Choosing to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica is an excellent decision, and there are any activities available for visitors. From visits to national parks and nature reserves to amazing sailing tours and exciting adventures; there are countless options to spend your time in this beautiful country. Furthermore, there are also great events that you attend to make your experience more interesting.

Concerts in Costa Rica

Music lovers are always hunting for new musical experiences; attending an awesome concert is a great memory to make in a vacation trip. From typical to modern pop music, you will enjoy the Costa Rican sounds and international as well. Guanacaste Province is a very popular and amazing destination in Costa Rica; in places like Coco Beach, you can join the Tico parties, getting in touch with the culture. Costa Rica Luxury Homes Besides the amazing parties and establishments where you could hear the typical music, famous artists visit the country. This year, performers like Ricardo Arjona and Ha Ash have already taken the stage; besides, there are others to come like the international artist Demi Lovato. Previously, other famous artists like Sting and Guns N’ Roses have also performed live in fabulous concerts.

Sporting Events in Costa Rica

Costa Rica produces many athletes every year and is also hosts many international competitions.  There are paradisiacal landscapes that surround the sporting events, but that’s not all; the great tourist services that the country is equipped with, plus its extremely friendly locals make it perfect for it. In addition, weather and natural conditions are simply perfect for several water and land sports. A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica can also be full of adventure. Surfing is a discipline that attracts many of the Costa Rica visitors. Not only are there amazing surfing spots perfect for first-timers to experts; there are lessons available, equipment, and beautiful surroundings, even a movie was filmed on a popular surfing spot. A lot of “Endless Summer II” was actually filmed on Wtch’s Tamarindo Beach. This has given Costa Rica popularity as a surfing destination. Furthermore, Costa Rica has obtained gold medals in international championships and hosted them; the World Surfing Games took place in Costa Rica in 2016. This year, Avellanas Beach hosted an important tournament (Guanacaste Province) and there will be others throughout the Pacific coastline; those will take place in other provinces nearby.Costa Rica Luxury Homes Although soccer is not the most tourist-oriented activity; it is the most popular in the country. Costa Rica has actually classified to the World Cup and gotten 8th position in it. If you want to know about the Tico culture is, maybe attending a soccer match isn’t such a bad idea. You could get a few snacks, and spend a couple hours surrounded by this wonderful people delighting your palate. If you are a running junkie, as there are many nowadays; you will surely catch a running competition in Costa Rica worth attending and training for. Imagine yourself running surrounded by the paradisiacal tropical landscapes of Costa Rica. This country does not experience the 4 seasons; however, it is humid, so running is a challenging but fulfilling experience in you’re from the North.

What are some Marathons in Guanacaste Costa Rica?

This April, there is an Ultramarathon that will take place in Arenal Volcano; this is a place where the jungle meets the beach with a majestic background of a volcano that will take your breath away. The popular “Coco Run” competition takes place in the also popular Coco Beach, which a beautiful tourist destination; Tamarindo also hosts a popular marathon where 4,500 runners participate.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Furthermore, there are other locations where there are popular running competitions like in San José; besides, if you are staying in Guanacaste, you are not that far away from the capital.  Whatever the case, Costa Rica has gorgeous sights and probably the best recommendation is to border the coastline; green forests and the clear waters of the Pacific will amaze you. For bicycle lovers, this must feel like a paradise as well to ride around with your bike. However, although Costa Rica’s a tourist destination and sports tourism is encouraged, its roads aren’t the best place for cycling. Not that it is a place for you to feel unsafe regarding crime; however, impatient drivers and narrow roads certainly don’t make it easy for bikers. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should not ride your bike in Costa Rica. Coastal routes and mountain trails will lead you to magical destinations; don’t be surprised if you bump it into a magical waterfall, a secluded creek or amazing hot springs. The most beautiful landscapes and fauna will accompany you; you can rent a bike and with the help of a guide, see the most fascinating places.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Are there Important Cycling Competitions in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a big population of bikers; cross country, MTB, BMX riders are some of the disciplines where Ticos stand out, and they also host great competitions. This year, there have already been races of these disciplines; however, the most popular is probably the Vuelta a Costa Rica. This competition takes place in December; it is a delight to ride a bike in Costa Rica’s landscapes.

Are there Popular Triathlons in Costa Rica?

Actually, there are. Did you know that 2017 was the first year in which the Ironman 70.3 triathlon was held in Costa Rica? Coco Beach (Playa del Coco) is the wonderful beach town that will host this amazing event. Participants will get a chance to swim, ride their bikes and run in challenging routes, but also in paradisiacal scenery. Coco Beach is a popular tourist destination perfect for this.House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo   This year the race will take place on June 24; it is the perfect excuse for athletes to visit. Whether to participate, check out the route or just spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica seeing the race; it is a great idea to visit this beach town. Around those days Coco Beach will sure be crowded; this can be an advantage if you want to see any tourists and locals. You could also stay in neighboring towns.

