If you are a lover of sporting events, you can’t lose the celebration of the IRONMAN Guanacaste Triathlon 70.3 in Guanacaste located in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Thus, this event has date of starting in June, 2017. The triathlon consists in high strength sports in which athletes will must to prove their abilities and resistance in order to win this difficult race and conquer this challenging island.

An Overview about Guanacaste

Guanacaste is the province number 5 of Costa Rica, located in the northwest corner of the country. It limits the north with the Republic of Nicaragua, on the east Alajuela, Puntarenas to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. This province is characterized by large areas of plains, land conducive to raising cattle and growing grains, is especially formed by the Valley of Tempisque River and is the reason why the province is nicknamed "la pampa" and also "la bajura"ironman guanacaste Due to its location, Guanacaste covers the northwest corner of Costa Rica, being home of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Tamarindo is a sunny place for most of the year and the weather is nice without much moisture. There, travelers can make any kind of sports like surfing, ATV tour, diving, zip lining, horseback riding, hiking and more. It covers 34,800 hectares and embraces six zones of wildlife; Rincon de la Vieja National Park is one of the most visited to Costa Rica. From its active volcanoes and deep soil and wonderful waterfalls, this park is perfect for any wildlife lover. Travelers will find mountains and cloud forest as well as diverse ecosystems along a path.

About IROMAN Guanacaste Triathlon 70.3 

IRONMAN Competition is considered the hardest and most demanding sporting event in the world. It consists of swimming 3.9 km in open sea, followed by 180 km bike and end up running a marathon of 42.2 km. The three disciplines are made consecutively and the average time of an athlete is between 12 and 14 hours.ironman guanacaste This triathlon competition was originated in 1978, Hawaii; when the young American John Collins proposed to combine three existing competitions to know which athletes were better (swimmers, runners or cyclists). The competitions were:  Waikiki Roughwater Swim (4 km), the around-Oahu Bike Race (180 km) and the Marathon of Honolulu (42,195 km). Undoubtedly, the beautiful Costa Rica has the best natural environment to carry out IROMAN Triathlon 70.3 in 2017 Are you ready for Iroman Guanacaste? Let us know if you need help from our concierge specialists. If you like: IROMAN Guanacaste, Triathlon 70.3 will be celebrated in Guanacaste, Costa Rica 2017; please let a comment below. May you like read: When is the best time to visit Costa Rica and better plan your luxury rental home
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