Whenever you are traveling, there are very import things to considerate in order to have the best of the experiences. If, for example, you are choosing a vacation Rental in Costa Rica as your next destination, you are probably thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of the place according to its location; besides of the cautions and touristic aspects of the region you will visit with your family, so the entertainment is guaranteed for all the people traveling with you. Costa Rica Rental Property. 

General information about having a vacation rental in Costa Rica

For having a vacation rental in Costa Rica, it is necessary to select the location carefully and with the proper knowledge about everything if possible. And here at Pexscr we are glad to give you an insight on that matter. Starting by the country itself, Costa Rica, which is a Central American country, surrounded by 2 other countries on the north and southern part, named Nicaragua and Panamá. Plus, it is surrounded by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean from side to side, and is because it´s bathed by both coasts and thanks to its strategic geographical position that Costa Rica is generously endowed with great amount of climates, fauna and flora. From amazing beaches, wetlands, cloud forests, rainforests and an endless array of micro climates that are suitable for all types of tourism. This variety also allows a great variety of activities such as: surfing, canopy-zipline, rafting, parachuting, sport fishing, tennis, golf, and more!
Vacation rental in Costa Rica

Golf course design by Arnol Palmer in Costa Rica

Ticos and Ticas (Famous Costa Rica’s name given to its citizens on a affectional sense) are known worldwide because of their kindness, and this is related to the fact that they are great hosts to people from many different cultures around the globe. They like to make them feel comfortable. Temperature is variable, because it depends of the season and how high you are going to be (the altitude or elevation. In this sense, try to be ready and prevent any situation; for example to include in your baggage some repellent and a raincoat… Just in case.

One of the attractions that are enjoyable from a privileged vacation rental in Costa Rica: Volcanoes

If what you want as a tourist is to witness the power of nature in a safe way and yet amazing, we recommend looking for a vacation rental in Costa Rica from which you enjoy the view of its breathtaking volcanoes. There are six of them that are active, and from these ones we can mention Rincón de la Vieja, located in the province of Guanacaste, which has 9 craters that are eruptive, as well as geysers and mud pits that are always bubbling. Hiking activities are always controlled there.  Another volcano you should consider visiting is Arenal, which also offers a magnificent exhibition of how volcanic activity is. As a plus, close to it there is a relaxation spot that brings to its visitors an unforgettable romantic atmosphere; we’re talking about The Tabacon hot springs, one popular place derived from the volcano. Here is Pexscr we have many more to show you about this incredible country! Do not miss a thing we have for you! Contact our specialty concierge to know more! Thanks for read: "Important things to consider after selecting a Vacation rental in Costa Rica", rate this post or share in your social channels. Also you can leave any question in our comments section below! You will love read: Best experience at Costa Rica beach rentals: Prieta beach Club
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Important things to consider after selecting a Vacation rental in Costa Rica
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