Guanacaste Province has become a very popular destination for luxury vacations Costa Rica; as a result, not only its capital, Liberia, has developed greatly, but also have other towns in the province. This has occurred as a consequence of the growth of the tourism industry; this has motivated the affluence of people as well, and now there are major investments being made.

Guanacaste: a Place for Nature, Economy, Cultural Exchange and Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Guanacaste Province is located northwest of Costa Rica; it is an area of great biodiversity and captivating natural surroundings. There are 12 identifiable life zones in Guanacaste, Costa Rica according to Holdridge’s system; in them, you can appreciate incredible biodiversity. In consequence, this has produced a growth in the tourism industry, as many visitors are present every year. These natural features of Costa Rica attract nature lovers and everyone looking for adventure tourism. This tourist growth has made Costa Rica a center for cultural exchange; many people visit from different places of the world to spend fabulous luxury vacations Costa Rica. For this reason, services in Costa Rica aim to please international tastes; furthermore, the economic and tourist growth continues.

Some Recent Projects to Develop the Booming Guanacaste Province

Liberia is the capital of Guanacaste and it has an important asset for the tourism industry, an international airport; it receives a great part of the visitors alongside the international airport in San José. The expansion project of the airport intends to add a 20% capacity to its services; the improvements will be done to a total of an area of over 40 thousand square feet. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The more than 10-million-dollar project aims to add new offices and shops; there will also be new VIP lounges, and new boarding gates will be built. Baggage claim areas and waiting rooms will also be renovated. In addition, wireless network services for Internet access will be improved; there will also be a new X-ray system. Other services to improve the services to travelers will be made, modernizing the airport.

Advantages of this Project for Spending Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Liberia Airport is located less than 30 miles away from Papagayo Peninsula and other popular beaches of the Papagayo Gulf; besides these famous beach towns that have gained so much popularity. It is located near other tourist destinations. It is located near many national parks in the central part of the country; in addition, it is not too far from the East Coast if you wish to visit the Caribbean Coast. This is also a very important project for the tourist development in Guanacaste, Costa Rica; it has favored tourist services, overall transportation, economy, and it has even been eco-friendly. The The North Inter-American Highway Cañas-Liberia connects these two towns, now with remarkable enlargements;   besides having added more lanes, there have been other great improvements to the highway. The highway counts with a bikeway, returns, and bridges to facilitate transportation, not only for locals but for tourists too; it is important for a tourist destination to have good highways for foreigners. This highway is also very eco-friendly in that it counts with many bridges for animals; some are subterranean bridges, and some are aerial bridges. They connect a tree from one side of the highway with another at the opposite side.

Advantages of this Project

This project has favored Guanacaste greatly; first, economically, it was a great incentive in the country. It created many job positions and its legacy contributes to better transportation services, which ultimately favors businesses. In addition, the many enhancements made to this highway connect important destinations in a better way; the routes get shorter and the rides more comfortable for tourists as well as Ticos. This project is another example of the great growth that Liberia, Guanacaste Province’s capital is undergoing; the plant is actually intended to replace the actual plant that is located in the country’s capital, San José.  The new Coca-Cola plant will be located in front of the Daniel Oduber Quirós Airport. The construction of this plant is a 50-million-dollar project. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica This project represents a big investment that will result in great economic results; for starters, it will favor the export sector in Costa Rica. The Coca-Cola drink, as well as others of the company, will be exported to various countries in Latin America. The building of the plant will result in the creation of many job positions and overall economic growth for the country.

Advantages of this Project to Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The construction of this plant will represent the creation of many job positions and offers for many new employees; greater economic growth will take place and larger numbers of people will require plenty of other services. Food and transportation services will be required in the area having a great impact on economy; Guanacaste is still to witness more changes and development. The big affluence of tourists has made possible the arrival of two new airlines that will begin their operations. This is great news because during high season, there’s truly big demands of flights, so many travelers will be favored; new destinations from where to get to Costa Rica and an added number of flights are part of the improvements. The growth of the tourist industry is clearly evidenced. The new airlines that will begin their operations with flights to Costa Rica are Aeroméxico and Apple Vacations; this means that as the number of visitors increases, the options in services also increases. In addition, Air Canada, an already operating airline in Costa Rica, is adding new flights to the ones already scheduled. Guanacaste grows in accordance to its tourist demand.

Advantages of these Airlines and Flights Additions

Spending luxury vacations Costa Rica has a lot to do with the tourist services in the area; in this regard, the advantage of having flights available to Costa Rica has clearly become a good business. This has come to benefit not only the tourists then, but also motivated foreign investment; in addition, this has resulted in connecting Costa Rica with the world even more.

