Costa Rica beach rentals are the best option to be near to the sea sound. So, relaxing in the calm of the most beautiful beaches of Peninsula Papagayo and rent the house that offers the best amenities to you and your family. Costa Rica is a mixture of white sand, blue waters, and warm weather, for that reason, it is recognized as a tropical paradise of Central America.

Costa Rica beach rentalsCosta Rica beach rentals: knowing charming beaches at Peninsula Papagayo

If you are interested in knowing the most amazing beaches of Peninsula Papagayo, so, you have to read the following list that we bring for you. Tamarindo Beach: Tamarindo is a beautiful beach town which is equally tropical paradise as well a multicultural meeting point. According to the Forbes Specialized Magazine, it is known as the most famous beach in Costa Rica. The city has grown from a sleepy fishing village to the Mandatory Parade of tourists with a mix of high level of shops, restaurants, nightlife and opportunities combined with the Costa Rican flavor you certainly want on a vacation. Many international companies operate their businesses according to tourist needs such as Gourmet Restaurants, Bars, Casinos, Clothes Shops, Surf Shops, Fine Craft Shops, and many others more oriented to attend the needs of tourists. In infrastructure, Banks, Pharmacies, Post Offices, the Internet, Dentists, Car Rental, Supermarkets, Video Stores, etc. Coco Beaches: The day in Coco Beaches is quiet, with a great variety of activities to please all travelers, from the most daring to any type of family, (ask for our Nautica Services!). Due to the popularity of the area, good streets and access roads to markets, shops, casinos and restaurants have been built. This is very popular place to Costa Rica beach rentals.Costa Rica beach rentals The views are beautiful thanks to the hills that surround these beaches. You can also head to some nearby islands or national parks where you can observe sharks while diving, you may find huge sea turtles nesting on the beach. Iguanita Beach: It is located in the Province of Guanacaste, in the Canton of Liberia, in Culebra Bay. To arrive at this place, take the Liberia-Guardia route. It is a really beautiful beach. The deep blue sea bathes its gray sands. Between its cliffs, the waters of Quebrada Grande flow and empty into an estuary and form an intricate mangrove of 25 ha. If you liked any of these beautiful beaches and want to become in your next destination, contact us through our official website for more information about Costa Rica beach rentals. Thanks for read: "Costa Rica beach rentals: Amazing spots for vacation", please leave a comment or share in your social media! May you like read: IRONMAN Guanacaste, Triathlon 70.3 will be celebrated in Costa Rica 2017
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Costa Rica beach rentals: Amazing spots for vacation
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