Are you planning on spending your holidays in luxury vacations Costa Rica? Whether you are considering it, or have already decided, it is a great choice and destination. For many reasons, people from around the world are choosing to visit this wonderful country; furthermore, many decide to change the tradition for a while of staying at home and leaving for different experiences during the holidays.

The Climatic Conditions of the Area during the Holidays

Costa Rica is a tropical country; it does not have four seasons, but rather a dry and a rainy or “green” season.  Depending on the area, the times of the seasons vary. In this regard, if you are planning on visiting the Northwestern Guanacaste Province, the holidays coincide with the “dry season”; the beginning of December sees the end of the “green season” which is great news for tourists. Although many do prefer to visit Costa Rica during the rainy season, undoubtedly, there are advantages during the dry season. Although the rainy season is not characterized by continuous rains throughout the days, the afternoons do present heavy rains; however, by the time the holidays in December start, the rains are long gone. This means you get to experience beautiful, sunny days.

The Road Conditions when you Travel during the December Holidays

Heavy rains leave a mark wherever they occur, and Costa Rica is not the exception; if you are considering traveling by car, it is important to take into account the road conditions. As it is expected, heavy rains tend to result in several potholes and landslides; this means that heavy rains do not contribute to amazing road conditions. Nevertheless, the consequences are not too terrible. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The rainy season ends and the dry season starts before the holidays; given this fact, it would seem logical to think that the roads are in better condition these days. However, that is not the case; after many months of heavy rains, the roads are not in the best shape. This does not mean that driving is too dangerous or not recommended; on the contrary, it is a fact to remember when considering renting a car and/hiring a private driver.

Is it Low or High Season if you Go on Luxury Vacations Costa Rica by the End of December?

If you decide to spend fabulous Luxury Vacations Costa Rica by the end of December, you’ll experience the high season; just as it is Christmas time in many areas around the world, it is also the case in Costa Rica. Ticos are enjoying their days off and their Christmas and New Year’s celebrations; this means, on the one hand, more opportunities for mingling with the natives. On the other hand, this also means that you will be traveling in a time when Costa Rica is very crowded. This means that you need to hire the services you need in advance because you don’t want to miss out; in fact, if by this time you haven’t booked all the services you will require, you might want to hurry. The best options in accommodation, transportation, and tourist activities are booked in advance.

Advantages of Spending Luxury Vacations Costa Rica by the End of December

One important factor visitors usually seek in their visit to Costa Rica is its natural beauty; in this sense, an advantage of visiting in this time is that the country’s vegetation is still lush. After several months of rain, the plants remain green and the flowers colorful, while the rains have faded; beautiful and convenient. In general, more people visit during this time for this and other reasons. The fact that Costa Rica gets more crowded during this time may be an advantage to many; this means that you can get to interact with the Ticos and get to know their “pura vida” vibe. Another advantage is clearly the weather; although Costa Rica is a great tourist destination all year round, some tourist activities are better enjoyed in sunny days. Good weather can make the difference in a trip.

Disadvantages of Spending Luxury Vacations Costa Rica by the End of December

As previously mentioned, this is a great destination any time of the year; however, what are advantages for some are disadvantages to others. For starters, the fact that it gets a little too crowded during this time really gets on some people’s nerves; furthermore, even if it is not a problem for you to be in crowded locations, there are some disadvantages to being in crowded environments. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica One disadvantage is having to settle for an option that you haven’t specifically chosen but that you got stuck with; what you have to do is book services with time. In addition, prices are higher; this doesn’t mean that you should restrain from traveling; Christmas time in Costa Rica is beautiful, and the services and experience will be worth it. However, keep in mind you might spend more.

Accommodation Options during this Time

The now very popular Guanacaste Province has fabulous options regarding Costa Rica villa rentals; along the beautiful Costa Rican Pacific Coastline, small towns have developed and some new communities have been planned as well. The Costa Rican Western Coastline has grown enhancing its tourist services, facilities, and general living conditions; as a result, there are incredible Costa Rica villa rentals, resorts, and hotels. Some towns were small fishing hamlets which had great conditions for specific adventures and attracted many; other areas had no settlements but perfect conditions for new tourist settlements. In accordance to environmental preservation laws, both cases have resulted in the development of fabulous tourist beach towns; Guanacaste is now one of the best areas to do eco tourism in the world.

