This is a very fun activity because you can mix this tour with other activities like rock climbing; rappelling, walking over hanging bridges and see amazing waterfalls and take mud baths. Another place where you can go on zip line adventures mixing them with other activities is Arenal volcano. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Other places include Matapalo Guanacaste, a small town in the Tamarindo Bay on the Pacific Coast where you will be able to go on a zip line adventure and feel like you are in a playground. Another great location for going on a canopy tour is Tamarindo Beach where you will be able to watch some monkey species as well as other species of the extremely abundant wildlife of the place. Another great location for going on canopy tours in Guanacaste Province is Samara, a beach town located on the Nicoya Peninsula. Here you can experience a zip line adventure and mix it with a rappel adventure.
  • Whitewater Rafting in the Clear Waters of Costa Rica Rivers
Costa Rica has a topography that allows for activities like water rafting. Here, going down the valleys and throughout long distances on these rivers makes possible not only an exciting adventure full of adrenaline and lots of fun, but advancing through long distances while seeing different landscapes with changing vegetation and wildlife throughout the descent.

What Are some Good Places for Whitewater Rafting Costa Rica?

Arenal Volcano National Park is a good location for whitewater rafting. Here, you have the opportunity to do whitewater rafting on rivers of Class II and Class III. Also in Arenal Volcano National Park, but on Sarapiqui River, you will also be able to go whitewater rafting on Class III and Class IV rapids. Passing through the jungle landscapes while whitewater rafting is an incredible experience. This is a very fun adventure, recommended for those who seek fun and adventures. Though being considered a little controversial in terms of natural preservation. ATV adventures take place in marked trails and it can be done; with awareness in order to follow eco friendly policies without breaking them.  This is also an excellent way to go sightseeing in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica.

What are Some Great Destinations for Going on ATV Tours?

These ATV adventures can be done, for starters, in Arenal Volcano National Park. The tour includes visits to rivers and waterfalls, fun downhill racing through wonderful landscapes and passing by forests and farms; you will also be able to see the Arenal Volcano. ATV tours in Guanacaste Province can also take place in Tamarindo with the amazing landscapes of the Pacific Coast in the background. Costa Rica Luxury VAcation ATV adventures in Tamarindo will be an amazing experience where you will get to see the lush vegetation and the varied wildlife of the area. Another good destination for this activity is also Matapalo Guanacaste; where you might spot birds, iguanas and monkeys wwhile enjoying this exciting adventure. Finally, another good place for going on an ATV adventure is Bahia Salinas, or Salinas Bay. In this region that is close to Nicaragua, you will also get to see monkeys, iguanas and birds and have lots of fun while enjoying one of the famous Guanacaste sunsets. Going hiking in Costa Rica is obviously something you can do throughout all Costa Rica; however, there are some recommendations of some places you could go hiking in Guanacaste.

What are Some Good Destinations for Costa Rica Hiking Tours?

In Guanacaste, Arenal Volcano National Park is a perfect place for many activities including hiking. Here, you can visit a chocolate plantation and also get to go on a hanging bridge; therefore mixing more than one activity in one adventure. Matapalo Guanacaste is also a great location for going hiking; here you will get to visit sugarcane and coffee plantations and see the different fruit trees that grow in the area. Luxury VAcation Costa Rica Another great location for your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica going hiking is the Rincon de la Vieja National Park. Where you will not only be able to delight from the beautiful landscapes; but you will also get to pass by amazing hot springs and waterfalls while having the volcano in the background. Another excellent location for going hiking is Hacienda Pozo Azul in Saripiqui.
  • Cultural Tours
Another great tourist activity you can do in Costa Rica is go on any of the tours that take you to the city to observe the architecture and the colonial buildings where available. There are some tours and activities where you can see old native remains of great archeological value.

How is the Lodging Situation in Guanacaste Costa Rica?

Finding a place to stay such as Costa Rica rental homes or Costa Rica resorts is very easy and the options are several. On the one hand; tourist development has motivated the construction of great high class hotels and the best Costa Rica resorts. On the other hand, there are amazing options in Costa Rica rental homes, so there are different types of great Costa Rica luxury homes for all tastes and interests. Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Being this the most popular lodging option, staying in Costa Rica luxury homes such as any of the amazing Costa Rica luxury villas or even studio apartments is a great experience that has nothing to envy from the experience at a popular resort. When you stay at rental homes like the amazing Costa Rica luxury villas you get to enjoy privacy; but also the comfort and luxury of staying in a hotel since you get a similar service.

Are these Services for Rental Homes Easy to Find in Costa Rica?

They are certainly not only easy to find but also efficient and of the highest quality in the Papagayo Gulf. The exclusive services of property management in this area; provide tourists not only with amazing estates for them to stay in amazement and comfort. But also wonderful services like helping you plan all these adventurous activities and more. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica These exclusive services will surely help you figure out a tourist plan to make a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. On the other hand, these exclusive services will also provide you; with personalized attention in order to keep you pampered and taken care of from your luxurious rental home. This way, it is ensured that you feel privacy and the comfort of home; but not the boring responsibilities and house chores you usually have to worry about.

What Types of Special Services Are These?

Exclusive property management services can hook you up with an amazing estate, a great plan for you to follow throughout your trip and a specialty concierge to take care of you special needs, you can have a maintenance personnel at your disposal as well as other private services such as private chef services and others such as having a laundry service. All the chores will be take care of but without you concerning about them. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The intention with luxury Vacation Costa Rica is to feel like at home; with all the privacy and special rules you may want to live by; however, this does not mean that you will have to worry about the things that you get to forget about when you are in a hotel and that you definitely do not want to concern about in a vacation. In this sense, you will not have to worry about a thing, you will be well taken care of.

Why is Guanacaste a Good Area For your next Luxury Vacation Costa Rica?

Guanacaste is an area with lots of natural beauty; where national parks and several natural attractions make this a very popular destination. Nevertheless, it is not only the natural attractions what brings tourists to this specific area of Costa Rica. This is a place where the population and its economic activity is focusing on tourist development. Therefore making it a service of the highest quality and with constant improvement. Spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is certainly not a difficult task since great complexes and services are continuously developing in order to accomplish the ultimate goal, which is tourist satisfaction.  All these characteristics make Costa Rica a perfect place to invest in a high quality vacation; where you can be sure the service will be efficient and more than sufficient. You just read: "The Best Adventure Land Tours in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica". Rate or share!! You must read too: Reasons Why it Is So Easy to Spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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