There is no doubt there are amazing Costa Rica rental homes, food services and great guided activities and tours planned in which fun is guaranteed. Luxury, comfort, and excitement are mixed with the incredible experiences you can have in direct contact with nature; however, if the nightlife of your next travel destination is important you may want to know how the situation is where you are planning on visiting.

What is the best region for spending a fun Luxury Vacation Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has 2 coastlines and numerous locations where you can have a lot of fun; be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes, and be pampered with excellent services of the tourism industry. Nevertheless, there are some regions that have been getting more attention lately, due to natural features as well as the amazingly Costa Rica Rental Homes you can find.Costa Rica Rental Homes The development of a luxurious marina, the building of Costa Rica luxury homes with the highest quality, and the strategic location of those developments nearby natural attractions are just some of the factors that make Guanacaste one of those regions. Apart from Guanacaste—a Costa Rica Province—neighboring provinces on the same coastline of the Pacific are also good options.

Nightlife of the Cities or Areas with the Best Costa Rica Rental Homes Options:

  • Papagayo Peninsula:
This area is a paradise for tourists due to its natural beauty, the numerous services with excellent quality that are meant to cover your basic needs as well as satisfy the demands to pamper you and make you feel better than at home. In the northwestern side of the country, in the Guanacaste Province, this region’s main source of income is the tourist industry.Costa Rica Rental Homes One of the reasons why this area attracts so many tourists is the luxurious marina that has been built in order to satisfy the needs of those who like water activities, and the wonders of marine life. The development of the marina also includes luxurious housing options and assistance with the planning of your trip. Palo Verde and Santa Teresa National Parks are not too far from the Peninsula and also draw in many tourists as well as the Horizontes Experimental Forest Research Station that is close by.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Situation in the Papagayo Peninsula

Papagayo Peninsula has the best options in Costa Rica Rental Homes. The homes for rent as well as the fabulous Four Seasons Resort offer the tourists a once in a lifetime experience, where attention, guidance and luxury will overwhelm your senses. Access to a golf course and personnel willing to help you plan your activities and access all the services you require, make this area an excellent lodging location.

Nightlife in the Area

There are a few bars and restaurants in this region, some of them are restaurants where you can have drinks as well. Some are in great locations with an ocean view and you can feel the tropical, Latin vibe in the music, decoration, natural surroundings and food and cocktails. Many of these bars are family places during the day that slowly turn into bars as the day progresses, a couple popular locations are the Sandbar and the Dive Bar.Costa Rica Rental Homes
  • Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa is a small beach town in the Guanacaste Province with crystal clear seawater, gray sand, and high standards in safety and environmental preservation, which account for the beautiful landscapes that surround the area. Tropical forest and volcanic formations also ornament the area, which is as beautiful as the name of the beach town states in Spanish. Apart from the amazing water activities and tours you can go on by the water; Santa Rosa, Guanacaste and Palo Verde national Parks are other important tourist attractions nearby which also catch lots of attention from visitors; their proximity is also a good reason to pick Playa Hermosa as your tourist destination.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Situation in Playa Hermosa

The Costa Rica luxury homes in Playa Hermosa such as the Costa Rica luxury villas, the luxury condos Costa Rica, apartments, etc, are unbelievable in Playa Hermosa. With an amazing view to the Pacific Ocean, impressive architectural designs that have a tropical, natural, and at the same time, luxurious designs; these rental homes are located in a small paradise. The best of staying in Playa Hermosa is having the opportunity to stay at a beachfront rental home where you can delight from the amazing view of the popular Guanacaste sunsets; it’s a wonderful sight.

Nightlife in “Beautiful” Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is an important tourist destination; however, it is more laid back than other neighboring towns. The majority of nightlife activity occurs in a few nice bars and restaurants, but since there is no real town center in Playa Hermosa, its main attraction is not the nightlife specifically; this is rather a place perfect for family vacations with a quieter lifestyle.Costa Rica Rental Homes Visitors who want to enjoy the wonders of the Costa Rican nightlife should visit neighboring towns such as Playas del Coco in order to experience the great Costa Rican nightlife and choose Playa Hermosa if you want to be in a quieter location.
  • Playas del Coco
This beach town of the Guanacaste Province is experiencing the biggest development in the area of the Papagayo Gulf. The beach has white-gray sands and waters with a blue-gray tint that distinguishes it from other beach towns. It is a very popular tourist destination and among Ticos mostly due to the great surfing conditions of the area; there a couple of amazing surfing spots nearby.Costa Rica Rental Homes Playas del Coco is a perfect destination for tourists, given that the recent touristic growth has motivated the establishment of all types of services of such industry. Restaurants, bars, housing complexes and many other services give it a strategic location. Natural attractions like the Marino Las Baulas National Park, an international airport nearby and a big economic development in the town are the biggest appeal.

