The Four Seasons Costa Rica is one of the best-recognized resorts in the Peninsula of Papagayo. This resort is known around the world for being the best one in the region. And it is not only because it is a beautiful place to stay nearby the beach, but it also has a great staff making of this resort a complete experience for those who stay there. Many people want to rent the luxury homes Costa Rica has. But staying at the Four Seasons Costa Rica resort is also a luxury experience. Staying at this resort is being in both mountain and the beach at the same time. This is one of the most breathtaking places on the Papagayo Peninsula. The experience of being at the Four Seasons resort is something you cannot miss. And once you have done it, you would want to be back forever.Four Seasons Costa Rica

Four Seasons Costa Rica Golf Course

For those who love to practice Golf, the Four Seasons Club is among the top of 100 golf courses outside the United States. This club has the support of the Golf Association of the Unites States. It gives information and help to preserve the wildlife and the national resources. The designer of this course is Arnold Palmer; it has 18 holes with a fee of $240 and $175 for 9 holes. The fees of the lessons go from $300 juniors and adults for a session of two hours and $600 juniors and adults for a session of four hours. Juniors are teenagers of 15 years old and under and they must be accompanied by an adult.

Environmental compromiseFour Seasons Costa Rica

The golf Costa Rica offers to those who love this sport is unique. Not only for the experience of playing in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but also for the experience with nature. For playing Golf Costa Rica gives its most beautiful landscapes and allows people to play in a paradise. Both, the Four Seasons Costa Rica resort and the Golf Club compromise to prevent and protect the areas where this sport is practiced. Thanks to the joint effort, the field does not only has crystalline waters. It also has green forests and important trees. This has made the field and the cart path basically into a botanic garden. If you were interested in finding luxury homes Costa Rica, you cannot miss the experience of staying at this luxurious resort. If you have any questions do not hesitate to consult our group of experts! You just read: "Four Seasons Costa Rica golf experience",  rate us or leave a comment! May like read: Golf Costa Rica: Best Golf Course Designed by Arnold Palmer
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Four Seasons Costa Rica golf experience
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