Massive Enhancement Projects Make a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica your Best Decision!

It has become very popular among tourists worldwide to go on a fabulous luxury vacation Costa Rica; thus, it’s evident why this Central American paradise has acquired such a reputation. Guanacaste Province alone is an area that has had major developments made; more specifically, an area that has improved in this way is Papagayo Peninsula and the beaches of the Papagayo Gulf.

The Current Fabulous Features of the Papagayo Peninsula

It is one of the main reasons why so many tourist choose Papagayo Peninsula as their main destination; Papagayo Peninsula has incredible accommodation options able to satisfy all demands. It’s the place for those who seek to do eco tourism while ensuring a quality service in their tourist services; Papagayo Peninsula has luxurious, comfortable, and fabulous services to make this an unforgettable experience. Starting with the best resorts and hotels, there are also Papagayo villa rentals infrastructures that will take your breath away; the Four Seasons Resort, for example, is one of the main reasons why many visitors stay in this area. In addition, the luxurious luxury villa rentals Costa Rica resemble the luxury and comfort of the resort; plus, many amenities of the resort can be used by these rental homes visitors. One of the great features of the area is its incredible golf course; there is an amazing 18-hole course designed by the world-renown Arnold Palmer. Not only is the design of the highest quality for the most experienced golfers, the surroundings are breathtaking; the course is positioned right by the beach with incredible sights of the Pacific Ocean; it is truly a paradise to play golf in. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica In addition, a golf day in this course may include particular visits from the most amazing wildlife species; just imagine having a fun game and seeing a monkey pass by. Furthermore, there are various tennis courts; with the best designs, pro shops and fabulous landscapes, these courts are more examples of the peninsula’s great infrastructure. Moreover, there are also spas, and massage parlors in the area. One of the great features of the peninsula is the luxurious Marina Papagayo; the Marina is actually an important accomplishment of the Papagayo Project of enhancement of the area. The marina is considered to be the most luxurious in Latin America; it provides its customers high-quality services ranging from basic information, to personalized services you may require in a vacation. The main services of the marina are sailing trips and services for yacht management and also rental services; the marina can help visitors find accommodations, arrange sailing trips, and find transportation for tourists. Furthermore; tourists traveling in their own vessels needing just a yacht slip are thoroughly monitored in order to ensure their safety. It is a wonderful service. A feature of Peninsula Papagayo is that whether it is luxury, adventure, physical activity, relaxation, or entertainment, you got it; the Prieta Beach Club is a center of entertainment where you can forget about your problems and just chill. This private club is the perfect getaway; this is the place to come for exercise, for relaxation, and for a late snack, drink, or even a dance. For starters, the Prieta Beach Club has an amazing spa and a gym; if you are one of those who carefully looks after their bodies, the Prieta Beach Club has breathtaking infrastructure for you. In addition, the personnel in charge of both areas are well trained. Moreover, there are 3 establishments where you can go for a late meal, for drinks and dance to Latin Music. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica   Having some time and freedom to visit new exciting places independently is a privilege; this is an advantage in Peninsula Papagayo, because e you have the option o go on a safe, exciting ride. Golf cart rentals allow these independent experiences; you can rent a golf cart rental and go on an adventurous ride throughout the peninsula. You can take pictures and delight from the sights. Although you must have a driver’s license, these golf cart rentals are easy to use; in addition, you have freedom over where you go. The time of use of the golf carts is obviously limited as is the number of carts available; therefore, it is important that you make a reservation as soon as you decide to go on this experience. The carts can fit from 4 to 6 passengers depending on the model. The natural attractions, apart from the infrastructure built in the area, are the actual jewels; the beaches of the peninsula, the vegetation, and the national parks nearby attract numerous visitors every year. Regarding national parks, there are actually 3 located near Peninsula Papagayo; they are: Santa Rosa, Guanacaste, and Rincón de La Vieja National Parks. These three parks protect an area where a natural corridor has been created in order to protect migrating animal species; this way, the central lands of Costa Rica are connected with the Northwestern Coast of the country. Santa Rosa is very popular, among other things, for two surfing spots offshore near the park; Rincón de La Vieja is popular for its volcanic formations and more.