Costa Rica Rental Homes and Accommodation Options Nearby Playas del Coco

The recent growth in the tourist industry in Playas del coco has resulted in a big variety of accommodation options. Ranging from economic housing options to very luxurious Costa Rica rental homes and resorts, Playas del Coco is the perfect place for tourists’ comfort. Vacation rental apartments and amazing Costa Rica luxury villas are probably the best options here, although there are many others.Costa Rica Rental Homes You can stay at a luxurious apartment with all the amenities you might think of, or you can stay in a wonderful villa with impressive facilities that include, among others, an infinity pool where you can feel like you are connected with the majestic Pacific Ocean and delight from the sunsets you can appreciate from the sun deck. Luxury and nature are perfectly intertwined and in harmony in these house rentals.

Nightlife in Playas del Coco

Playas del Coco is the perfect location for those who seek adventure, a good time and an active nightlife. If you are the type that prefers to avoid crowded locations, maybe Playas del Coco is not your ideal location, at least in some seasons; however, it is worth it to at least visit it before November when also Ticos fill up the beaches during their holidays. Costa Rica Rental Homes On the other hand, if you like busy locations rather than low-key destinations, Playas del Coco is perfect for you, as restaurants and bars, as well as other entertainment options, are numerous and easy to find. You can also visit the town when seeking for more active destinations and go back to a neighboring beach town to spend the night.
  • Santa Teresa
With gold-gray sands and waves that are perfect for surfing, this is also a very popular tourist destination with great amenities and fun for tourists and everyone in general. This beach town is located in the Puntarenas Province, in the Nicoya Peninsula, and though it is a magnet for surfers worldwide, the beach town is actually laid back and not as crowded as other beaches like those of Playas del Coco. Apart from the great surfing spots that attract so many tourists to Santa Teresa, an important tourist attraction is also the Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve and the neighboring beach of Mal Pais also attracts many visitors due to its surfing conditions which are excellent as well. The many other activities you can do by land are also a big tourist attraction in Santa Teresa.

Accommodation Options Near Santa Teresa

There are a few hotels and amazing villas and house rentals. Bit estates that count with all the luxury you can think of, an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and private services to keep you pampered just as you would be in a five-star hotel, but in the privacy of what feels like being at home, or probable even better.

Nightlife in Santa Teresa

The tourist growth of this beach town, as well as the arrival of new inhabitants from other countries, have led to the installment of new businesses to satisfy all different interests. There is variety of restaurants to please all types of palates and there are also several options in bars to go to. Despite the fact that Santa Teresa was originally a small quiet town, it is now a booming tourist destination that has seen great economic growth.
  • Playa Ocotal
This beach is known for its clear waters and white sand. It is located in the Guanacaste Province and it is popular for the water activities you can do there and the abundant marine life that is the center of many of those water activities. It is nearby the very popular Playas del Coco and Playa Conchal, and it has a golf course nearby, where you can have a good time surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.Costa Rica Rental Homes

Lodging Options Near Playa Ocotal

This is a very big town in the Guanacaste Province, so there are numerous accommodation options and for your entertainment as well. There are options for different budgets; however, if you are looking for the best luxurious options, the condos for rent in Playa Ocotal place you in a world of comfort that mixes the beauty of nature with amazing harmony. The apartments available com fully furnished, they have an ocean view and all the appliances and private services available will make you feel the comfort of a five-star resort, from the privacy of what will feel like being at home. The privacy of the place is kept by astonishing dry tropical forests that are abundant in wildlife and natural beauty.

Costa Rica Rental Homes: Nightlife in Playa Ocotal

The growth of this beach town has resulted in it being full of bars, casinos, discotheques and restaurants even though this town is considered to be very quiet and calm. Costa Rica Rental Homes is very active and there are several options for every taste. However, the biggest attractions of this beach town, is its natural resources. On the other though, though there are several options, if you are interested in a very active nightlife it is probably better for you to visit a town like Playas del Coco, where there are more than just a few options for you and you can have an authentic Latin Costa Rican night out; Playa Ocotal is, in general, considered more of a quiet destination for relaxing. Costa Rica Rental Homes Probably the biggest tourist attraction in Costa Rica is not its nightlife but its natural resources, and the great activities you can do there. However; for some people knowing that they are going to be able to enjoy the nightlife of the place and get to interact with that side of the destination’s people is very important. In this sense, Costa Rica has options for anyone, and there are some cities that are more appropriate for families seeking for a quiet town to stay in, but it also has many options for those who are interested in some exciting tropical fun nights out. The great thing is that even those quieter destinations are nearby some more active locations and, at least these areas mentioned above, have the best Costa Rica Rental Homes options for you. Thanks for read: “Cities/Areas with the Best Costa Rica Rental Homes and their Nightlife“, rate this post or share!! You will love read too: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica with the Best Exclusive Activities
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