There are fabulous homes for rent in Costa Rica for those who have the incredible opportunity of visiting for vacation; as the Northern Hemisphere begins to get colder and colder because of the winter, the opposite occurs in Costa Rica. This paradisiacal country has incredible tourist beach towns in its Northwestern part; Christmas in Costa Rica has a sunny weather from the dry season, and it’s a great time to visit.

Costa Rica Real Estate: the Best Homes for Rent in Costa Rica are in the Northwest

Costa Rica has incredible natural beauty and tourist services; it has two coastlines and abundant biodiversity. It is a land for adventurers, natural lovers and tourist seeking the highest standards of quality. Furthermore, the West Coast of Costa Rica has numerous options to please all types of needs regarding activities and services; these are the most recommended tourist destinations for this Christmas: The new millennium brought upon it many innovations, and Las Catalinas is a great example of it; this modern town was created in order to offer an eco-friendly town to its inhabitants and visitors as well. However, Las Catalinas envisions modernity without motor vehicles or any contaminant practices; nature, beautiful buildings and tourist services available make this town perfect for visitors with eco-friendly visions. Costa Rica Real Estate 1 In addition, in this area, you can find fabulous Costa Rica luxury villas; the Westside beach Las Catalinas has amazing Costa Rica beachfront rentals. Here, not only nature is primordial, luxury is as well. Coco Beach is a fun destination; the younger crowds fall in love with this fabulous beach. Here, you can go on great water adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, sport fishing and more. Costa Rica luxury villas are also abundant in Coco beach, as well as other tourist services like transportation. In addition, Coco Beach has an active nightlife with amazing bars, cafés, and restaurants. Hermosa Beach, Guanacaste is characterized by its calm waters that are perfect for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling; on the contrary, there is another Hermosa Beach in the Central Pacific Coast that has good conditions for surfing. These waters are even calmer in the dry season, coinciding with Christmas Eve; in addition, there are amazing Costa Rica beachfront rentals in Hermosa Beach too. Costa Rica Real Estate 2 Hermosa Beach is a very convenient location for its proximity to an international airport (Liberia’s Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport); it is located about half an hour away by car, and it is also near several tourist destinations. One of these nearby destinations is the Papagayo Peninsula. This area has become incredibly popular and for evident reasons; the development has turned the peninsula into a modern tourist area. Natural surroundings make it unique mixing coastal landscapes with volcanic formations and lush forests; this paradise has, therefore, become a place for tourist development. For this reason, homes for rent in Costa Rica are abundant in Peninsula Papagayo. This Peninsula that comprises 31 wonderful beaches has a variety of options in Costa Rica real estate; whether you look for the best beach resort Costa Rica, or rental property in Costa Rica, you’ll surely find it. Governmental policies maintain this area with 70% of its natural resources unspoiled which account for the incredible natural surroundings; amazing services are available and more. Ocotal Beach is another popular destination of the Costa Rican West Coast; it is located near Coco Beach and it is the biggest settlement of Guanacaste Province. Ocotal Beach is a quieter town than Coco Beach, where you are more likely to find a great party; rental property in Costa Rica is also available in Ocotal Beach with fabulous and luxurious options. However, prices are high. Costa Rica Real Estate 3 The options in Ocotal Beach are meet the highest standards of comfort and luxury; this means that options are, although pricy, worth their cost. In addition to the fabulous Rica real estate of the town, there are beautiful landscapes nearby and fabulous activities available; snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular in Ocotal Beach. This beach is another magical destination; however, as opposed to the previous destinations, this area is not as frequented, and a little more low-key. If you are looking for a secluded area with incredible natural beauty but amazing luxurious services, visit Coyote Beach; there are amazing rental homes available in paradisiacal natural surroundings. The access to Coyote beach is, however, a little difficult. For this reason, there isn’t as much tourist affluence to Coyote Beach; nevertheless, access is not impossible. There are some water streams to cross in 4x4 vehicles, but they are no big deal; Coyote Beach is perfect for those running from big crowds and looking for a secluded destination. Santa Teresa is located South of Guanacaste Province; it is located near its border, but it is part of Puntarenas Province. The beach is near the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and it has amazing accommodation options, as well as incredible natural beauty. Whether you are looking for the best beach resort Costa Rica or fabulous luxury villas, Santa Teresa has great options. Costa Rica Real Estate 4 In addition, its location makes it easy for tourist to visit the area of the Papagayo Gulf, or to go to the Nicoya Gulf; this area is filled with abundant wildlife of which waterfowl stands out. There is a coastal landscape, meeting lush forests, mangroves, estuaries and more. Boat tours and other water activities are popular in the area; it is very easy to have fun here. Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations of the world; its advantages reside not only in its unique natural beauty, but on the fact that tourist services are equally outstanding. Christmas vacations in Costa Rica is the best choice you will make; there are numerous beach towns with incredible Costa Rica Real Estate offering the best homes for rent in Costa Rica. Thanks for read: ''Costa Rica Real Estate: the Best Homes for Rent in Costa Rica for your Christmas''. Share or Comment this post. Also try: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January: an Amazing Experience
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