Spending the Christmas holidays in Costa Rica rental homes is a marvelous idea. Whether with your family, your significant other, a group of friends or whoever you are traveling with, Costa Rica’s natural beauty, great tourist services, weather, people, food, traditions, and amazing adventure activities available for visitors, make it a perfect holiday destination for anyone.

Casas de alquiler en Costa Rica

11) Costa Rica’s Natural Beauty

This small country in Central America is home to about 5% of the biodiversity of the world while representing less that 1% of its landmass. It is in the Neotropical realm geographically, and it does not necessarily go through a winter, but it has two defined seasons: the dry and the rainy or green season.  These two seasons, as their names state, are differentiated by rains, still, weather is usually hot and days are sunny at some point. If you like comfort and luxury, it is important that you take into consideration these factors, since traveling without air conditioned or making sure you will arrive at the proper time for doing the activities you want to do can make a big difference in your trip.  Regarding flora and fauna, Costa Rica, as previously mentioned, is very rich in biodiversity and a true delight for animal and nature lovers in general.

a)     Costa Rica’s Vegetation

This beautiful country is home to more than ten thousand plant species; you could distinguish 12 of Holdridge’s classification of 38 life zones in Costa Rica with a big variety of tree species. There is also an abundant number of flower species of which orchids stand out with around one thousand species existing here. Most commonly found than orchids are the gorgeous heliconias, beautiful red, orange and yellow flowers.

Casas de alquiler en Costa Rica

Besides heliconias and orchids, there are also ferns, mosses, bromeliads and other types of plants that ornament this exotic country. Depending on the area you are visiting, you might experience the season change from rainy to dry, making it possible for you to see the lush green of the forests and colorful flowers in the Costa Rican landscapes.

b)       Costa Rica’s Fauna

Costa Rica’s biodiversity includes a big variety of species of amphibians, reptiles, insects, birds, and mammals that are actually, as well as the abundant flora, a big part of Costa Rica’s attractions. Many of the adventure tours and activities in Costa Rica mix fun with natural beauty, you will most likely come across amazing animal species in the most unexpected moments while hiking through a national park or similar. Among the amphibians, there are poison dart frogs and rainforest amphibians; regarding reptiles, there are crocodiles, sea turtles, iguanas, and others; among insect species: butterflies, flower mites and rhinoceros beetles stand out; and there are a great variety of birds, which accounts for the common practice of bird watching activities. Marine life is also abundant, dolphins, whales, sharks and rays are usually spotted. There are also abundant monkey species as well as cat species, of which 5 can be found. You can appreciate the fabulous Costa Rican fauna from its amazing national parks, wildlife refuges or simply in the wild, as natural conservation is one of this country’s most important priorities.

c)       Attractions to Delight from Costa Rica’s Natural Beauty

On the one hand, the commitment of the government and the whole country’s population, in general, is to ensure the preservation of natural resources; in this sense, it is not only a matter of social awareness, but also an economy issue. Costa Rican government and its population have experienced the great benefits of sustainable tourism; in an eco friendly way, natural resources, visitors, government and population have witnessed it. In this sense, it is safe to say that Costa Rica’s natural resources are a priority and not only with preservation purposes, but populations can benefit from the energy supplied to big areas as is the case of volcanic energy in some regions. At the same time, the tourist activity helps other economic industries flourish and though nature seems endangered at times, the exotic beauty of Costa Rica demands and ensures its parallel protection. For this reason, it is possible for you to be a witness of all the wonders that nature has to offer without even meaning to go on a nature tour. From the moment you fly over the lush Costa Rican forests to land by airplane, the nature show starts. Just by visiting a beach or traveling by car in Costa Rica you will be amazed; however, there are national parks and wildlife refuges that you can visit.

c.1) National Parks

Costa Rica, with its natural preservation policies, has accomplished to create 11 Conservation Areas throughout the country in which natural resources are of the most relevance; in this sense, it is safe to say that of Costa Rica’s territory, 25% is protected. Casas de alquiler en Costa Rica Of the many national parks some of the most popular are located near the Guanacaste Province which is very recommended to tourists, these are: Arenal volcano National Park, Guanacaste National Park, Santa Rosa National Park, Palo Verde National Park, Las Baulas Marine National Park, and still on the side of the Pacific Coast but a little farther from Guanacaste are also Isla del Coco National park and Corcovado National Park.

c.2) Biological Reserves

Although there are numerous areas destined to natural preservation on the account of the government, the biodiversity of this country’s natural resources has motivated many to embark on private projects in order to contribute to natural preservation. This is the case of wildlife reserves and refuges managed privately. Some of the reserves in Costa Rica closest to Guanacaste Province are Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, Children’s Eternal Rainforest, Lomas de Barbudal Reserve, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Ostional national Wildlife Reserve, and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. There are some others in throughout Costa Rica, and though they are farther from Guanacaste, definitely all are worth visiting.