New Enhancements Made in the Area

The community of Papagayo Peninsula is already an incredibly developed area; here, tourists from all over the world can enjoy the most modern infrastructure, and high quality services and attention. In addition, this is done keeping sustainability and eco awareness as priorities at all times; in addition to all this, the area’s now starting a new phase of development that seems very promising. The new enhancements are 100$ transformations that will add new amenities and services to the peninsula; in addition, the intention is to connect the 11 miles of coastline of the marvelous peninsula. This place is for a luxury vacation Costa Rica as well as for a more permanent stay; a great characteristic of the area is that the Costa Rican culture and natural features are enhanced. Fitness, relaxation and wellness in general will be a center of improvement in the Four Seasons Costa Rica; for starters, there will be a new concierge lounge. In this concierge lounge, there will be a moss art wall that, besides informative, will blend in with the landscapes; in the area of relaxation, there will also be improvements. There will be new infrastructure for spas pre and post treatments. Four Seasons Costa Rica In this regard, there will also be locker rooms, new shower rooms, steam rooms and a variety of pools; there will be several types of pools for relaxation treatments and pleasure. Fitness is also part of the project in the infrastructure enhancements; the wellness center will be equipped with modern machinery for the best service. Furthermore, these improvements take into consideration the wonderful ocean view in the designs. Costa Rica is the perfect destination for adventure; in this regard, whether you like to hit the beach or delight from the tropical forests, the options are numerous. The quality of the services in Papagayo Peninsula includes the Papagayo Explorers Club; it is designed in order to design, create, and coordinate adventure tours in the area. It is formed by members with experience, and great disposition. This club has used the efforts of its members in order to start offering new adventures for tourists; the group that includes biologists, local expert guides, translators, nature enthusiasts and more has now 25 new adventures to offer. These experiences are proper of this area; as an example is an expedition to the Cacao Volcano. Here, tourists can witness the cloud forest with the lowest altitude in Costa Rica. One of the best ways to go around this incredible area is by bike; you get to see amazing landscapes. This amazing program launched in August 2018; not only is it eco-friendly, it is also suitable for those needing a little aid with the physical exertion. These are electrical assist bikes; it is actually a fleet of 60 that will allow you to feel the fresh air in a fun adventure. There are actually seven docking stations in this area composed of 14 thousand acres; it is a great opportunity for tourists to move around an unknown area with independence and without worries. These bikes count with the most modern designs and they also have GPS; it is the perfect way to relax, feel free, and reconnect with nature in a unique paradise. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica One of the features that make Papagayo Peninsula attractive is that you can play golf in its fabulous golf course; in addition to the incredible course where you can play golf Costa Rica, there are other amenities related to it. In this regard, the enhancement project of Papagayo Peninsula includes a new restaurant as well as a new golf clubhouse; these are also important parts of the project. The designs consider materials that, on the one hand, honor the Costa Rican culture; on the other hand, they also take into consideration the surroundings in order to blend the infrastructure with the environment. The golf clubhouse, along with the new restaurant, represents improvements that aim to please the tourists’ interests; the idea is to ensure people’s entertainment. If you’re traveling with your family, you might want to have an itinerary or specific activities planned for the youngsters; in this sense, the Camp Jaguar Program is perfect for teenagers. It was designed for teens between the ages of 12 and 16; the program involves the design of incredible adventures in order to connect children with nature. Most of all, the program intends to be fun and exciting. Local experts and guides work together in order to offer these kids the greatest experiences in the wild; they get to see the best of the ocean and the tropical Costa Rican forests. In these adventures, they not only get to have lots of fun, but also learn about survival, safety, and more; this is a great opportunity for kids to make friends, and create long-lasting memories of unique experiences. Considered by many the best beach resort Costa Rica, the Andaz Resort will also have numerous improvements. A new incredible poolside bar will be one of the improvements; in addition, there will be boat tours and a water taxi service that will transport and entertain guests. Furthermore, these services will be offered to groups coming from special events, such as weddings. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Located very near from the popular Papagayo Marina, the village has been increasingly growing; in this village, there will be two remarkable improvements: a new Dive Bar and a gourmet market. The marina attracts many of the visitors to the area which is why it will affect so many people. It is also located near the fabulous luxury villa rentals Costa Rica.

