Spending luxury Vacations Costa Rica is an experience not everyone has the opportunity to live.  This jewel in Central America is a perfect place to reconnect with nature while enjoying the best tourist services; if you value great quality in services as well as nature, Costa Rica is the perfect place for your vacation. There are 6 types of forests in the country and you can see the in Guanacaste Province. Tropical rainforests are one of the reasons many people visit Costa Rica; these forests are characterized by not going through a dry season, they receive about 2.3 inches of rain every month. Usually, they are found near the equator, at about 10 degrees South or North from it. The forest is divided into three levels which make up for different habitats. There is the forest floor, which is at the ground level; due to little sunlight there is little vegetation in this level, but there is great animal diversity. There is also the understory layer, which is above the forest floor; at this level, there is some vegetation that receives only around 5% of the sunlight, and many animals live there. Finally, there is the canopy level; this is the top, where animals that don’t descend dwell. You can see rainforests in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in Rincón de La Vieja National Park.

Rincón de La Vieja National Park

The dense forest in Rincón de La Vieja National Park is now protected; nevertheless, this is after years of cattle ranching and areas destined to agriculture that have threatened their existence. The area is also ornamented by magical waterfalls like Oropéndola and La Victoria Waterfall; in addition, it has an abundant fauna. You can spot pumas, sloths, monkeys, jaguars and more. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The vegetation in Rincón de La Vieja National Park is also very rich; a big variety of tree species and colorful flowers, such as orchids light up the incredible landscapes.

Vacation Rentals Costa Rica near Rincón de La Vieja National Park

If you’re planning on visiting Rincón de La Vieja National Park and staying in Guanacaste Province, there are many options; the best recommendation is to stay in the Pacific Coastline, and the nearest option, in this case, is Papagayo Peninsula. Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals have luxurious designs, they’re right by the beach, and they count with the best tourist services. Another good option of vacation rentals Costa Rica nearby would be the Tenorio Area, a little towards the Southeast. However, with Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals you would have the Pacific Ocean right by; in addition, there are facilities in the Four Seasons Resort that customers of these villas can enjoy. Some of them are the golf course, the tennis courts, and others. This type of forests is usually characterized by presenting a cloud cover at the tree tops or canopy level; this trait makes them also present moss covering their plans and ground. As opposed to the rainforests, cloud forests are located at higher elevations, which sets them apart; in addition the temperature of cloud forests is usually lower than that of rainforests. Cloud forests, as their name suggests, present a fog or mist which makes them very humid ecosystems. Cloud forests, as rainforests, have rivers flowing though them; however, these rivers are usually shallower and they flow faster. The temperature and moisture provided by the rivers flowing from high altitudes contributes to the characteristic the cloud forest mist. In Guanacaste, Costa Rica, you can see Cloud Forests in Santa Elena Forest Reserve; very near, to the south, but in Puntarenas Province, is Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, another option. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Santa Elena Forest Reserve In Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The beautiful and continuously foggy cloud forest of Santa Elena Forest Reserve is abundant in biodiversity; incredible ferns and orchids ornament the lush vegetation. Regarding wildlife, it is also abundant; you can spot pumas, jaguars, slo6ths, spider monkeys, frogs, and toads. The place is also popular for bird watching given the numerous bird species in the area, like the resplendent quetzal.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This biological reserve is located South from Santa Elena Forest Reserve In Guanacaste, but in Puntarenas Province. As the name states, it is a popular destination where to see a cloud forest; the reserve protects over 2,500 plant species, as well as numerous animal species. Bird watching is also popular in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve; there are also many animal endemic species in this reserve.

Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica nearby

There are several options if you are looking for l­uxury vacation Rentals Costa Rica near both reserves; the nearest area with amazing options in home rentals is the Tenorio Area towards the Northeast. If you prefer to stay in a beach along the Pacific Coastline, the nearest option is Hermosa Beach in Guanacaste; it is a well developed beach town with incredible Costa Rica luxury villas.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica These forests are usually found in places with temperatures that are warm throughout the year; they actually receive a lot of rain, but they are also characterized by seasonal droughts. These forests are also characterized by presenting deciduous trees; their presence has an important impact. When these trees lose their dry leaves, sunlight is able to breach the canopy level and get to forest floor. For this reason, vegetation in the understory is much thicker. Animal life in these forests is also abundant; in Costa Rica you might spot wild cats, birds, monkeys, and a big variety of birds. You might also see lizards, snakes, and scorpions; they have amazing landscapes. In Guanacaste, you can find them in Santa Rosa, Rincon de La Vieja, Guanacaste, and Palo Verde National parks.

Guanacaste National park

Guanacaste National Park is located Northeast of Guanacaste Province; this is definitely a must-visit destination for fun, adventurous luxury Vacations Costa Rica. The park is located between Rincón de La Vieja and Santa Rosa National Parks, serving as natural corridor; many animal species can therefore move throughout this protected territory. The park consists of over 80 thousand acres.

