There are many amazing adventures, places and events to visit while spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; one of these fabulous events is the challenging triathlon: Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018. The athletes that get to be a part of this great event live a magical experience; not only do they participate in an adventurous competition but they also get to do it in a paradisiacal location.

What is the Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018?

This is a very challenging competition, a triathlon that only some can endure to complete. Also referred to as “Half Ironman”; the “Ironman 70.3” is a variation from the original “Ironman”. This competition has swimming, cycling and running parts, in which the latter is equivalent to that of a marathon; on the contrary, the 70.3 version running part of the race equals a distance that is half a marathon.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Regarding the other disciplines (swimming and cycling), the distances are also equivalent to half the distances of the original ironman; this is the main reason that some refer to this competition as “Half Ironman”. Furthermore, the three distances of the three disciplines add up to 70.3 miles in Costa Rica’s Ironman 70.3; hence, the actual name of this popular competition.

What is the Story behind this Competition?

This competition is organized by the World Triathlon Corporation and it actually dates back to an athletes’ discussion. In this debate that took place in 1977, a U.S. Commander called John Collins took part in the discussion; the debate had as central argument whether runners, swimmers or cyclists were the fittest. The debate led to the creation of the World Triathlon Corporation and the race. This debate would lead to the celebration of the first Ironman Competition in 1978; the race counted with 15 participants of whom 12 finished, and the first to become the “Ironman” was Gordon Haller. This race is also restricted to tie limits; participants have to finish it before a 17-hour limit. In the triathlon community, anyone who finishes such a race with such restrictions is considered an Ironman.

How Does this Competition Function?

This is a triathlon in which athletes take on the demanding challenge; it’s swimming 1.2 miles (1,9km), bike riding 56 miles (90km), and running 13.1 miles (21km), a total of 70.3 miles. One important characteristic in the Ironman Competitions is the fact that there is a cut-off time limit; the cut-off time limit for the full Ironman is 17h. There are specific time restraints for each discipline also.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica For the Ironman 70.3 or Half Ironman, there are time restraints as well; the cut-off time for Costa Rica’s Half Ironman 2018 is of 8.5 hours. Sadly, any athlete that completes the competition after 8.5 hours is classified as “DNF” which means “did not finish”; the Ironman competitions are very strict about finishing the races before the established time limits.

How Can you Enter this Competition?

Firstly, you have to be over 18, at least the day of the competition. Secondly, it is very easy to register for the 2018 Costa Rica Ironman 70.3. You can go online to the Ironman 70.3 official website and click on “Register”; you will see all the necessary info regarding pricing and another button to officially start the register process. You are just clicks away from an incredible experience. As this website explains, this competition provides slots in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship. There are two ways of registering; you can register alone or in a relay team, and the prices vary. There are different prices depending on the number of entry the person acquires. There are also differences depending on time of registration; no personalized material is offered to those registered after Feb. 20th.

Where Will the Competition Take Place?

The competition will take place in the beautiful Coco Beach in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. This town has bluish-gray waters which are very popular among visitors, especially young people. Here you can get to know the Costa Rican vibe and lifestyle as local tourists also go for the holidays; there are incredible natural attractions and tourist infrastructure that attracts many. The three parts of the race go through beautiful locations; first, it’s the challenging swim in Coco Beach. Following the swim, athletes will get to ride their bikes and run in land, but also border the beautiful beach. Athletes and spectators will get to enjoy a wonderful experience in a paradisiacal background; furthermore, tourist development in Coco Beach makes it perfect for the Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

What Amazing Features Does Coco Beach Have for Spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica?

All the Papagayo Peninsula area has been affected by notorious development and nearby Coco Beach is no exception. Guanacaste Province comprises several towns and beach towns that have improved their infrastructure greatly favoring the tourism industry; Coco Beach is actually one of the best examples of this. Visitors are attracted by nature and great comfort and tourist facilities. For starters, if you seek Costa Rica resorts, there is no doubt you will find a good set of options; you will not be short on luxury or comfort. On the other hand, you could find some of the best Costa Rica luxury villas in Coco Beach. As many people do, you can rent one of the fabulous Costa Rica luxury homes and enjoy amazing services; you feel just like in the fancy Costa Rica resorts. You will not have to worry about eating good enough food or getting to everywhere you want to go. Regarding food services, there are great restaurants in Coco Beach, many of which turn into bars as dusk comes. On the other hand, those who stay in Costa Rica rental homes don’t miss out on great food services; there are private chefs available in these amazing Costa Rica luxury homes. Another advantage of this Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is that you won’t have to worry about getting to your destinations; even with home rental companies you can assure your ride. If your intention is to travel by yourself, you can rent a car; however, if you prefer to hire a private driver, you can also do it. All this is possible with the Costa Rica rental homes companies too.
  • Great Tourist Destinations
Whether natural or manmade, there are several destinations in the area near Coco Beach.  Regarding natural destinations, there are many national parks and natural reserves nearby in the Guanacaste Province; furthermore, there are some near Coco Beach specifically. There are also great bars and restaurants and other tourists attractions.

