Going on luxury vacations Costa Rica is one of the best decisions you will ever make. It has paradisiacal landscapes; furthermore, it has 12 different life zones with incredibly rich biodiversity and its beaches are of its most popular destinations. The good news is: you don’t have to feel guilty about giving yourself this treat; it has been proven that going to the beach is actually good for your health.

Benefits of Visiting the Beach in your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two coastlines and, along them, many beach towns that are perfect for vacations. The Guanacaste Province, located northwest of Costa Rica, is an area that covers several tourist attractions in land; furthermore, it borders with the Pacific Ocean and along the coast has many amazing beach towns you can visit. Guanacaste Province is also recommended due to its great tourist services.

Visit paradisiacal beach towns along the Pacific Coastline and enjoy do things that will ultimately be beneficial for you:

“Grounding”, or walking barefoot, is a practice that has been scientifically proven to affect positively the human body; the earth is charged with energy that is transmitted to the human body when we walk barefoot. It may seem like pure entertainment, but going on Luxury Vacations Costa Rica may be good for your health; this, by visiting one of the many wonderful beach towns in Guanacaste province. What occurs when we walk barefoot is that the sand transmits negative ions to us; this translates into an amazing feeling that can be felt right away, the moment we take off our shoes. This means that just by taking a walk stepping out of the beachfront luxurious Costa Rica villas, your health improves. Medicine journals have reported these facts; our feet can incredibly charge us with health! The sound of the waves crashing is so calming that its benefits for the human brain are remarkable; not only that, many new mentally-healing treatments are being developed inspired by waves crashing. What occurs with the effect of crashing waves is directly felt by the human brain; this sound can help people reach a state similar to that of meditation. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica When the brain achieves this meditative state, there are scientifically proven benefits to health; chiefly, it has been proven that the brain heals and strengthens. These benefits have gotten so popular that there are even new trending treatments like “deprivation float”; these treatments intend to emulate the calming, repetitive, soothing sound of the waves. You can do this relaxing by the beach or sailing in Costa Rica. Scientific fact or not, one thing that instantly makes you feel better after getting to the beach is taking a deep breath; furthermore, there are studies that do evidence the benefits of breathing the salty air at the beach. The ocean mist actually has negative ions which immediately improve our health after taking the first breath; these health benefits have been scientifically proven. Negative ions improve our mental health; they are actually anti-depressants. There are studies that have shown that mood swings can be influenced by ions; this way, depending on whether they are positively or negatively charged, they will affect mood swings differently. Furthermore, there are studies that have proven it to be beneficial for those suffering of seasonal affective disorder. Costa Rica has amazing paradisiacal sights; in the 12 different life zones that it has, Costa Rica will amaze you with the view. With respect to beaches, along its both coastlines, will also take your breath away; Guanacaste Province’s beaches are no exception. These beaches are located in the Northwestern side of the country; there you will find amazing sights and services to spend Luxury Vacations Costa Rica.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica How can you improve your health by seeing these sights? Well, it’s simple; the wonderful ocean and sky’s blue will heal you. Studies have shown that the color blue somehow conveys a sense of calmness; for this reason, the moment you sit back and relax at the wonderful Costa Rica beaches, you start healing. Staring at the ocean helps us achieve a state that is meditative affecting positively the frequency of our brain waves. Going to the beach is a perfect for working on sleeping problems or making yourself get the rest you deserve; when you go to the beach, you are forced to sleep, whether you plan it or not. When you go to the beach there are variables that positively help you into getting a better sleep afterwards: your hormones get a better balance, physical exertion and stress and anxiety relief. When you go to the beach, your hormone levels are balanced as a result of sunbathing; it is also due to stress relief. Sometimes it’s difficult to relieve stress and anxiety and whether you like doing exercise, you do it at the beach; by walking on the sand, swimming or just attempting to stand at the shore you exercise. At the end of the day, you have had fun and you’re ready to recharge with a good rest. It is not so crazy to hear someone say they miss the beach; when you are in contact with the salty water, there are many benefits to your health. The most important benefit is that you can improve your immune system by swimming in the salty water; it contains iodine which has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system. It is important to have good levels of it.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Energy levels and metabolic rates can be optimum by ensuring that iodine levels are balanced in our bodies. This compound even has anti-carcinogenic characteristics; in your luxury vacations Costa Rica, you have the best excuses for taking a break. You can absorb iodine when swimming, through your skin; furthermore, salty water helps cure infections and it is antibacterial and antifungal. Needless to say, going to a Costa Rica beach might get you a beautiful tan; obviously, you have to take the precaution of wearing sunscreen. Furthermore, by getting a safe sunbathe, you are absorbing the D vitamin your body very much needs. In addition, besides the many advantages of getting sunlight, the beach water also has incredible effects on your skin’s health and appearance. Bathing in ocean water can be extremely beneficial for your skin. For starters, the contact with the sand helps exfoliate your skin. In addition, the exposure to the sunlight opens up the pores; this allows the salt water to detoxify the skin. Last but not least, the iodine in the salt water can function as an antibacterial, preventing you from breakouts; your skin will truly thank you. It is not like you step out of the airplane and start losing weight; however, there are numerous options for you to lose weight having fun or without even noticing. For starters, if you like to swim or just soak up and get into the water, you are doing exercise; when you swim or simply move inside the water, you’re making a lot more exercise than you do over water. In addition, there are several fun sports and activities that you can do in Costa Rica while at the beach; you can try surfing, Stand up Paddle Board, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more activities. And remember, this is just at the beach. In land, there are many other natural attractions you with which you can entertain yourself; plus, there are gyms and spas.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica When you go to Costa Rica, you can truly delight from the comfort and luxury of all the services; there are several spas and gyms, where you can take a time to relax and focus on your wellness. There are massage parlors and beauty salons where to get treatments that will get you in a better mental health; besides relaxing you, they can also help you ease physical pain. In these spas and beauty salons there are specialized treatments that have been proven to calm strong aches; furthermore, some are amazing gyms with trained personnel that’ll guide you and teach you to attain the body you desire. There are indoors and outdoors facilities with an incredible design and equipment; these amazing establishments will help you start liking a fitness lifestyle.

