Blessed with better views due to altitude but also counting with great amenities and private services; luxury condos Costa Rica are located in strategic beautiful and specifically tourist-friendly places. In these luxurious condos, you have more comfort and privacy than in a hotel room and also delight from the various amenities you will not be envying from a hotel either. Costa Rica has some specific locations that have developed and become tourist destinations; however, tourism in these areas has grown in the direction of luxury tourism, as opposed to growth in options for those with tighter budgets. It is not that there aren’t, in general, those types of options, but it is the bigger tendency and luxury condos are no exception as part of the options in Costa Rica vacation rentals.Luxury Condos Costa Rica

Some Destinations with Great Options in Luxury Condos Costa Rica

There are great options at a walking distance from the beautiful—as its name in Spanish expresses—Playa Hermosa. This is a very popular beach town located in the Guanacaste Province nearby other very popular beaches such as Playas Del Coco, Playa Panamá, considering there are two beaches with the same name in Costa Rica. The condos in this Playa Hermosa are very near the calm beach perfect for swimming, as opposed to the other Playa Hermosa, which is actually a surfing destination. These condos are fully equipped with all the luxurious amenities you might expect; a pool and a terrace make it a perfect setting for relaxing and other services such as a gym and tour services are just some of the few amenities of these amazing condos.

Attractions Near the Beautiful Playa Hermosa

  1. National Parks
Rincon de la Vieja National Park where great biodiversity; added to amazing volcanic formations—including the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano—make it a beautiful destination. But also a location that allows for many hiking activities, as well as other adventure tours. Palo Verde National park is also near Playa Hermosa, where birding is probably the biggest attraction; though there are many other things to do there. Santa Rosa National Park is also very near Playa Hermosa; this is a tourist destination where you can not only be a witness of great biodiversity and be part of great adventure tours. but this is also a place with great historical baggage that you can actually learn by paying a visit.

Some Useful Information for Visitors of Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

This beautiful beach is located roughly 20 minutes from an international airport, it has great accommodation options even besides condos and it is a good place for relax, but you can surely have some fun with great tourist activities popular in the area.  Scuba diving, snorkeling and all sorts of adventure water activities are also available, so that you can please all interests in your vacation group.Luxury Condos Costa Rica The environmental standards you can appreciate in Playa Hermosa make it a perfect example of the great efforts this paradisiacal Central American country is making on natural preservation. You will stay be able to stay in any of the luxurious options, while enjoying the amazing natural view of this wonderful tourist destination.
  • Playa Ocotal
The amazing options in luxury condos you can find in Ocotal Beach can also be are also strategically located at a walking distance from the actual beach, which is also very conveniently located 30 minutes from the international airport in Liberia city. This beach town in the Guanacaste Province offers many tourist activities as well as services for their comfort and entertainment. Located near the also popular Playas del Coco, Playa Ocotal has gorgeous luxury condos with amazing views to cliff and hills; jungle landscape and the sea. These condos that also come fully-equipped; with all the required appliances and amenities for luxurious vacations are not only beautiful; but surrounded by a natural view that will enamor you; the wonderful sunsets alone will take your breath away.

Marine Life, a Great Attraction of the Area

Playa Ocotal is located near Playa Hermosa; therefore, the same national parks are located near this also beautiful beach. However, one important attraction of this destination is its marine biodiversity. This feature makes Playa Ocotal a great tourist destination for activities such as snorkeling or scuba diving. Here, you might spot varieties of rays, octopuses, dolphins, whales, sharks, sea-turtles and several varieties of fish, among others. This is one of the reasons for these water activities to attract so many visitors to the area.

Additional Information about Playa Ocotal

This beach town combines a laid-back vibe with an active atmosphere; as it is no stranger to casinos, bars, and similar entertainment businesses. Another important feature of the area is that there is a world-class golf course available for tourists if this is something you enjoy. Playa Ocotal is located near the also tourist beach town Playa Conchal, which also has very diverse marine life. This region is not only a good place for amazing luxury condos, but it is actually an area with fewer options for those with tighter budgets. Its proximity to the international airport makes it of easy access and greater relevance.
  • Playas del Coco
Luxury condos in Playas del Coco can be found in the best location of the entire beach town. Also located in the Guanacaste Province, the amazing condos you can find can actually be located inside luxurious resorts and with all the benefits that come with it as well as with those that come with Costa Rica rental homes, like privacy and others. Several amenities in these condos make it a more attractive accommodation option that regular hotel rooms in a hotel. These condos are also strategically located to many basic services like supermarkets, stores and other business that usually catch the attention of tourists; restaurants and bars are examples of this.Luxury Condos Costa Rica

Marino las Baulas National Park

This national park attracts many visitors as the luxury condos Costa Rica do. This national park is home to a very rich biodiversity; however, it was specifically created in order to protect the leatherback turtles. The park is actually the nesting site of this species that has gone through extinction threats. Tourists can also witness this magical ritual; however, activity inside the park is monitored due to the importance of some specific natural events like that of the turtle’s nesting ritual. The park comprises sea landscapes, but also mangroves and estuaries; which make it varied and that also results in biodiversity.

