After the extenuating Costa Rica Ironman Race, there’s nothing like a relaxing bath in one of our luxury home rentals. After all, the Ironman race is the most extreme triathlon competition in the world. As suggested by the particle “tri”, this triathlon is composed by three events: swimming, cycling and running. The human body is tested to its limits when the goal is completing distances equivalent to those intended for big open water competitions, some of the longer phases of the famous Tour de France and the most extended running marathon. Winning each of these events individually already represents a great achievement. However, on the Ironman triathlon, they have to be completed continuously, in nothing more than 17 hours! Within such a test, even barely being able to finish becomes an accomplishment. In fact, just being able to complete half of the race is amazing. Every year, the Ironman World Championship holds its main competition at Kailua-Kona, in the islands of Hawaii. Nevertheless, this is not the only opportunity to make part of this amazing athletic demonstration. Several related competitions in many other places are also scheduled on a similar date to the main one. Coastal cities all over the globe will be hosting these events, especially in North America. Our beautiful tropical paradise Costa Rica is no exception, where you will be able to make the most of the experience by making use of our recognized service of luxury home rentals for the Ironman 70.3 event, to take place on Costa Rica on June 18th 2017, in Playas del Coco, home rentals

Luxury home rentals: the best to prepare for Costa Rica Ironman Race

For the first time, an Ironman Race will be held in stunning Costa Rica. Yet, it won’t be the traditional Ironman Race we’re used to talk about. What we will see in Guanacaste will be the Ironman 70.3. Because of Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes and spectacular climate, this Ironman Race will become an annual occurrence in this land (hopefully). The Ironman 70.3 is a different version from the original Ironman held in Hawaii. It is also referred to as “The Half Ironman”, since it involves half the total distances covered on the latter. This amounts to a total of 70.3 miles to beat, hence the name it was given. However, this doesn’t mean the Ironman 70.3 is in any way a lesser challenge than the full Ironman mode. Having less distance to traverse also implies the time to finish the feats will be way shorter. This means the competitors should use more of their energy to focus on speed rather than endurance, which makes up for a faster and more intense, with the triathletes performing to their limits from an early stage. Imagine you decide to take this awesome and difficult challenge. In order to fulfill it you’ll need months (even years) of hard work and training. To some people, this is a really difficult task, since it demands a lot of time and money. Some could even argue that for someone with a full-time job this intense training may be near home rentals But imagine all the glory and self-satisfaction you could get just by being able to complete it, or even just participating, along with some of the real pros of these competitions. To achieve this, you’ll need maximum comfort and accommodations during your stay. The kind of comfort you could only get by going for luxury home rentals. Of course a fancy hotel sounds tempting, but for this competition you’ll need to focus on the training. Using luxury home rentals we guarantee that no one will disturb your training, and no one will try to distract you from this titanic task.

Before and after the Ironman Race

Sport and tourism could combine perfectly during your stay in Costa Rica for this hard competition. You’ll meet incredible people and enjoy the amazing natural landscapes our country has to offer. Plus, before and after the competition, you’ll be able to participate in a great number of home rentals Ecotourism is Costa Rica’s main attraction and as an athlete you might enjoy adventurous activities, such as rafting, canopy tours, and backpacking. While you get to know Costa Rica’s vast wildlife and fauna, you’ll get in tune with the vivid nature of the local rainforest and beaches. You will obtain, not only the huge satisfaction of participating in the Ironman Race, but also the great experience of knowing the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. So, if you’re 18 years old or older (this is the only requirement to participate), don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Half Ironman Race and prepare yourself your even bigger challenges. After all, Ironman Race 70.3 is considered the perfect way to train for the main Ironman Race in Hawaii. Finally, we recommend you go to Costa Rica and enjoy this wonderful spectacle. if you are a participant we wish you well in this great event and remember that if you need luxury home rentals you can count with us!! We hope you enjoy: Complete Costa Rica Ironman Race using luxury home rentals, please rate this article or leave us a comment!! May you like read: Planing vacation rental? Important tips before flying to Costa Rica
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Complete Costa Rica Ironman Race using luxury home rentals
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