Are you looking for houses for rent during your next vacation? The best Costa Rica Beach Rentals are offered by Papagayo Exclusive Services (Pexs). We have a large list of home and luxury homes near of the most amazing beaches of Costa Rica, you just have to choose the place and the rest is on our side.

Costa Rica Beach Rentals: luxury homes in Hermosa Beach

Costa Rica Beach RentalsHermosa Beach is situated in the Bahía Hermosa in Sardinal and is in the north of the province of Guanacaste, proximally 20 minutes from Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia. It is one of the best-preserved beaches in Costa Rica; this beautiful beach offers visitors blue and crystal clear water and a glorious setting, making it very popular within the beaches of the west coast of Costa Rica. Hermosa Beach lives up to its name due to its idyllic beauty and its splendid surroundings. They are two kilometers of a gray sand beach surrounded by a tropical forest with chains of volcanic rock making Hermosa Beach a great family destination for everyone can enjoy the charms of nature. This is a quiet beach very rarely congested almost all year round, making it the ideal refuge for those who just want to dedicate themselves to leisure and enjoy the sun. With a warm water temperature and ideal climatic conditions all year round, Costa Rica Hermosa Beach is the perfect refuge with accommodation and restaurants very varied. Papagayo Exclusive Services has spectacular luxury houses in this area with the best views to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place.

Activities to do in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is the perfect spot for swimming or diving since it offers incredible opportunities for scuba and snorkeling safaris for those who love being in the sea. It is one of the best places for scuba diving in the country, you can also have fun renting kayaks, sailing boats, windsurfing equipment, canoes, skies and water bikes in any shop that exists on the beach. Costa Rica Beach RentalsFor those who prefer tours by land, you will find guided tours on horseback to the surroundings, as well as walks to the nearby swampy mangroves. If you wish, you could also take a dry walk to the Arenal Volcano and relax in the hot springs that are very close. Hermosa Beach is, without doubt, the best point of Costa Rica Beach Rentals in the province of Guanacaste and the best option to stay during your vacation. So, if you have any query just contact us! Thanks for read: "Costa Rica Beach Rentals: Comfort near the waves", please leave a comment or share with friends in your social channels!! May you like read too: Why Costa Rica Luxury Homes are the best?
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Costa Rica Beach Rentals: Comfort near the waves
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