It is worldwide known that you can spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica; this country is actually considered as one of the best tourist destinations. If you have a delicate and expensive taste, you can enjoy the best services and natural wonders in Costa Rica; furthermore, this is a place where natural resources are the biggest priorities. They are responsible for entertainment and the richness of the country.

The World Environment Day in Costa Rica

This celebration promoted by the UN to encourage environmental protection worldwide takes place on June 5th every year. This celebration has as main purposes addressing environmental issues and raising awareness in order to fight them; issues like global warming, marine pollution, overpopulation, crimes against wildlife, among others, are some of them. Costa Rica is remarkably committed to environmental conservation; the government, as well as its population, acknowledge the advantages of possessing such natural resources. For this reason, important environment-related celebrations like this day are used as an excuse to promote efforts in natural preservation. It is no secret how Costa Rica benefits economically from its natural resources as well.

For this reason, Costa Rica took the opportunity to celebrate this day in following ways:

It is worldwide known the problem that plastic represents all around the world. We are polluting our seas and attempting with the marine biodiversity. These are just some of the problems that we are facing; all from the use of items that could be made from different materials and cause less damage or none. In this regard, Costa Rican President took a stand in declaring the restriction of plastic.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The announcement was made on June 5th in commemoration of the World Environment Day; the idea is to restrict the use of single-use items made of plastic. The idea aims to lower the consumption of items made of this extremely polluting material. The announcement aligns with the policies and big efforts Costa Rica has made in order to promote natural preservation. Rincón de la Vieja National park is located in Guanacaste Province and it is a very popular tourist destination. The park is divided is three areas and it has two volcanoes, 32 rivers and a very diverse flora and fauna. The area has been a national park since 1974 and it is also a part of the Guanacaste Conservation Area; the new area added to the national park had the status of Natural Heritage of the State. This year, on June 5th, President Carlos Alvarado announced the expansion of this wonderful park, from 14,300 to 16,182 hectares. This decree has many purposes; for starters, it aims to protect the many drainage basins encompassed in the area. It also aims to protect many animal species securing their migration areas and it intends to contribute to the reduction of the effects of climate change. This year’s World Environment Day had another important event as celebration and it had to do with a debt forgiven; these two wonderful nations, Costa Rica and the U.S., have come together to create something good from a debt. On June 5th a new tree was planted in the U.S. ambassador’s residency to commemorate this day; also, the future of environmental policies in Costa Rica were discussed. One the matters discussed was the debt-for-nature swap. The United States of America has forgiven $26 million to the government of Costa Rica. These deals take place in order to exchange an economic debt for investment in measures to promote environmental preservation; this investment is not only a benefit for Costa Rica, it is a benefit to the world’s forests and biodiversity.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Some of the Great Destinations where you can Spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in Guanacaste Papagayo Peninsula is located to the Northwest of the Guanacaste Province and it is one of the best tourist destinations in Costa Rica for many reasons; one of these reasons is the natural beauty of the area which remains primordial regardless of the noticeable tourist development. This is one of the locations that attracts tourists with luxury but still provides a nature-oriented experience. Papagayo Peninsula has been the target of massive investments in the tourism industry; it has fabulous hotels and resorts, incredible housing complexes with the best Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals, and more. It has an Arnold Palmer signature golf course, tennis courts, several bars, cafés and discos, as well as beautiful beaches. It has amazing biodiversity and incredible tourists activities available.

Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals and other Accommodation Options

This area is perfect for those seeking to spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; this is not an area to cut back on expenses. On the contrary, this is actually the perfect place for those seeking the best options not only regarding natural attractions; furthermore, this is an area for those seeking luxury and comfort in a vacation. If you seek the best attention, services, and quality, this is the place for you. The best accommodation options in Peninsula Papgayo range from luxurious condos, to incredible houses and wonderful villas. In addition, many of the complexes allow their clients to enjoy the facilities of the Four Seasons Resort. Therefore, the clients can enjoy the great privacy and perks of staying in luxury villa rentals Costa Rica; and, at the same time, the services of this luxurious resort. Las Catalinas is a very interesting town to visit; this will be an unforgettable experience if you do visit Las Catalinas. It is designed and envisioned to promote natural preservation and to make the best out of the pedestrian experience; in Las Catalinas, there isn’t but only one highway, a main road to access the town. However, inside Las Catalinas you won’t smell carbon monoxide at all.The Amazing Tourist Features for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in Peninsula Papagayo Las Catalinas is perfect for a luxury vacation Costa Rica; this town, designed under the New Urbanism principles is very new and has been thoroughly planned. This city is a perfect example of a city where luxury meets nature. In Las Catalinas, you can find all the services you need with respect to tourism; furthermore, you will experience an eco friendlier town and be forced to leave laziness aside and move!