When is a Good Time to Enjoy these Enhancements?

Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations of the world; moreover, the current enhancements being made to Peninsula Papagayo, don’t imply that this area is not ready for tourists yet. On the contrary, Papagayo Peninsula is more than ready to receive tourists from all over the world; it surely has the best natural attractions nearby and high-quality services. If you cannot wait to visit this paradise, you don’t need to; a luxury vacation Costa Rica is the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. Here, you will find the luxury, comfort, and beautiful nature you cannot find anywhere else in the world! Thanks for read: ''Massive Enhancement Projects Make a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica your Best Decision!''. Share or comment this post. You will love read: 6 Incredible Destinations for Expats or a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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Golf Costa Rica and Luxurious Vacations

Many associate Costa Rica with nature and very extreme water sports, but many are also attracted to golf Costa Rica. This may not be the most popular sport among all visitors, but it is surely enjoyed by many, and due to many relatively new golf courts built in Costa Rica, the sport has been able to gain more popularity in the country.

Why do many Practice Golf when the Go to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has to be the perfect place to play golf. There are some courts that are surrounded by beautiful landscapes including forests or being limited by the ocean, just the fact of being in such magnificent locations creates calm and allows you to enjoy the experience, whether you are a new player or not.

Costa Rica Golf: Where to Play?Golf Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Four Seasons is one of the many Costa Rica resorts that include a golf court in them. In this sense, Four Seasons golf attracts many players, as you can be in the comfort of the resort and be able to do play golf in Costa Rica without leaving the place. The Costa Rica Four Seasons along with other Costa Rica resorts offer their visitors the experience of that is Costa Rica Golf in a luxury vacation in Costa Rica for those who settle with no less than the best.

Can you only Play at Resorts?

It is not exclusively necessary that you stay in a Resort in order for you to be able to play. Fortunately, there are several clubs where you can play in case the resort you chose does not include a golf court or you decided to rent a home during your stay. In this sense, you don’t have to worry about the Four Seasons golf being the only option for you.Golf Costa Rica The great thing about this beautiful Central American country is that when you think of a luxury vacation Costa Rica, it all goes hand by hand with nature. Therefore, when you are out there playing, you also have the chance to enjoy the sights of the beautiful surrounding landscapes; it wouldn’t even be weird if you were visited by animals from the surroundings during your game. Golf Costa Rica activities may not have so many years since they started but are rapidly gaining more popularity and the courts have been especially designed for your entertainment, if you visit this paradise, tray to practice this great and soothing sport. You have played golf in Costa Rica? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below!! You just read: "Golf Costa Rica and Luxurious Vacations",  share in your social channels or rate this post! We recommend reading also: Costa Rica Beach Rentals for Nature Lovers
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3 Reasons to stay in Costa Rica Resorts When you Go on Vacations

Going to Costa Rica for vacations is no doubt an excellent choice, and if you decide to stay in Costa Rica resorts, you simply can’t go wrong. There are home rentals (apartments, houses for rent, villas, etc.), but many choose to stay at a luxurious hotel in order to make the best out of their vacations. Although many do choose to go for the home rentals (apartments, houses for rent, villas, etc.) when they visit Costa Rica, this is not the preference of everyone. Sure, some see advantages of home rentals; a higher sense of privacy may be felt by some, some rules that have to be followed in hotels in order to acquire the services available make it a little stressful to some. For these reasons, many do prefer the privacy and feeling that is ‘home-like’ when booking home rentals; however, others do prefer resorts when they visit Costa Rica. These are the reasons.
  1. The Comfort and Luxury of Costa Rica ResortsCosta Rica Resorts 

There are many that prefer searching home rentals in order to not feel obligated to answer to the schedule of the maids tending to the rooms or having to get the meals at very specific times when staying at Costa Rica resorts. These are maybe understandable arguments; however, this obligation to follow some rules at the resorts answer to many great services of luxury for the customers.
  1. The Tours and Activities Offered

