The Costa Rica Four Seasons resort is your ticket into a tropical paradise of epic proportions. Experience comfort and luxury beyond anything you believed possible, as PEXS offers you amenities services that perfectly complement this incredible resort. Costa Rica’s vitality thrives thanks to the excellent hospitality services of the Four Seasons.

The best resort in Costa Rica

For many people, The Four Seasons represents Costa Rica’s lifeline, the reason why the country is so popular and thriving.  While it is a perfect resort location, much of its greatness comes from Peninsula Papagayo, the 1400-acre tropical paradise that adventure seekers love and cherish.

If you love nature and crystal-blue seawater, then this is your ideal vacation destination. Explore the enchanting forests and cliffside locations of the peninsula, bathe in the sunlight on the beach and get comfortable in your hammock at the resort. Luxury, comfort, and beauty go hand in hand in Costa Rica.

What can you do in Costa Rica?

You can do many things here, from surfing, playing tennis and golf, to BBQs, sight-seeing, and bathing in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica offers you the adventure of a lifetime, and the Four Seasons provides the luxurious seasoning on top of that. Between the clear-blue waters of the ocean, the sunny skies, and the windy forests, you will never get tired of Costa Rica.

Our concierge and amenities program offers special services to our clients, from recommendations of ideal rental locations to excursions and personalized tours. We strive to make your vacation surreal and perfect. Moreover, we provide customized amenities and excellent hospitability to you and your family. Costa Rica is our playing field, and we offer you unique experiences when you arrive.

A tropical paradise destination

While the country itself is a brilliant gem, its splendor becomes evident only through the Costa Rica Four Seasons resort. With excellent accommodations and 5-star conditions, this rental location will complete your vacation perfectly. Relaxing in the resort after a day of swimming and hiking is a dream come true.

We can manage your vacation down to the smallest details if you want. Besides giving you access to the best resorts in Costa Rica, we also have certain supplying programs in our concierge services. We will take you on trips around the country’s most popular landscapes, take you cruising or fishing, and invite you to the Prieta Beach Club to bask in the beauty of our private beach.

Is Costa Rica worth it?

Costa Rica is one of the few places on Earth that still retains its natural splendor thanks to the national preservation programs. It is the ideal traveling location for a vacation and a perfect family destination. The Costa Rica Four Seasons resort is the shiny diamond hiding on Peninsula Papagayo that tourists love and cherish. For an authentic tropical experience,  PEXS recommends the Four Seasons resort as the ideal resort complex in Costa Rica.