Small Beach Towns that have Developed for Tourism

Coco beach is one of the most representative towns of Guanacaste Province that has grown for and because of tourism; it’s one of the most popular destinations for luxury vacations Costa Rica. It is conveniently located near the province capital which has an international airport; it is about 20 miles away from the airport. The country capital, on the other hand, is a little farther away. Coco Beach has numerous tourist services that include sailing trips with water adventures; sportfishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and others are just some of the adventures you can arrange to experience here. In addition, this town is known for having an active nightlife with amazing establishments like restaurants, bars, and cafés. There are also natural attractions very nearby. Hermosa Beach has a name that makes reference to the town’s ‘beauty’ in Spanish; it is one of the cities that also have undergone great development while maintaining a calm vibe. It has fabulous beachfront Costa Rica rental homes where you can appreciate the popular Guanacaste sunsets; as in the case of Coco Beach, it also has incredibly luxurious hotels and resorts for a great vacation. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Hermosa Beach has gray sand and calm waters where you can go swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling; there is another Hermosa Beach located in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica which is popular among surfers. Hermosa Beach, Guanacaste, on the contrary, is not really a surfing destination; nevertheless, it is located near amazing national parks with impressive biodiversity. The beautiful Ocotal Beach is located near Coco Beach, just minutes away from it by car; there are many advantages to visiting this city, like its convenient location. It’s located less than an hour away from Liberia, capital of Guanacaste; its proximity to Coco Beach is also advantageous. Ocotal Beach has developed greatly, but it is still a town without an active nightlife as in the case of Coco Beach. For this reason, many families seeking a quieter destination than Coco Beach, decide to visit Ocotal Beach; this way, tourists can be in a quiet destination, while other family members interested in partying can visit Coco Beach. Ocotal Beach has a variety of activities available for tourists; you can do water sports like surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving, as well as some other land activities. Tamarindo Beach is located more to the south of Guanacaste Province; it is farther from all the popular beach towns of the Papagayo Gulf but it is also conveniently located. As opposed to the other beach towns mentioned before, it is located about half an hour away from Liberia; nevertheless, the ride is not terrible and the landscapes you can see during are gorgeous. Regarding the international airport of San José, it is even farther; however, a very good thing about Tamarindo is that it has a national airport nearby. The airport in Tamarindo offers domestic flights, which makes it a lot more convenient for tourists. In addition, you can find amazing Costa Rica rental homes in Tamarindo, as well as hotels and resorts; in addition, there are amazing natural attractions in the area.

Settlements that Have developed into Tourist Communities

Flamingo Beach is another fabulous tourist destination located in the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica; this is a tourist community that does not really have a Costa Rican settlement. The actual settlement is composed of villa rentals Costa Rica, condos, hotels and luxurious resorts; the tourist facilities have been built in order to provide services for tourists, rather than to develop a town. Flamingo Beach is located between two bays, just over an hour away from the international airport in Liberia; it is even a little farther from San José, where the other international airport is. Nevertheless, its proximity from Tamarindo gives tourists other transportation options through the national airport; Flamingo is mostly popular for its fabulous villa rentals Costa Rica, but also for the many tourist activities and services. As opposed to Flamingo Beach, Las Catalinas is more than a tourist community; this is an actual settlement with people living in it. Nevertheless, this is a new town that was founded not long ago. Las Catalinas is a town with unique characteristics in Costa Rica; this town was designed under the principles of New Urbanism. It is a modern town which was designed in order to promote the pedestrian experience. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The town has a main access road that leads to the area; however, no other roads for motor vehicles pass through the city. Inhabitants can enjoy a town that is environmentally-friendly; in addition, tourists can find fabulous Costa Rica vacation rentals and bathe is the delicious water of Danta Beach. Las Catalinas is an amazing destination to delight from natural beauty, comfort and luxury.

Is it too Late to Plan a Trip to any of these Fabulous Beach Towns in December?

Costa Rica is an incredible destination all year round; however, if you are considering to spend luxury vacations Costa Rica but have not booked anything yet, it might be late. You can still try and book your vacations; nevertheless, if all services are booked and you are left without the best options, you can wait a little. If you are visiting this incredible country, you definitely want to choose the best services. If you can book everything, then don’t waste any more time and take the opportunity to travel these holidays; on the other hand, if it seems too crowded and services have been booked, January is not a bad option. It will be worth the wait as January has the amazing sunny weather that December does; however, at this point, Costa Rica is a lot less crowded than in December. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel in December; it might be a little bit pricier in this time, but it is certainly worth it. The Christmas spirit is contagious, also the celebrations and the vibe changes in Costa Rica; you will have many opportunities for you to spend the holidays at home, but this is an experience you will not be able to forget. Spend fabulous luxury vacations Costa Rica staying in the best Costa Rica vacation rentals; you won’t regret it! Thanks for read: ''Anticipating Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in the Holidays''. Share or comment this post. You must read: Guanacaste Province: a Place for Economic Growth and Luxury Vacations Costa Rica
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