The best Costa Rica beach rentals are located at the Peninsula Papagayo. When planning a vacation in Costa Rica, the Peninsula Papagayo at the Guanacaste Province. This place has been blessed with amazing beaches, among them the Prieta beach Club. The Prieta beach Club is available for those members of the club and those staying at the Hotel Andaz or the Four Seasons Papagayo.  It is one of the main reasons to visit this beautiful Peninsula in the tropical country of Costa Rica. The Peninsula Papagayo is known for being the newest vacation spot in the country. It has protected beaches and is perfect to enjoy a great vacation time with family or friends at the different Costa Rica rentals.

Costa Rica beach rentalsThe Prieta Beach Club

Described by many as a sanctuary for relaxing and experiencing the communion between sea and sand, The Prieta Beach Club has impeccable views and services. This place is perfect for having luxury vacations without forgetting about the nature that surrounds the place. Here, you can swim and snorkel in the crystalline waters, or just relax under the shadow of a tree. The Prieta Beach club is the perfect place to relax at the spa, eat at the delicious and high cuisine restaurants and at the same time have some adventure time at any Costa Rica beach rentals. If you are not such a Club person, you will find that there are great houses for rent in Costa Rica where you can stay with your large group of favorite people without losing the opportunity of enjoying the same luxury and the magic of a vacation in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica beach rentalsCosta Rica beach rentals

Among the many places that you can find inside the country, there will not be a better place as the ones inside the Peninsula. As you know, the Peninsula Papagayo counts with new resorts and hotels that are perfect for your vacations. Nevertheless, if you are not such a “hotel” person, you will find that we have the great luxury and beautiful houses for rent in Costa Rica. One of the most beautiful Costa Rica rentals you will find at the Peninsula Papagayo is our incredible Virador Villa. This great apartment counts with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, perfect for 8 sleeps. This great Costa Rica beach rental has all the convenience you will need during your vacation and more. So, do not forget about the amazing beach rentals we have to offer you for your vacations. If you liked this article, then share it with your friends and let them know about the beauties and interests Peninsula Papagayo and Costa Rica have for you. Thanks for read: "Best experience at Costa Rica beach rentals: Prieta beach Club", please rate this article and tell us your experience in Costa Rica in the comments section below! You will like read: Knowing the charms of Ocotal Beach
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Best experience at Costa Rica beach rentals: Prieta beach Club
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