What are some also Developed Areas in Guanacaste Province to Go on Vacation?

Guanacaste Province has gone through great development, but it has not only been an industrial development; small beach towns, in cases just fishing hamlets, have grown to become popular tourist destinations. These beach towns have the great characteristic of maintaining the laid-back essence of the Ticos but now offer great services; they have even become luxurious and now attract many. The area of the Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica has become an incredible tourist area; it has luxurious resorts, Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals, and entertainment services and a lot more. It has become popular worldwide and it is located just over an hour from Liberia. The fabulous Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals and the whole area are an example of the development that Guanacaste has undergone. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica A remarkable feature of this area, and of Costa Rican policies in general, is the environmental laws of the area; Papagayo Penisula indeed has gone through major development, but it has been controlled. The environmental laws actually require the area to maintain unspoiled in 70% of the territory; this is a major restriction that ensures natural preservation be enforced and kept as a priority. Located in the Papagayo Gulf; Hermosa Beach is another very popular destination for tourists. Massive resorts and luxurious hotels are available in this area as well as other services including beachfront rentals in Costa Rica. Facing the Pacific Ocean as the other beach towns of the Papagayo Gulf, Hermosa is quiet and “beautiful”; a place to forget about your problems. Coco Beach is a very popular destination in the Papagayo Gulf; there are fabulous services like beachfront rentals in Costa Rica, transportation, amazing natural beauty, and an incredibly active nightlife. Coco Beach, apart from having numerous Costa Rica luxury homes for rent, also has varied options regarding entertainment; in fact, it is the to-go beach if you want to have a fun night out. Coco Beach has numerous cafés, bars, and restaurants where you can relax at the end of your days in Guanacaste; in addition, this is a location that is also popular among locals during the holidays. This means that if you are one of those who enjoys mingling with the natives, Coco Beach is perfect for it; you can go out, eat delicious food, have a few drinks, and dance to fun Latin music in Coco Beach. Las Catalinas is truly a sign of development in Guanacaste and in all Costa Rica; unique in the country, Las Catalinas has been designed to follow the principles of an architectural style called New Urbanism. The principles of this trend are very eco-friendly and they consider nature as a priority in the design of the cities; so is the case of Las Catalinas, a new modern eco-friendly town. Las Catalinas has been envisioned to provide its inhabitants an environment free of pollution and with great consideration to nature; one of the outstanding features of this towns is that there are no roads for motor vehicles in Las Catalinas. There is one main access road to get to the town; however, once in there, the roads are designed for walking, running, skating, bike riding or similar non-motor vehicles. Ocotal Beach is another beach town located in the Papagayo Gulf; it is located very near Coco Beach. In contrast to Coco Beach, Ocotal beach is said to be a laid-back, quiet destination; as opposed to the active nightlife you can find in Coco Beach, Ocotal is a lot calmer; it is perfect for family vacations. Nevertheless, in spite of it being calm, it has great tourist services, including Costa Rica luxury homes for rent. Ocotal Beach is located just minutes away from Coco Beach; therefore, if you seek to stay in a quiet destination, you can stay in Ocotal Beach. Then, for the members of your traveling group interested in experiencing the nighttime in Costa Rica, Coco Beach is near; in just a few minutes you can be in a bar in Coco Beach having lots of fun and mingling with the locals.
  • Coyote Beach

Coyote Beach is located in southern Guanacaste Province; it is located in the Nicoya Peninsula near the border with Puntarenas Province. As opposed to Coco Beach and other more popular destinations, Coyote Beach is a more of a secluded destination; this is not the place to seek a great party or an active nightlife, but rather to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The access to Coyote beach is very difficult by land; this means that if you are planning to visit this area, your best decision is to go on a 4x4 vehicle. Coyote Beach is very beautiful and it is also a wet area; during the rainy season, you might have to drive through rivers in order to get there. However, during this time the rains are starting to be less frequent, so access is easier.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica: Development and Beauty Join Forces to Create the Best Destination

Guanacaste, Costa is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world; its incredible landscapes, tourist services, including vacation rentals Costa Rica, and more, are just some of the reasons. Guanacaste is an area of great potential, and the tourist development plans have just begun. There is still time to see what will become of the booming region. For now, it is smart to visit the unspoiled areas of which, some, you can only witness in Costa Rica. Stay in the fabulous hotels, delight from the natural beauty and enjoy the fabulous vacation rentals Costa Rica; this will be an unforgettable experience, you’ll never forget your luxury vacations Costa Rica! Thanks for read: ''Guanacaste Province: a Place for Economic Growth and Luxury Vacations Costa Rica''. Share or Comment this post. You will love read: Foreseeing Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in Guanacaste Province the First Half of December
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