2)      Costa Rica’s Great Tourist Services

Among food services, Costa Rica rental homes and great hotel options, as well as car rental services and transportation in general, Costa Rica has come to be one of the countries to offer the best services of the highest quality. In this sense, although you will most likely find options for tighter budgets, Costa Rican tourist services for five-star customers have improved to make it one of the must visit destinations of the world.

a)      Costa Rican Food Services

Costa Rican food is usually a dish that contains black beans and other ingredients, and depending on the region, the dish may also contain tropical fruit juice that gives it a peculiar tropical flavor.  Regarding the food services, hotels and resorts usually have great options, and if you go out to eat, you will most certainly find options that fit even international tastes. Casas de alquiler en Costa Rica Given the fact that there are many expats living in Costa Rica, this has resulted in new restaurants that prepare international dishes in order to please different kinds of tastes. Nevertheless, for those staying in Costa Rica luxury homes, there is the option of hiring the services of a private chef and enjoying such personalized attention.

b)      Costa Rica Rental Homes, the Best Option These Vacations

Costa Rica has experienced great improvement in terms of tourist development; and in this sense, not only there have been great resorts built, but the Costa Rica vacation rentals business has improved in a way that it actually seems like the most logical choice if you are searching for the best luxury vacation Costa Rica; attention is personalized and you will enjoy privacy and great luxury. There is now a broad variety of options in Costa Rica vacation rentals that includes the best luxury villa rentals Costa Rica, there are also great options in luxury condos Costa Rica, beach houses and studio apartments that are not only wonderfully designed and strategically located, but they also count with the best exclusive services that allow you to feel pampered and with the privacy you desire. Alquiler de casas en Costa Rica Just as in a hotel, in these Costa Rica luxury homes, you my enjoy the best exclusive services just as you would in a hotel and even better. On the one hand, you will get to experience the privacy that you get in any of the luxury condos Costa Rica or even luxury villa rentals Costa Rica, while at the same time experiencing services like private chefs and full assistance in order to keep your trip planned and not go through any obstacles.

c)       Costa Rican Transportation

Just as the rest of Costa Rican services, transportation ones are great, public and private transportation function fairly well in order to take you where you want to go.  If you do not have too delicate tastes or demands, you might travel in public transportation without a problem; however, traveling with air conditioned might be a better choice. Public transportation works fairly well; however, don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed by the hot temperatures. If you prefer comfort and luxury, the best recommendation is that you use private transportation or even hire the services of rental cars. The best way to get to know a place is to travel by land and there are great rental car services in Costa Rica if this interests you.

3)      Costa Rican Weather

Costa Rican weather is made up of two seasons in which the dry and the rainy stand out. However, as it sounds with the rainy season, the fact that as its name states, heavy showers fall, this doesn’t mean that during green season it rains throughout the whole day. Make sure you check out the weather patterns in Costa Rica in order to arrive in a time that heavy showers do not represent an inconvenient.

4)      People and Traditions

Costa Rican citizens are more about family, traditions and friends instead of the more commercial concerns in other parts of the world. Religion and church are very important; therefore, although children do expect to receive presents on Christmas, the interest is more aimed at sharing with family and friends, celebrating what is important, and spending an excellent time in the Christmas vacations.

There are many expats living in Costa Rica at present, reason why you may see American decorations or people celebrating in an American way. In a way, all these celebrations blend and during the Christmas holidays Costa Rica becomes like a never-ending celebration that you will not want to escape from. During this time, Ticos also go to the beaches to celebrate and give Costa Rica an amazing holiday vibe.

5)      Adventure Activities

Costa Rica is a very beautiful tourist destination; however, this is not reason enough to attract so many visitors. There are actually amazing fun activities visitors can do in Costa Rica; some are terrestrial and some are water activities; what is certain is that all of them attract visitors equally. Canopy tours, hikes, visits to hot springs and horseback rides are some of the terrestrial activities.

Alquiler de casas en Costa Rica

On the other hand, water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, kayaking, sports fishing and others are also very popular, as well as surf; which is actually an activity practiced with a world level quality; Costa Rica has actually hosted international surfing championships due to its perfect conditions for it.

Costa Rica is in short a perfect location to visit during the Christmas vacations; not only is it in good conditions for all travelers to stand—as it probably is during the whole year—but it simply has all the great attractions you might search in a tourist destination; great services; amazing natural attractions and weather.

Holidays can be packed and they might need previous reservations if that is what you seek to do; however, if you don’t mind crowded locations, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Costa Rica is truly a beautiful and must see destination; natural resources and services such as the amazing Costa Rica rental homes make it a comfortable, reliable and amazing place to visit and have lots of fun. Thanks for read: “Christmas in Costa Rica Rental Homes: 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit in December“, rate and share with friends!! You will love read too: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica with your Best Friend, the Best Decision!
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