Palo Verde National park

This park protects the small portion of dry forests that once covered the territory that is Central America; it is a place with abundant wildlife that due to changes in its weather, have migratory wildlife species in it.  Among the many animal species, you can spot, capuchin and howler monkeys, deer, and many bird species; bird watching is, therefore, a popular activity in this national park.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica  

Beach Rentals Costa Rica near Guanacaste and Palo Verde National Parks

Guanacaste National Park is located towards the Northeast of Costa Rica; if you are interested in visiting this park and finding luxurious rental beach homes nearby, choose Hermosa Beach Guanacaste; it has incredible Costa Rica luxury villas.  Another option nearby is Papagayo Peninsula; beach rentals Costa Rica are as luxurious and well-attended as the clients of any resort of the area. Papagayo Peninsula seems nearer from Guanacaste National park; however, by car, it is closer to Hermosa Beach. Regarding accommodation options near Palo Verde National Park, one option, not too far away is the Tenorio Area; however, if you want to stay by the beach, you could stay in Las Catalinas, very near the beach. Hermosa Beach in Guanacaste is not far either ; and even Santa in North Puntarenas Province is a good option nearby. Mangroves are small trees that grow in water, be it brackish or seawater; mangroves are found in swamps where abundant wildlife usually dwells. These are very important ecosystems to the Earth; however, water pollution—in rivers and the oceans—poses a big threat; another threat is also deforestation. Some areas are vulnerable to deforestation for the sake of tourism, in order to have bigger beaches. Nevertheless, you can still see these incredible ecosystems in Costa Rica without much difficulty; in Guanacaste specifically, there are various options. You can see mangroves in Santa Rosa National Park or in Las Baulas Marine National Park.

Las Baulas Marine National Park

This incredible National Park is located near the popular tourist beach town, Tamarindo; it receives its name after the sea turtle species it protects, the Leatherback sea Turtle, in Spanish “baula”. There are two important mangrove estuaries in the park; they are Tamarindo and San Francisco Estuary. The park is composed by 4 beaches; it hosts the important nesting ritual of the Leatherback sea Turtles.

Good Accommodation Options nearby for Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Las Baulas Marine National Park is located on the West coast of Costa Rica, bordering with the Pacific Ocean; it is near Tamarindo where there are amazing accommodation options and tourist service. However, there are more; you could also stay up north in Las Catalinas. This modern town is very eco friendly and was built following the principles of New Urbanism; it has luxurious options. Lowland rainforests are characterized by having the tallest trees and they are present in altitudes of 3000 feet; sadly this type of forest is also under big threat and there is just a small percentage of what once was found in the area. However, if you are interested in visiting these forests that house so varied animal species, you’ll have to leave Guanacaste. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica In order to see it you can visit Corcovado National Park in Puntarenas Province; if you are staying in South Guanacaste, it is not too far from it.

Accommodation Options Near Corcovado National Park

As previously stated, if you are staying in South Guanacaste, this National Park is relatively near; there are some great beach towns near Puntarenas in Guanacaste. However, if you wish to stay nearer you could also stay in the beautiful Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa is also located near the popular tourist destination Malpaís and there are incredible residence rental in the town. The main characteristic of a riparian forest is that you can find it near water sources; be it rivers, smaller streams, or other water flows, they are found nearby. These forests, therefore, tend to get flooded as the level of water rises; for this reason, depending on the season, water levels and wildlife varies. Riparian forests, sadly, are located to the Southeast of Costa Rica, a little far from Guanacaste.

Accommodation Options near Riparian Forests for Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

If you intend on visiting the wonderful riparian forests while staying in Guanacaste, you can; it is just a matter of finding a geographically convenient town to stay and good private transportation services. The nearest area where you could stay in Guanacaste with decent options is the Tenorio Area; however, it is still located a little far. One good idea would be to stay near Tamarindo beach town; besides it having good home rentals, hotels and other services, you can find good transportation here. In Tamarindo, there is a national airport that you can use to visit other parts of the country; in addition, there are other towns nearby that represent an excellent option like Flamingo Beach.

Costa Rica: Nature and Luxury

Several tourists visit Costa Rica every year, and there are many reasons for this. For starters, the natural beauty it possesses makes it unique and undeniably appealing to all; in addition, tourism development has occurred while ensuring the preservation of natural resources. For Costa Rica tourists, the experience is magical and overwhelming in the midst of great comfort. There is a variety of ecosystems, protected areas, and fun tourist destinations that are a guarantee of an incredible time; for nature lovers planning on visiting Costa Rica, the experience is truly one of a kind. You will be able to spend luxury vacations Costa Rica in one of the most rich places on Earth regarding biodiversity; you won’t regret it. Thanks for read: ''The Types of Forests You Can See in Guanacaste Province in Luxury Vacations Costa Rica''. Share or Comment This Post. You must read: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica: the Best Tourist Destination of 2018
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