Are you planning luxury vacations Costa Rica in Guanacaste Province for the beginning of December?  This Central American country is considered one of the best tourist destinations of the world; and, Guanacaste Province is actually one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. There are some characteristics about the area you might want to know about in this time of the year. The first half of December coincides with the end of the rainy or “green” season in Costa Rica; this means that as the Northern Hemisphere starts to get cold, Costa Rica starts getting dry. Nevertheless, those first two weeks, you might still see some heavy rains in Costa Rica; these will be the last heavy rains of the year as the dry season starts the third half of December. If you are planning on traveling during this time, there are some precautions you can take; for starters, know that outdoors activities don’t have to be cancelled. What you can do is plan the outdoors activities to take place in the mornings; generally, the heavy rains occur in the afternoons. However, chances are you get lucky, and see very few rains during the last days of the season. A usual concern for travelers is how many people they can expect to encounter in their tourist destination; for some people big crowds are a synonym of joy and happiness, for others it results annoying. Costa Rican beaches tend to be clean and well-preserved; nevertheless, big crowds do affect hygiene in public places and they also imply less vacant in popular tourist services. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica For this reason, it is important to know what to expect regarding the quantity of people visiting; in this regard, it may vary from the first days to the last of the second week of December. This is a time that is usually correspondent to a low season; however, the coming holidays in many parts of the world, might have a different effect on this. There might be very few at the beginning of the month, and a lot more two weeks after it. As previously mentioned, the rainy or “green” season is also known as low season; this has to do with fewer people visiting in this time. This time of year is a period when prices are low and there are many offers; there are also many discounts and packages you can take the opportunity to enjoy. In this time, the most incredible Costa Rica villa rentals and other services have lower prices. If you are looking for spending luxury vacations Costa Rica, it is likely that you are not seeking something cheap; chances are you probably don’t care about getting a discount. Nevertheless, it is never a bad thing to save a few dollars; you might destine your remaining money on other unique adventures. Travel in this time and you will surely find amazing luxurious services in excellent prices. Costa Rican roads are different throughout the country; some more populated town than others have perfect paved roads. However, there are some dirt roads to popular locations and in some you are even required to pass through creeks; this does not necessarily mean that some roads are in bad conditions, it is mostly a matter of weather conditions. But that is not so bad. Costa Rica is yearly struck with heavy rains; this naturally produces damages on the roads. In any case, they are normally maintained, but this usually occurs after the green season ends; this is because it is the time when reparations are most likely to properly be done and last. This means you might come across a few damaged roads after the rains of the season; however, other great factors make up for it. Costa Rica’s vegetation has a lot to do with the popular name that this reason receives; this may be the rainy season, which does not sound so attractive when you are on vacation. However, it also receives the name of “green” season, and there is a good reason for it. The rainy season is also known as the green season because of the beautiful lush green that Costa Rican plants acquire. Furthermore, the green color that plants acquire is just the beginning; after the heavy rains, the Costa Rican flowers bloom and ornament these landscapes. Apart from the beautiful green, there is also a lively color that the surroundings get after these flowers blossom; Costa Rica during this period is truly a spectacle for the visitors’ eyes. You will not forget these beautiful sights. During this time there are many changes, this has to do with the wildlife of the area as well; what happens is that the heavy rains affect rivers, creeks, and ponds. On the one hand, there is a disadvantage to heavy rains if you want to observe animal species; the abundant water fills up these sources of water that animals drink from or live in. This has consequences. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica First, the fact that there are more sources of water around results in animals having more where to drink from; this means, that they are not forced to come out of hiding places or secluded areas as much. They don’t have to gather near the few options and be seen because there are secluded options; on the other hand, the rains attract different animal species to different areas. If you are going on land tours during this time, there are some environmental conditions you should consider; the idea is that you take precautions in order to enjoy your luxury vacations Costa Rica. For example, there are trails that get covered under water after the heavy rains of the rainy or “green” season. This is how wet it gets, that some trails actually disappear when it rains too much. This is the case of national parks, natural reserves, or any areas that are located near river banks; this also occurs where there are mangroves and wetlands. The level of the water raises covering up popular hiking trails; for this reason, if you’re planning an adventure tour to go hiking or bike riding, it’s important to consider this. Check the specific destination you want to visit and how wet it gets during this time. The rainy or “green” season sounds like a time when there is going to be nothing but rain non-stop; in this sense, it is true that you are very likely to see various rains. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that during your complete stay in Costa Rica, the weather will be rainy. You will definitely have time to sunbathe and get a tropical tan; you will also get to fully enjoy all the adventures you wish. During the “green” season in Costa Rica, it is most likely that you see heavy rains during the afternoons. This means that you can take the opportunity to plan your activities in the mornings; then, in the afternoons, you can stay in your Costa Rica villa or wherever you are staying. Here you can relax by the sound of the pouring water while having a cup of delicious Costa Rican coffee.