Accommodation Options in Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas is located in Guanacaste Province, and though it is located near the Pacific Ocean, it does not have a beach. Nevertheless, the coast is not that far away and you can find beautiful beach town called Danta Beach. If you prefer beachfront estates to stay in, then you can spend your nights in Danta Beach by the sea; then, during the day, you can visit beautiful Las Catalinas. You can imagine staying in one of the luxurious Costa Rica vacation homes available in Playa Danta; you would be right by the beach and just minutes away from the amazing Las Catalinas. Playa Danta is also a beautiful beach town and the Costa Rica vacation homes you can find there are incredible; you will experience luxury in privacy, have a private pool and face the ocean. Playa Hermosa, or Hermosa Beach, is a destination which has a name that translates into “gorgeous”; Hermosa Beach truly is a gorgeous beach town in Guanacaste Province. It is located in Culebra Bay very near Papagayo Peninsula and it is also a very popular tourist destination; the main reasons for its popularity are also its great services and natural attractions nearby. It is important to keep in mind that there are two Hermosa Beaches on the Pacific Coastline; however, the other Hermosa Beach is actually an important surfing destination as opposed to this Hermosa Beach’s calm waters. In addition, you can find the most amazing and luxurious options in Costa Rica villa rentals. Hermosa Beach has undergone great development which makes it perfect for tourism.

Costa Rica Villa Rentals in Hermosa Beach

As previously mentioned, Hermosa Beach has been the target of huge tourist development; this has resulted in great changes, but the town still remains having a calm vibe. The options in Hermosa Beach are several; there are luxurious condos, houses and incredible Costa Rica luxury villas. You will not miss a hotel when you are staying in any of these Costa Rica rental homes.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The most luxurious and well-equipped are the villas; nonetheless, other types of estates are also wonderful. Most of these Costa Rica rental homes include all the appliances you may need; the majority of them have a private or shared pool and they are placed right by the beach. You will be able to appreciate the breathtaking Guanacaste sunsets at the end of the day from your rental home. Ocotal Beach, or Playa Ocotal in Spanish, is a beautiful beach town on the Pacific Coastline. It is a quiet town with great tourist services and remarkable natural beauty. Ocotal Beach has fun tourist activities available, and it is actually popular for its great conditions for snorkeling; other water sports in the area are also popular. This amazing beach has waters as beautiful and clear as those of the Caribbean. This is a good example of natural conservation as well; this, due to the fact that it results in great biodiversity, reason why this is such a good snorkeling destination. The marine life is, on the one hand, a big priority, and on the other, a big attraction for tourists; not far from this beach is also Las Catalinas Islands, this is a place with great marine diversity. It is also a popular tourist destination.

Playa Ocotal Vacation Rentals

 Just as in the previously mentioned destination, there are amazing options in vacation rentals. The options in Playa Ocotal vacation rentals are the luxurious vacation rental apartments with an incredible of the Pacific Ocean; these are luxurious estates where you will be pampered similarly to as in a hotel but feel in the privacy of home. You will also be able to see amazing sights from these rental homes.Costa Rica Rentals Coco Beach, or Playas del Coco, is a very popular tourist destination. Furthermore, this area has been the target of so much development, that not only tourists but also Ticos visit it. This is a perfect destination for those seeking to experience a Tico party with Latin music and ‘pura vida’—as Ticos usually say—. The active nightlife of Coco Beach is one of its main attractions. For this reason, many people enjoy visiting Coco Beach; you can delight from its beautiful beach and have fun with tourist activities and have a blast at the end of the day. Coco Beach may be a very well-developed area; however, this doesn’t mean that nature isn’t a priority in the area. On the contrary, landscapes are also wonderful in Coco Beach, along with its great tourist services.

Rental Homes in Coco Beach

There are exquisite options regarding rental homes in Coco Beach; of these, the Costa Rica luxury villas are incredible. Coco Beach is perfect for those who want to stay where the party is happening; plus, foreigners will get to mingle with Costa Ricans.  Choosing a rental home in Coco Beach will bring you closer to the party; plus the homes for rent are very luxurious and very well-equipped.Costa Rica Rental Homes These are just some of the many destinations in Costa Rica where you can find beautiful landscapes; plus, in these locations, you will be able to stay in any of the fabulous luxury villa rentals Costa Rica. If you like high-quality tourism and you are an environmentalist, you will love Costa Rica; this is the perfect place to appreciate nature’s wonders with the greatest services on the side. If you are planning on spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica, you are in for a treat; Costa Rica’s perfect for being pampered and going on extreme adventures in close contact with nature at the same time! Thanks for read: "Ecotourism in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: An Environmentalist Nation", rate or share this post! You will love read: Vacations on a Mountain Bike: Costa Rica Luxury Vacations
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