National Parks Nearby

One of the national parks nearby is the amazing Las Baulas Marine National Park; this park owes its name to a sea turtle that is the main concern in environmental protection in the area. Guanacaste and Santa Rosa National Park in the Guanacaste Province are also nearby. You can also visit Palo Verde National Park which is not too far away and see the natural diversity.v

Natural or Biological Reserves

Besides these government-run parks, there are also natural reserves nearby. These reserves, unlike the national parks, are not government-run, although they also exist to ensure environmental conservation. There are 2 natural reserves nearby that will surely make your trip better; these are Lomas de Barbudal and Africa Mia. It’s a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica mixed with nature.

Bars and Restaurants

There are several bars and restaurants in Coco Beach; this is actually the beach town that you want to visit if you are looking for a typical “fiesta”. Youngsters and tourists looking for a party alike enjoy visiting Coco Beach due to its ongoing party; however, those looking for relaxation and a calm vacation should probably seek a more low-key destination that fits their style. For those looking for an active nightlife and a young crowd, this is the perfect destination. Although there are private chef services if you stay in one of the Costa Rica luxury villas, there are options. There are great restaurants that serve cocktails at night and face the ocean; you can have an amazing time listening to music and dancing, eating and having great cocktails witnessing the Guanacaste sunsets.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Amazing Spots for Extreme Adventures

Coco Beach is nearby 2 surfing destinations which are Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock. There are many activities you can do given that there are forests and beaches in the area; you can even visit volcanic formations not far from Coco Beach. However, there are specific destinations that contribute to Coco Beach’s popularity. These two spots are surfing destinations popular among surfers worldwide. Nearby there is also the majestic Tempisque River. Besides the beautiful landscapes that it traverses and diverse wildlife it attracts, you can also go on boat rides, rafting and kayaking experiences. Furthermore, these fun activities are just some of the activities you can do here by the water; there are many more adventurous and not so adventurous activities to do by land.

How Will the Weather Be the Day of the Race?

It is difficult to predict the exact weather; however, it’s safe to say that the day of the race will be during rainy or green season. Costa Rica is considered a tropical country in which you can distinguish 2 seasons: the dry and thee rainy or—also known as—green season. During the rainy season, there is more probability of rain falling, nevertheless, some days it may not rain at all. It may rain the day of the race; however, rain usually falls in the afternoon. This might make things harder, but at least participants should be at the final part of the race. Probably the biggest challenge will be the humidity in the air and the hot temperatures during the day; this is truly a big challenge, reason why those who finish it are referred to as Ironmen. Hopefully conditions will be good!

Is it Recommended for Athletes to Travel with Family to Coco Beach, Costa Rica?

If you’re one of the courageous future participants of this Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018, bringing family will be incredible! Not only will you have the support of your loved ones near you, but you will give them an experience of a lifetime. Costa Rica, and more specifically Coco Beach, is a perfect destination for any type of tourist; it’s very wise to spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica One of the main reasons for recommending Costa Rica as tourist destination in general is its great improvement regarding tourism; from infrastructure, to urban planning, to environmental awareness and economical focus, all has affected Costa Rica’s tourism positively. For this reason, bringing your family or company will result in an amazing experience for them and you as well.

Are there Other Locations to Visit Nearby?

Coco Beach, where the competition will take place, is located in Guanacaste Province; this province is actually very much recommended as tourist location. Located towards the northwest of the country, Guanacaste Province has varied landscapes that comprise 12 different life zones. From beaches, to mangroves, to rainforests, volcanoes and more, this is a wonderful and naturally rich area.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica All this growth is also positively affected and motivated by the geographic location; landscapes are amazing and there is an international airport nearby. All these factors have influenced the increased development of the area; if you go to Coco Beach, there are several towns and attractions to visit nearby. The Pacific Ocean ornaments this amazing area of the Guanacaste Province. Coco Beach is an amazing tourist destination to visit regardless of any popular even; however, this Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018 is a great excuse to visit. As one of the athletes, public for the competition or simply an intrigued tourist, this is a great destination; use this event as excuse to visit and have the time of your life in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica! Thanks for read: "An Amazing Event to Enjoy in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018", rate or share this post! You will love read: 7 Reasons Why Guanacaste is the Best Area to Stay in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica  
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