Since it was completed, in 2004, The Four Seasons Costa Rica Hotel & Resort, it was designed to reflect the nature around it, it has been built up with natural materials, most of it volcanic minerals, pure stone and Caña Brava (Kind of wood similar to bamboo), also with wood taken from outside of the country, as well as with marble, something that is not available in Costa Rica, but that is taken from China and Brazil. Now it counts with 20 rental villas and 153 guest rooms, including suites. We take to you to some activities you can enjoy in your vacations. So, if you’ve been looking for Costa Rica’s Luxury Rentals, these activities might be also available for you.

Four Seasons Costa Rica: Surfing Four Seasons Costa Rica

If you’re looking for great waves but you don’t like excessively populated places, these beaches are going to be perfect for you, because Costa Rica’s Beaches are not that much crowded as Sydney’s or Hawaii’s, but instead, Costa Rica has some of the most amazing waves on the planet, and pretty less populated than the most famous ones. So these beaches are quieter, and sometimes even more amazing. The best part? They are close to Four Seasons Costa Rica. If you’re looking for surfing on the Pacific coast, have on mind that you’re not always going to have available the beaches for surfing, depending of the season. Most of the waves are coming from the Mexican coast, from atmospheric storms; however, these storms use to produce some of the greatest waves in the world, so these are only for the most experienced surfers so… would you dare to this challenge?

Four Seasons Costa Rica: Tennis and other activitiesFour Seasons Costa Rica

The tennis programs in the Four Seasons Costa Rica Hotel during the week includes some kind of organized tennis activity, games for drop-in singles and for teams, also you may practice Cardio tennis and strategy clinics. Along with that, every week, festivals use to be organized for children, for 10 agers and under 10 agers tennis. The Golf Courses were designed by Arnold Palmer. Now other Activities you could be interested in, and that Four Seasons offers: Birdwatching, hiking, snorkeling, and sailing. Remember these tips when you start planning your trip to Costa Rica, and never forget you read it on Thanks for read: "Four Seasons Costa Rica, with the best vacation activities for you", please rate this post or share in your social channels! You will love read too: Important things to consider after selecting a Vacation rental in Costa Rica
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Four Seasons Costa Rica, with the best vacation activities for you
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