Costa Rica attracts many visitors worldwide due to its astonishing natural beauty, the amazing tourist services such as its resorts and the great Costa Rica luxury homes, transportation and the great tours to magical destinations. However, many are drawn to this beautiful country due to its wonderful beaches with fascinating surfing spots and the big surfing movement on the Pacific Coast.

Recommendations of Great Surf Spots with Amazing Costa Rica luxury homes nearby:

  • The Famous Ollie’s Point
This is one of the most popular spots to surf in Costa Rica. Located on the Northwest of the country on the Papagayo Gulf, this is one of the preferred spots to surf. Named after a political scandal, this place that is located near Playas del Coco and Playa Ocotal, has left that history aside and the popularity of the spot occurs due to the great waves that make possible for the practice.Costa Rica luxury homes Since there are no land ways to get to this point, visitors who wish to visit this point must take some sort of water vessel to get there, which actually results in “traffic” on the water; however this does not stop surfers from their practice. The recommendation for tourists is to plan a tour with an agency that will arrange transportation, equipment, and lessons if necessary.

Costa Rica Luxury Homes Nearby Ollie’s point

As previously mentioned, this is not a destination for tourism and the access is not easy as other places, the spot has neighboring rocky formations, so there are no accommodation options right at Ollie’s point. However, there are many options in Playa Ocotal Vacation Rentals which is one of the access points, as well as in Costa Rica vacation rentals, the other access point to this location.

Are There Other Activities you Can Do in Ollie’s Point?

Apart from surfing, you can take the opportunity of this visit to do snorkeling, sport fishing, marine mammal observation, among others.
  • The World-Class Witch’s Rock
This is another—if not the most—popular spot for surfing in Costa Rica, and it is actually considered one of the best spots for surfing worldwide. Witch’s Rock is a rocky formation located off the coast of Costa Rica near Playa Naranjo. This area is a part of the Santa Rosa National Park in the Guanacaste Province, but the location for surfing is not Playa Naranjo, but the nearby Witch’s Rock.

What is the Best Time to Surf in Witch’s Rock?

Probably the best time to go surfing in Witch’s Rock is from December to March, which is when the tide is high in the Dry Season.

Costa Rica vacation rentals Nearby Witch’s Rock

If you are looking for accommodation options, there are some nearby; however, if you are looking for the best Costa Rica luxury homes it will be worth your while to drive a little and stay in the beautiful—as its name says in Spanish—Playa Hermosa.  Here you will find the best Costa Rica luxury villas, amazing luxury condos Costa Rica and fabulous houses for rent.Costa Rica luxury homes

Are There Any Other Fun Activities You Can Do in Naranjo Beach Near Witch’s Rock?

Apart from the surfing lessons, you can find Costa Rica Luxury Homes, do snorkeling and marine mammal observation, do sport fishing and other water activities. On the other hand, you can also visit Santa Rosa National Park and delight from the rich biodiversity and fun land tours in the park.
  • The Beautiful Santa Teresa
Also located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this is a popular tourist destination that once was a fishing town. Between the also beautiful Playa del Carmen and Playa Hermosa in the Puntarenas Province, the captivating white and golden sands of Santa Teresa beach enamor many. It is considered a world-class destination for surfers, and it that is actually one of the most impostant attractions of this beach town.

Is There a Better Time for Surfing in Santa Teresa?

Although you could probably go surfing here throughout the year, the best time to surf in Santa Teresa is during the rainy season, also referred to as “green season”. This is the time when you can surf the best waves and they tend to get really high, but they can also get dangerous, so you should be careful if you are not so experienced at some moments.

Best Rental Homes in Santa Teresa

Due to the transformation of this city into a tourist destination, this beach town has great options for tourists. Imagine staying in an amazingly Costa Rica Luxury Homes where you could go with your extended family and enjoy forest-like surroundings mixed with an ocean view, and the amenities that any five-star hotel would offer you. A private pool, maintenance, cleaning, and security personnel, are just some of the amazing features you could delight from.

What Other Fun Things Can you Do in Santa Teresa?

This is a good tourist destination for surfing, kite surfing, and windsurfing, do stand-up paddle boarding, go scuba diving or snorkeling, horseback riding, do yoga, pilates, go to spas; and last but not least, visit the  beautiful Costa rica Luxury Homes and Santa Teresa National Park and enjoy the wonderful tours and activities on land, as well as delighting from its fauna and vegetate vegetation.Costa Rica luxury homes
  • Mal Pais
Mal Pais, a town located in the Puntarenas Province, is a quieter location from its neighbor town Santa Teresa. Although this is a tourist destination, the development has occurred on a smaller scale if also compared to Santa Teresa. Mal Pais counts with waves that suit different levels of experience, and there are some rocky and even volcanic formations nearby.

What is the best Time to Surf in Mal Pais?

The green season could be considered the best to surf here, as well as in the neighboring Santa Teresa; however, the waves are excellent for surfing throughout the year as well.

Homes for Rent in Costa Rica near Mal Pais

Costa Rica luxury homes are not hard to find throughout the country; however, the best options near Mal Pais are probably in Santa Teresa. If you are looking for comfort, five-star service, and luxury, your best choice is to seek lodging in Santa Teresa. Given that Mal Pais is a more relaxing town, other services and commercial activities are surely found nearby, in Santa Teresa.

