It is almost imperative to visit all the natural attractions possible in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; however, for those who enjoy an active nightlife, there are many options to enjoy. There are amazing towns where you can find luxurious hotels with great tourist attractions, but also unwind at night. The following are some bars you can visit and have a blast in the Guanacaste area.

Nightlife in Peninsula Papagayo

Peninsula Papagayo is a popular tourist destination, given all the natural beauty, and treat development in the tourism industry. There is the luxurious Marina Papagayo, amazing Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals as well as hotels, restaurants, activities and bars. The Four Seasons resort Costa Rica and fabulous Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals attract those with a fancy taste. Costa Rica Rental Homes There are many tourist activities you can do in the area of which water tours stand out. Sailing is a very popular activity too, as you can enjoy the wonders of the sea by sailing in a luxurious and comfortable yacht. Regarding nightlife, there are a few options; this is an area that has undergone great development aimed at tourist development. The following are just two of the many options:
  • The Dive Bar Costa Rica
This amazing location is great for delicious meal or for a few drinks. It is a luxurious bar and restaurant with a fascinating view of the Culebra Bay and the Marina Papagayo. The Dive Bar Costa Rica is a great place to delight from the delicious food; typical and international dishes are a part of the menu. There are great desserts, and last but not least, alcoholic beverages. This is a place to kick back and enjoy your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica while looking at the boats in the marina and enjoying the famous Guanacaste sunsets.
  • Chao Pescao Tapas Bar
Located in the Hyatt Andaz Resort in Peninsula Papagayo; this is a place to sit in an open terrace and enjoy the fabulous seasonal dishes created by the chef. It is a fascinating location where you can eat, drink and dance to live Latin music. There is a mixologist in the bar, so you can try different seasonal cocktails as well; there is also local craft beer you can taste along with Costa Rican tapas.

Nightlife in Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste (there is another Hermosa Beach to the South) is located between Coco and Panama Beaches, between two mountains. It is a laid back beach, more than the bordering beach towns; however, there are restaurants, shopping centers and bars.  Besides tourist services and natural beauty, this beach is popular due to the great Costa Rica luxury homes for rent. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica There are many tourist activities you can do in Playa Hermosa, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing and others. Furthermore, it is worth the time visiting the amazing national parks nearby; the nearest parks are Rincon de la Vieja, Palo Verde and Santa Rosa National Parks. The proximity of Hermosa Beach  to the Liberia Airport is another reason for its popularity.
  • AquaSport
This restaurant has a casual vibe; you can visit it at daytime for a nice breakfast or in the night for a delicious dinner and cocktails. The menu is mainly based on seafood and the site has a great view to the beach; sitting at the Aquasport, you can witness the breathtaking Guanacaste sunsets. From Peruvian specialties, to ceviche to tacos and cold beers, you can have an amazing tie at the Aqua Sport.
  • Sandbar
This wonderful site is a sports bar that features live music, game nights, tapas and original cocktails; the menu has been created from scratch aiming to provide a unique experience to its clients. The menu includes delicious burgers, chicken wings and delicious tapas. Besides all these characteristics, the site has created community events and offers Sunday brunches. It’s very unique!

Coco Beach Nightlife

If you are specifically looking for an active nightlife in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, Coco Beach is the perfect location for you. Coco Beach is popular amongst youngsters for the bars, discos and restaurants near the central square of the town. There are places that function as restaurants during the day and as bars as the night comes; this is not a calm and quiet destination as others. Besides the active nightlife in the town, natural beauty and incredible Costa Rica vacation rentals attract many visitors every year. Coco Beach has plenty of options for those who seek the highest quality, comfort, efficiency and luxury; prices may be high in general, but you will surely have an awesome tie in this tourist destination.
  • The Fabulous Hard Rock Café
The Hard Rock Café is a popular bar and restaurant worldwide. Experience the tastes of the American cuisine; there is a stage, rock music and a rock shop. Music and rock and roll lovers especially will delight from rocky vibe that exalts the greatest music legends.  There is also a rock shop functioning until 1 pm. Tasty meals, a great terrace and great drinks make it an excellent experience!
  • Coconutz Sports Bar
This sports bar is very entertaining as there is always something planned for each night. There is a calendar that you can even check on line where you can see all the events; the site has live music, great dishes, drinks and even movie nights. There is a varied menu in the restaurant; however, there is a special menu each night; if you are visiting the Coconutz Sports Bar, prepare for a night of fun. Ocotal Beach Nightlife Ocotal Beach is a much more tranquil destination than Coco Beach; however, it doesn’t lack places for fun at night. If you are looking to spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica this is also a great option for you; for those looking for lower prices, it might be easier to find accommodation options in other towns nearby. A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica here responds to great Costa Rica vacation rentals. Ocotal beach is a cal location; however, there are many tourist activities you can do. Water sports such as snorkeling, surfing and sport fishing are popular in the area. Near Ocotal Beach is Conchal Beach, there is resort with a golf course, in which you can get access for a whole day. The proximity of Ocotal Beach to the international airport also favor coming to this destination.
  • Father Rooster
This great bar and restaurant has an amazing ambiance. This is an American-like pub; it has great food, great drinks, two areas in it and an amazing view. Whether you sit under the palms or in the terrace, you will unwind and have lots of fun in this great bas and restaurant. Try the delicious sandwiches and cocktails in this great place; you will definitely enjoy yourself.

