If you want to enjoy a great vacation, you have to choose some Costa Rica Luxury Homes. Amenities and comfort are combined to create the most beautiful homes for vacations while you enjoy the nature that surrounds the structure. In Costa Rica, there are many houses for rent, but we recommend you to rent the houses that Pexscr offers in its catalog.

Where can you  find Costa Rica Luxury Homes?

Costa Rica Luxury Homes The most amazing Costa Rica luxury homes are in Peninsula Papagayo and it is the favorite area for tourists from all over the world. The Peninsula Papagayo is a gulf of Costa Rica situated on the northwest coast of the country, in waters of the Pacific Ocean. Its coasts belong to the province of Guanacaste which has the best views of Costa Rica. Among the most popular destinations in the Gulf of Papagayo are Ocotal Beach, Coco Beach, Panama Beach, and Hermosa Beach. Peninsula Papagayo and its coastline is the center of an important tourism project for the Costa Rican administration. In this sense, several high-end hotel chains and real estate developers plan to turn this region into a model of tourist center where the natural environment and commercial development can coexist. Costa Rica Luxury Homes In this area, you will find the Santa Rosa National Park to 50 km north of the city of Liberia and is located within the Guanacaste Conservation Area. The amazing Santa Rosa National Park protects large fragments of tropical forest (forest that previously covered all Guanacaste). This forest shelters a wide variety of wildlife such as jaguars, pumas and, dantas and between the birds, you will find peacocks, magpies, toucans, ospreys, etc. And, for reptile lovers, they will be able to see hawksbill turtles, leatherback, green and parrot. The park forms a biological corridor with the National Park Guanacaste and the Rincón de la Vieja National Park, adding between the three parks a total of 120,000 terrestrial hectares and 70,000 marine hectares.

Other suggestion to stay in Costa Rica is the Four Seasons ResortCosta Rica Luxury Homes

On Papagayo Peninsula, you can find the Four Seasons Resort, atop a hill on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It has many beaches, golf courses with a very pleasant climate and tropical air. In addition, you can make water sports and walks through the forests and jungles. This place is very much appreciated by couples on their honeymoon trips. So, follow Pexscr and discover the best places with the most amazing luxury homes. Ask for our new year specials!! Thanks for read: "Why Costa Rica Luxury Homes are the best?" May you like read too: Knowing Costa Rica Luxury Rental Homes and their Amenities
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