What are Some Beaches you Can Visit in your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica?

There are wonderful tourist destinations throughout the whole Costa Rican territory; however, one highly recommended area for visitors is that of the Guanacaste Province. This Northwestern region is a very popular tourist destination due to the many beautiful natural attractions; in addition, this natural beauty has made the area develop in order to attract tourists. The province comprises several national parks, wildlife reserves and incredible beaches which are the biggest attractions for visitors. These beaches have been the target of big foreign projects of investments which have resulted in amazingly developed areas; these once small towns are now great tourist hubs. Visitors can find anything they need, from basic services to great entertainment options. This crystal clear blue water beach is one of the most popular among visitors and recommended for them; the natural beauty of the area, plus the great services and high environmental conservation standards are the main reasons. Hermosa Beach is located in the Hermosa Bay and it has actually been awarded with the “blue flag” prize; it categorizes it as a beach with great safety and environmental standards.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Furthermore, one very important aspect of Hermosa Beach is its fabulous luxury homes Costa Rica; these fabulous villa rentals Costa Rica are placed at the beach front where visitors can delight from the wonderful sunsets. In addition, they are equipped with the best appliances and count with remarkable architectural designs. Hermosa Beach has calm waters perfect for swimming, just a few steps from your villa. Coco Beach is a very popular destination; as similarly to Hermosa Beach it has great tourist services, amazing water and great villa rentals Costa Rica. Coco Beach has also been target of this development and now possesses numerous bars, cafés and restaurants; for this reason, it is now a very attractive destination for younger tourists. With Costa Ricans and foreigners, there’s usually a party in Coco Beach. You cannot go wrong with the amazing luxury homes Costa Rica; they face the Pacific Ocean, have the best most luxurious tourist services and they represent privacy. However, some may consider this a party-like destination; if this is not an attractive feature for you, that is no problem. The neighboring towns of Coco Beach also have great Costa Rica villas, and just minutes away from it. The whole coastline of the Province has incredible beach towns with great services including Costa Rica vacation rentals. The beaches in the Papagayo Peninsula, for example, also have great options in Costa Rica villas; plus, there are amazing resorts in it as well. There are also other beaches like Ocotal and Ostional Beaches; which are very beautiful and have everything you need as well.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica There are also other beaches like Danta, Tamarindo and others which stand out as tourist destinations; the best thing about these beaches is that they are also located near great national parks and other natural attractions. The moment you arrive in these amazing beach houses facing the Pacific Ocean, you’ll start to feel better about yourself. Going to Costa Rica is a magical experience; you get to entertain yourself, relax, and be in touch with nature. Besides getting the rest you very much need, you will be doing for your health; you will be rebooting yourself and improving your health in amazing luxury vacations Costa Rica. Thanks for read: "Improve your Health with Fabulous Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Going to the Beach ", rate or share this post! You will love read: Why Choosing the Four Seasons Costa Rica is definitely Your Best Pick to Have the Best Vacations!
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Improve your Health with Fabulous Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Going to the Beach
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