One great thing of staying at a hotel is that you can get all the guidance you need regarding the activities that you want to embark on. Not only will you often be able to book your trip activities from the resort, but if your choice is not a service the resort offers, it is a perfect place to get all the Costa Rica information you want  in order for you to have a great time.
  1. Golf Costa Rica Costa Rica Resorts

One great thing about staying at a Costa Rica resort is that you can experience luxurious activities such as the Golf Costa Rica. There are many activities that you can book anywhere, but some activities you can only do at the luxurious comfort of a resort. However it is not necessarily mandatory to be in a resort to enjoy this activity!
Costa Rica Resorts

Casa Zarina, click on image to view more

 Whether you prefer privacy or being pampered at a hotel, going on vacation is about leaving routing behind, so staying at Costa Rica Resorts is never a bad idea: getting all the attention you need and being serviced at such a high quality and comfort is an experience you will not regret! What other advantages would you add to our list? Leave your comments in the section below! You just finished reading: "3 Reasons to stay in Costa Rica Resorts When you Go on Vacations", show some love, rate or share this post! You will like read: Vacation home rentals: Knowing the charms of Ocotal Beach
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3 Best Touristic course for Golf in Costa Rica

When we talk about relax, there’s no place in the world like Costa Rica. If you prefer to be on the beach, or learning about nature in one of the 26 national parks of the country and its natural reserves, Costa Rica is, literally, a tropical paradise. Also, there are excellent Golf fields in Costa Rica, where you could work on your backswing among some of the most amazing landscapes of the world. This makes us prepare you this article about the best fields for Golf in Costa Rica.

Golf in Costa Rica: A high level sport

The Golf is probably the greatest secret of Costa Rica. Most of the Golf Fields of the country have more than 10 years old, but do not think wrong, these places will prove your skills to the fullest. Most of the best fields for Golf in Costa Rica were designed by experts, mixing challenging games with amazing environments.Golf in Costa Rica 1.Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course, Guanacaste: This 72-hole-par Golf Field of 7,300 Yards, was designed by Mike Young who is the responsible of some of the most prestigious and exigent fields in the U.S. Located in Santa Cruz of Guanacaste, every hole in Hacienda Pinilla has been made for enjoying the best the natural borders of the earth and their landscapes characteristics. This field is only for the most serious players. 2. La Iguana Golf Course, Puntarenas: Located in the heart of a tropical jungle in Puntarenas, La Iguana offers some of the most amazing landscapes than any other field for Golf in Costa Rica. This wonderful 18-hole-par-72-field was designed by Ted Robinson; it offers to the Golfers a spectacular mix of visit to the tropical jungle and view to the sea. More than 150 bird species live in the surrounding forest of the field, and some of the players have reported about stealing of balls by the monkeys from the surrounding trees.

Four Seasons Costa Rica: Best Golf Resort among the course for Golf in Costa Rica

3. The Four Seasons Golf Course, comes back furious for reclaiming its place on this list. If you want the best in Golf in Costa Rica, the Four Seasons Resort in Peninsula de Papagayo, Guanacaste, is up ahead. Designed by Arnold Palmer, this also 18-hole-72-par-Field attracts Golfers from the whole world. Located in one of the highest tablelands of the peninsula, you will be able to do your first hit, while you’ll have a glimpse of the most spectacular blue seas of Culebra Bay. You can also learn about many local plant species in the botanic gardens, which count with signs describing the flora and fauna of the region.Golf in Costa Rica 4. Bonus: Reserva Conchal Golf Course, The golf course that was recently used at the first PGA event in Costa Rica could not be left out of the list, with 7,021 yards, par 71 (36-35). Located in the province of Guanacaste, on the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the course at Reserva Conchal was designed by Robert Trent Jones II. Open since 1996, Reserva Conchal is the oldest of three 18-hole championship golf courses currently open in Guanacaste. Click here to see more about the Essential Costa Rica Classic PGA Tour. If you are interested in visiting these courses golf  in costa rica and have the best gaming experience contact our specialty concierge, we will be happy to help you! Thanks for read: "3 Best Touristic course for Golf in Costa Rica", leave a comment below if you have any questions, rate or share this post with friends! You will love read too: The best things about Costa Rica Luxury
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