Are there Any Fun Activities you Can Do in Mal Pais?

Water sports are the most popular activities here including surf. Other activities are kite surfing, scuba diving, and sport fishing. Activities on land include horseback riding, hiking, going on canopy tours, ATV rides or simply relaxing by the beach and sunbathing. The vegetation and fauna of the area are a big part of this city’s attractions; marine life gets a lot of attention as well.
  • The Fascinating Tamarindo Beach
Tamarindo is a beach town in Guanacaste Province that has developed greatly due to tourism and in favor of this industry, going through a big transformation from its origins as fishing town. It has characteristics that make it perfect for water sports like surfing, among others. This is a perfect location for surfers with or without previous skills, and one of the popular spots to surf here is Tamarindo’s Rvermouth.

Is There a More Appropriate Time for Surfing in Tamarindo Costa Rica?

The tide changes during the day. Usually it happens during the rainy season; however, during the dry season, it usually blows offshore.Costa Rica luxury homes

Are there Good Options Regarding Rental Homes in Tamarindo Costa Rica?

Surely there are amazing options in luxurious rental homes. Imagine staying in a big house with family or even friends—they are big houses!—enjoying a private pool, personnel destined to care for your safety, maintenance and cleaning requirements, and assistance with special private services. A breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean is simply the icing of the cake; there are amazing options.

Are there Any exciting Activities you can Do in Tamarindo Beach?

The other main tourist attractions of Tamarindo beach besides water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking among others, are the fascinating Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge and the Marino Las Baulas National Park. Tours on land and many of them aiming at watching the amazing wildlife are some of the most popular, as well as other activivities such as zip lining, horseback rides, hiking and visiting hot springs.
  • The Amazing Playa Avellana
Located in the Guacnacaste Province, this beach town is also referred to as “Little Hawaii” due to the big waves that make it perfect for surfing. Here the waves can be up to 5,5m high, attracting experienced surfers from all around the world. The most popular spots for surfing in Tamarindo beach are “La Purruja”, and Avellana Estuary. Due to the usual high tide, swimming is not advble here.

What is the best time to surf in Playa Avellana?

The tide changes; in this sense, experienced surfers prefer visiting it when it is high. Nevertheless, the conditions are perfect for this practice throughout the whole year.

What are the Options in Home Rentals?

There are good lodging options nearby; however, the recommendation, if you are looking for the absolute best, is that you drive a little and stay nearby in Tamarindo beach. Here, amazing vacation rental companies that specialize in exclusive services of the highest quality will set you up with an appropriate rental home that live up to your standards, requirements and special needs.Costa Rica luxury homes

Are there any Fun Activities you Can Do in Playa Avellana?

Apart from water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, boat tours and obviously surf, there are other activities tourists can enjoy that include horseback rides, zip lining tours, hiking, and visits to hot springs.
  • Surfing in Playa Azul
The beautiful blue sea gives Playa Azul its name in Spanish. This beach is located in the Guanacaste Province and it is actually not as developed as other tourist destinations. This is a place where you can connect with nature forgetting about the hustle and bustle of the big cities and truly devote your time for relaxing or having lots of fun. Surfing here is very popular as well as nearby in neighboring beach town Marbella.

Is There a Best Time to Surf in Playa Azul?

All year round tourists surfers may enjoy this wonderful beach, this is a location that attracts surfers because they are of good quality for surfing, but they are not as crowded as other locations. Are there Good Home Rentals nearby? As previously mentioned, this is a less crowded location than other tourist sites, so development in this area has occurred in a small level. Nevertheless, there is a resort spa in which there are luxury condos Costa Rica as well as awesome Costa Rica luxury villas. Amenities and commercial services however, are not many in the area.

Are There Any Fun Activities for Tourists Nearby Playa Azul?

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is located nearby, and this is one main attraction of the area. Besides, water sports such as surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, boat tours, options on land include zip lining, snorkeling, visit to hot springs, hiking and many more. The flora and fauna of the vegetation are astonishing and many tours are devoted to admiring the natural beauty of the region.Costa Rica luxury homes

Is Costa Rica in General a Good Surfing Location?

Apart from these surfing spots, there are many other in Costa Rica such as: Manuel Antonio, Jaco Dominical, Nosara, playa Grande, Cabo Matapalo, Playa Hermosa, Playa Esterillos, Playa Negra, Playa Brasilito; Pavones, Playa Bejuco, Matapalo Guanacaste, and Esterillos Oesteon the West Coast. The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is basically perfect for surfing. On the other hand, there are also great surfing spots on the East Coast of Costa Rica, by the Caribbean Sea, such as: Puerto Viejo, and Playa Cocles. Costa Rica has hosted world championships and its waters are recognized worldwide for their good conditions for surfing, as well as the good services such as the awesome Costa Rica luxury homes such as the Ocotal vacation rentals and others mentioned that also make the stay in Costa Rica such a good experience. Then what activity would you like to do on your next vacation? Leave your comment in the sectin below!! Thanks for read: “7 Great Surfing Spots Near Amazing Costa Rica luxury homes on the Pacific Coast“, rate this post or share!! You will love read: 4 Nature Reserves by the Pacific Ocean to Visit in Your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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