Are there Good Accommodation Options for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in Coco Beach?

Coco Beach is an excellent destination for young crowds and tourists looking for adventure and overall, an active nightlife. If you like to party and getting in contact with the local lifestyle; Coco Beach is perfect for you. Here you will find amazing restaurants, bars and discotheques besides all the exciting tourist activities available. Furthermore, it is also popular among Ticos, who visit during their holidays. For this reason, Coco Beach has experienced tremendous growth and has luxurious Costa Rica luxury villas and other rental homes. The incredible Costa Rica luxury homes have nothing to envy the popular Costa Rica resorts; from the luxury condos Costa Rica to the biggest Costa Rica luxury villas, services are of the highest quality. You get all the comfort and comfort you get in Costa Rica resorts. As a leader in adventure tourism, Costa Rica also has amazing rafting destinations, athletes and competitions. Although some competitions take place in San Jose, there are options for rafting in Costa Rica in Guanacaste as well. If you are staying in Guanacaste Province, as many tourists do, you can visit Arenal Volcano National Park; you can practice rafting in Tenorio River. You can have an amazing adventure while paddling down a Class III/IV River; this is a great experience, you get to have fun while going through long distances in a short time.  You can enjoy the speed in those rapids but also be attentive when going slower; the lush vegetation and wildlife that usually gathers to the riverside make quite a spectacle of these landscapes.

What are some rafting competitions that have taken place in Costa Rica?

Some competitions take place in Quepos; this is not in Guanacaste Province, but not so far either.  Chorro Extreme Race is the name of the competition; there are others that take place near San José, in Pacuare River. This was actually the river that hosted the 2011 World Championship.  Fortunately, Costa Rica is a small country, and if you are staying in Guanacaste, these other locations are not so far.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Other Entertaining Events in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

If you are planning your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, you need not to worry about fun events you can attend. In this paradisiacal country, you can enjoy a few drinks an amazing sunset as background; this is something you can do at events like the Playa Grande Tech Meetup. This event that will take place in Playa Grande is a perfect opportunity for tech lovers to get together. In this event, you can meet new people who share the same interest and having a few locally crafted beers. Besides these types of events, there are also several retreats planned and activities that combine yoga and others; whether you are familiar with those practices or you are a first-timer, there are amazing adventures worth trying.

Why Stay in Guanacaste Province?

Costa Rica is a fascinating country; every tourist will surely have an awesome time, wherever they stay. Nevertheless, Guanacaste Province is one of the areas with biggest development regarding tourism. One of the first advantages of staying in Guanacaste is the variety and efficiency of the transportation services available; for starters, there is an airport in its capital city, Liberia. From Liberia, you can take national and international flights; therefore, you can exit and arrive in Costa Rica through Liberia, and travel to other cities in Costa Rica. Furthermore, Guanacaste is naturally blessed with amazing tourist attractions; from volcanoes, to jungles, to mangroves and paradisiacal beaches, it has it all. This extraordinary natural beauty has been reason for this development.

Are there Good Accommodation Services in The Area?

If you’ve decided to stay in Guanacaste Province for your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, accommodations are least of your concerns. Once you have decided what will be the specific destination during your trip, finding a good place to stay will be a piece of cake. Big parts of this province are now areas with the most amazing Costa Rica luxury homes.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica For this reason, there are exclusive services that can help you rent the perfect place for you; there are luxury condos Costa Rica, Costa Rica luxury villas and amazing resorts in areas with all services tourists need. Beaches like Coco, Ocotal, Las Catalinas, Tamarindo, Hermosa and others, plus the whole Papagayo Peninsula are the best destinations; here, lodging options are the best.

How are Tourist Services in the Area?

Given Costa Rica’s developing tourism industry, events, establishments and even the population is very tourist-friendly. Stores and restaurants are aimed at tourist satisfaction and usually the staff in those places is bilingual; for that reason, even language is not a problem if you are not a Spanish speaker. Staff dealing public is usually prepared for servicing foreign tourists. Costa Rica’s a naturally beautiful country, and it is no secret that what mostly draws tourists in are adventure tours; natural attractions may be partly responsible for such affluence, but there are other reasons for visiting this country. From concerts, to sports events and many other entertaining activities; Costa Rica is a place to have fun and share with your family, friends and loved ones. Spending a fabulous vacation in Costa Rica is a safe bet; if you’re looking for comfort, beautiful landscapes and amazing services, you can do so in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Check out the calendars and take the opportunity to go on the best tours and attend the best events. There are concerts, sporting and others types of amazing events that will make this a trip of a lifetime. All you need to do is pack your bags and head to the beautiful Costa Rica! Thanks for read: “Amazing Events to Attend in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica". We recommend read too: 7 Great Surfing Spots Near Amazing Costa Rica luxury homes on the Pacific Coast
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