Surfing in Guanacaste Province the First Half of December

Given that during this time the change from rainy to dry season starts to take place, it is great time; Costa Rica is an incredible tourist destination for surfing all year-round, but there are some differences. For experienced surfers, the best time to visit is in the “green” season; this is because the waves are higher. For first-timers, it is best to try it in the dry season, when waves are lower. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The first half of December in Guanacaste, Costa Rica the season is changing from rainy to dry; for this reason, you might find waves to please everyone these days. By the second half of December, the waves are lower due to the new season. Nevertheless, Costa Rica is an excellent surfing destination; regardless of the season, there are incredible spots that surfers cannot fail to visit.

Snorkeling and Diving in this Time

There are some differences to snorkeling and scuba diving in Guanacaste Costa Rica during this time; however, these differences are not directly related to the diving or snorkeling conditions. One of the differences that have to do with conditions underwater is related to the appearance of the bull shark; this species’ return to this area coincides with the rainy season in Costa Rica. Apart from it, other differences are unrelated to snorkeling/diving conditions. For starters, the fact that there a fewer people around is also a difference; there are fewer tourists demanding the services and visiting the specific locations. In addition, it is more common to see experienced visitors of these practices during rainy season than first-timers; in any case, the activity takes place in the mornings and is rarely affected by the rains. The first half of December is less crowded, although it starts to have more people as the second half approaches; still, it is not too difficult to find accommodations. There are fabulous Costa Rica vacation rentals as well as incredible resorts; however, it is not uncommon to have difficulties booking them in December. The second half of the month, for example, is usually very crowded. When it comes to booking Costa Rica vacation rentals or a room in a hotel or luxurious resort, plan ahead; Costa Rica is more popular every year and the first half of December is not precisely a time of no tourists. Therefore, whether you plan on staying in a Costa Rica villa, in a luxurious hotel, or studio apartment, plan ahead; book with time so that you find a good option.

Is it Really a Good Idea to Visit Costa Rica and Guanacaste Province the First Half of December?

Costa Rica has two seasons, and, as opposed to the case of the dry season, the “green” season is not as extreme. During the dry season, Costa Rica truly receives no water; days are dry and there is no rain. However, in the “green” season, the case is not exactly the opposite. This means that during the rainy season, it will not rain continuously from beginning to end; it is different. The days are characterized by dry mornings and rainy afternoons; therefore, if you expect to go on fun outdoors adventures and spend beach days under the sun, you can. You just have to keep in mind the best time to go on which adventure so that you truly enjoy yourself; if there are activities you want to do that take place indoors, you can leave them for the afternoons.

What are the Recommended Areas for Luxury Vacations Costa Rica the First Half of December?

The whole province is truly a wonderful area; nevertheless, there are some popular beach towns that count with the best tourist services and they have convenient locations. The Papagayo Peninsula is one of the most popular areas in Guanacaste Province; there are incredible resorts, hotels and villa rentals Costa Rica near paradisiacal beaches and popular tourist destinations. Other beach towns South of the Papagayo Peninsula count with amazing villa rentals Costa Rica, fabulous tourist services and more; beach towns like Ocotal, Hermosa, Santa Teresa, Coco Beach, Las Catalinas and others are truly incredible. Here you will have the time of your life; no matter the season, luxury vacations Costa Rica are incredible all year-round. Stop wasting your time, and embark on this unique and incredible experience! Thanks for read:
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