Additional Information about Playas del Coco

Although there are incredible options in Costa Rica luxury homes; for those with a tighter option, there are probably more options; however; the recommendation still falls on the great luxurious condos of the area. Although this is a laid-back town, there is an active nightlife, so if you like to go out and visit a bar at night, Playas del Coco has bars, casinos and others. Playas del Coco is famous for its conditions for sport fishing, which is actually considered to be world-class. It is also near a couple surfing spots which also make it a popular tourist destinations, as well as other amazing activities you can do in the area.
  • Peninsula Papagayo
Peninsula Papagayo is basically a place where you can find not only great luxury condos, but also amazing Costa Rica luxury villas, and other types of Costa Rica vacation rentals as this is a place where tourists can find anything they need regarding services, entertainment, and more.  These amazingly luxurious condos also come fully equipped and count with an amazing view, not only of the Pacific Coast but of a beautiful golf course. With amazing designs, all the appliances and an amazing view, luxury condos in Papagayo Peninsula are definitely a good option for guaranteeing a comfortable vacation in Costa Rica. National Parks Nearby As well as Marino Las Baulas and Rincon de la Vieja National Parks, Santa Rosa National park is located near Peninsula PapagayoGuanacaste National Park, which is also located nearby, has as main attraction bird and animal watching in general; it is home to a big number of animal species. There are rustic accommodations in the park; therefore, if you seek comfort and luxury, it is better to guarantee it somewhere like the luxury condos recommended.

Additional Information about Peninsula Papagayo

Papagayo has undergone major tourist development; therefore, good services and entertainment whether in the cities as well as due to natural beauty is certainly ensured. Besides all services available previously mentioned, it is important to highlight the existence of the world-class Marina Papagayo. Not only does it have great beaches, but sailing activities and charters are also available. Peninsula Papagayo is the perfect example of tourism-oriented development; with an eco friendly awareness that maintains the country’s interests of natural conservation. In other words, staying in Papagayo Peninsula, whether in condos, villas, houses or others will surely be a good experience; as services are truly of the highest quality. A golf course and continuous growth are other advantages.Luxury Condos Costa Rica

Are Luxury Condos the only Viable Option in Costa Rica Vacation Rentals?

The amazing luxury condos in Costa Rica are definitely an amazing option if you have the opportunity to stay in one of them; however, it is definitely not the only one regarding Costa Rica rental homes. There is a broad variety of estate options in Costa Rica luxury homes for rent, which depending on the group size, special interests and availability of options in the area may differ. The options range from studio apartments to Costa Rica luxury villas that can house up to 20 people. These options make possible the chance of travelling with a big or even a couple big family groups; that will be able to share enough, but have their privacy at the same time in such amazingly well designed estates that are luxurious, functional and simply beautiful.

Is the Process with Home rentals more Difficult than with Resorts?

The business of home rentals has fortunately grown enough to be as practical; convenient and easy to hire as well as booking a hotel room. Fortunately, the process has also grown enough to assure you the reality of the place that you are going to arrive in; so that you don’t find any surprises at the moment of your arrival. The fact that exclusive property management companies are taking charge also adds reliability to the business. Booking a rental home online is probably as easy as booking a hotel room; however, the process may be accompanied by the fear of arriving to a secluded place; that is nowhere near what was offered. In this sense, remember that the rental homes business in Costa Rica has developed in order to satisfy the market of more luxurious needs; so it is almost with complete certainty that satisfaction will be ensured at all times.

Are there other Locations with Great Options in Luxury Condos?

There are amazing accommodation options, mainly throughout the most popular tourist destinations of the Northwest of the country; the Guanacaste Province. However, the previously mentioned locations are probably the ones with the best options in this category. Nevertheless, Areas like Tenorio, Las Catalnas and other nearby locations also offer great options regarding luxurious rental homes. The most popular options sought out by tourists is actually the luxurious villas. That are located in magical and unbelievable natural locations; with amazing architectural designs that are thought for a great vacation where guests are allowed to enjoy the social interaction; as well as the privacy, the view and with the special amenities like private pools that give it the feel and comfort of a vacation. Rentals homes options are varied and all of them amazing. These wonderful luxury condos Costa Rica can be previously examined online and booked; however, depending on the characteristics of your Costa Rica vacations; you will be able to see that there are many options to fit your interests. However, a trip with a significant other to these wonderful condos sounds like an adventure in paradise that to venture on or a similar experience; it all depends on your special needs. Thanks for read: “Luxury Condos Costa Rica: Recommended Destinations and Attractions Nearby“. Rate or share this post!! You will love read: 8 Low Key Destinations and Luxurious Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Nearby  
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