The Active Nightlife of Panama Beach

The fascinating panama Beach is located to the South of Culebra Bay; it is a very popular tourist destination in the Guanacaste Province due to the many services you can find there. Costa Rica luxury homes in the area and nearby are also a big reason to visit Playa Panama. The Four Seasons resort Costa Rica is not too far away and the accommodation options nearby are excellent.   There are also natural attractions nearby; there are 3 national parks that are not too far away. The nearest national parks in the area are: Santa Rosa National Park, Palo Verde National Park and Rincón de la Vieja National Park.  Regarding tourist activities, the most popular are water activities; scuba diving, sport fishing and especially sailing tours, you can have a lot of fun here. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  • Makoko
This bar and restaurant is located in the Mangroove Hotel. It is a place to have breakfast and dinner, and you can also have a few drinks. The place has been beautifully designed and you can have a delicious meal by a pool.  You need a reservation to visit the Makoko, where the idea is that you don’t just eat and have drinks; the concept is that the experience aims for well-being and creativity.
  • Abbocato
Abbocato is located on the way to Panama Beach, just after the Do It Yourself Center. The concept of the place is to provide dishes according to fresh ingredients; for that reason, menus are designed daily. Paola and Andrea are in charge of the cuisine and they stamp their signature style in their daily creations; the menu is on constant change and you require a reservation. The design of the place is another attractive appeal, you can sit at a terrace by the sea; it is a wonderful location. The Nightlife in Santa Teresa Santa Teresa is a calm beach town where you can go and relax. Its beaches are amazing and it is also nearby Malpais, a quiet but popular town nearby. Besides the many attractions that actually bring tourists to Santa Teresa, the accommodation options are a big factor. This is another great place to stay if you are seeking to spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Regarding activities you can do in this town, surfing is one of the most popular activities. There are also other options such as horseback rides and exciting canopy tours. One great place to visit during your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is the Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve; it is a protected area with tropical rainforests and dry forests, as well as an abundant wildlife.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  • Nativo Sports Bar
This is an amazing place to have delicious food, great drinks and watch sports in the plasma TVs. The drinks are awesome, there is everything you need; there is craft beer, fruity cocktails and smoothies as well as drinks blended with coffee.  There is a healthy drink offered and that visitors actually ask for; it is called a Green One Smoothie. The food is also amazing. The place has high ceilings and a beach vibe and the prices are reasonable. The service is also amazing; the owners are Costa Rican and you can feel the great hospitality in the service.

What is the Best Location for Partying in Costa Rica?

The places mentioned above are great locations to find accommodation options and go on adventure tours, but also party. But if you have to choose, the best possible choice is to go to Coco Beach. For those seeking for a laid-back destination and want to avoid crowded places, this is maybe not such a good idea. Coco Beach is a place where visitors and locals party on! If you are looking for an experience where you get to live the Tico culture, party and dance, this is the place for you. In December especially, not only visitors but also locals turn on the party in Coco Beach; this is the end of the rainy season and holiday season for Ticos too. Therefore, the town gets loud, happy and intense; it is a great place to forget about routine and party with style!

Is Costa Rica famous for its Nightlife?

Costa Rica has undergone great development in tourist services and there are places to party; nevertheless, partying is not what mostly attracts tourists. Nature and adventure tours are the biggest attraction, with national parks and biological reserves getting all the attention. Costa Rica is more popular for its nature than its nightlife, but that doesn’t mean it is non-existent.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Did you know that Costa Rica has a little over 5% of the world’s biodiversity? For this reason, many nature lovers come here, and the last thing they have in mind is partying. Nevertheless, the great hotels and resorts do have amazing options for you, like the ones previously mentioned. It is important though, that you research about the place you are visiting so that the trip flows smoothly. Some places may be quieter, but still, there are towns with great options in nightlife nearby. Whether you party or not, you will surely enjoy your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Thanks for read: “Costa Rica Nightlife in Guanacaste: Bars to Visit in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica" We recommend read too: 12 Recommended Locations for a Food and Drink Experience in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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