It is no secret that luxury vacations Costa Rica have become a popular trend for many tourists; this is especially the case for tourists seeking comfort, luxury, services of the highest quality and paradisiacal landscapes. There are good areas such as the Central Valley and the Southern Region of the country; however, the beach landscapes mixed with tropical forests of Guanacaste have incredible features. There are many factors that can make a trip be successful or not; transportation is one of them, and so it is for considering a place as a permanent destination. Whether you are considering living in Costa Rica or just staying for a few days, transportation is important; in this regard, Guanacaste Province has several types of transportation available, and they are all characterized by the greatest quality. For starters, Liberia, the capital of the country, has an international airport that is located very near amazing beach towns; in 30 min or less, you can get to the most beautiful beach towns of the Papagayo Gulf. In addition, you can find incredible transportation services by land, such as shuttle services or car rentals; there are also marine services and small national airports in various towns. This is one of the best reasons for choosing Guanacaste Province as your destination for vacations or for moving permanently; you can find incredible rental property in Costa Rica. Guanacaste Province has gone through major development projects; many beach towns in Papagayo Peninsula and Papagayo Gulf have had considerable growth in infrastructure and tourist services. This had led to the construction of incredible luxury villas, condos, and amazing beachfront Costa Rica rental homes; in addition, there are also fabulous hotels and luxurious resorts. Most luxury villas and Costa Rica rental homes have modern designs and are equipped with top of the line appliances; rental property in Costa Rica will truly make you want to move to this magical location. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Guanacaste Province is characterized by housing 12 different life zones with abundant flora and fauna; however, the tropical dry forests are the most typical type of forest in Guanacaste Province. There are other forests in Guanacaste, another type is the tropical cloud forests; these forests are present in areas with higher altitudes; they can be found in the Guanacaste and part of the Tilarán Cordilleras, which are mountain ranges. The name of the province is actually very much related to the vegetation in Guanacaste; in fact, the name makes reference to the Guanacaste Tree. There are several tree species you can see, as well as a big variety of flower species. The heliconia is very popular and you can see it in Guanacaste Province; you might also spot various orchids, the Guaria Morada, which is the national flower, and more. Protection of natural resources is one of Costa Rica’s main priorities; in this regard, there are several protected areas that look after the wildlife as well as for its vegetation. There is abundant marine life and numerous animal species in land that you can spot in Costa Rica; don’t be surprised if you are playing Golf in Papagayo Peninsula, for example, and you see a monkey pass by the course. Some of the animals you might get to spot are monkeys, sloths, tapirs, iguanas, and more; there are 6 species of wildcats in Guanacaste, you might get to see them all. There are also crocodiles, and numerous bird species; many areas in Guanacaste are actually popular among birdwatchers. The marine wildlife is also abundant; of the many species, 4 types of sea turtles stand out, they even have important nesting sites. Natural conservation is one of Costa Rica’s most important government policies; in spite of the support given to the growth of many economic industries like tourism, natural resources are a priority. In this sense, there are 11 conservation areas in Costa Rica that ensure natural preservation; there are also many national parks and natural reserves throughout the country. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica National parks are administered by the country, which means they are not privately managed. They depend on the governments support and sometimes donations. The nature reserves, on the other hand, are privately managed; they are the result of a personal initiative to protect a specific area or animal/plant species. Natural resources are important for Ticos and they enamor the country’s visitors. Whether you are taking luxury vacations Costa Rica or staying more permanently, there is a lot to do; there are land and water activities. The land activities usually take you to a national park or protected area where you can observe the wildlife; in addition, there are canopy tours, zip line adventures, aerial tram rides and more. Hikes up to volcanoes, mountain bike rides, and many other adventures are available. Regarding water tours, there are fun sea and freshwater activities you can do. You can go sportfishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and more. In addition, you can go sea o freshwater kayaking; you can also swim in natural hot springs, bathe in magical waterfalls, and also go on great boat tours. There are also rafting tours and many other activities for adventurous souls.

Popular Activities in Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

There are many adventurous activities you can do in Costa Rica thanks to its marvelous landscapes; moreover, there are activities that are meant for those accustomed to great luxury. Golf Costa Rica is one of the activities that make some regions stand out; Guanacaste has various golf courses that mix incredible natural beauty with an amazing design. Here, fun, and luxury met nature. In addition, there are other facilities for luxury vacations Costa Rica; there are 5 tennis courts in Papagayo Peninsula, there are gyms, spas, and more. There are many facilities devoted to beauty treatments and similar other activities. Furthermore, there is an incredible marina; with the Papagayo Marina, you can go on sailing trips in luxurious yachts, and go on fabulous adventures by the sea. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The Costa Rican culture is very rich, and there are many culture tours you can go on in Guanacaste; Ticos are very joyful people, and you will enjoy interacting with them little or long periods of time. There are some tours in Guanacaste that include visits to historical monuments, and to see pre-Columbian petroglyphs. There are also visits to coffee plantations and coffee tasting experiences. In addition, visitors will love tasting the Costa Rican food, hearing the music, and other interesting features of the culture; nevertheless, there are also international options. The big affluence of foreigners has resulted in cafés, bars and restaurants with international characteristics; therefore, you do not have to worry about having to adapt to a strict Costa Rican lifestyle. You can still find international food and more. The massive development that has taken place in Costa Rica has motivated the construction of new settlements; these new communities have been mostly been inhabited by foreign visitors. For this reason, you may find yourself in areas with people from your own country, but in a tropical paradise; furthermore, there are other benefits to staying in these “international” villages. In these “international villages”, you can spend fabulous luxury vacations Costa Rica; given the nature of their creation, they count with amazing tourist services. They tend to have fabulous bars and restaurants with services aimed at this demographic; you can find bars that play international music and also restaurants that serve international dishes. So don’t worry about feeling too homesick.

What are some of the Beach Towns that Have the Most International Influence in Guanacaste?

The area comprises 15 miles of Coastline, and along this coastline, you can find 31 separate beaches; this is one of the areas that have undergone the biggest development.  The peninsula has fabulous, luxurious resorts and incredible rental homes. In addition, it has the Papagayo Marina, the best course of the country for playing golf Costa Rica, and more. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica There are also cafés, bars, and restaurants with international influences; if you feel like a picky eater, don’t worry, you won’t get to feel homesick. There are also many luxurious services offered in this area and they count with an international influence; the guides for the tours you take, for example, are usually bilingual. The beautiful Las Catalinas is a newly founded town; dating from 2006, Las Catalinas was designed in order to honor the principles of New Urbanism.  This environmentally friendly design movement promotes the pedestrian experience, as it avoids the inclusion of roads for polluting motor vehicles; in this regard, other transportation forms are promoted, such as walking, bike riding, and others. Given the artificial manner in which this town was created, it ultimately was occupied by many foreigners; Las Catalinas may be one of these “international villages” considering its inhabitants. There is no main road going through Las Catalinas, only one main access road; in addition, it has a beautiful beach towards the West, Dantita Beach. You can also find fabulous beachfront villas for rent here. Flamingo Beach could also be considered as one of these “international villages”; this town was envisioned as a tourist destination, which is why hotels, resorts, and rental homes are abundant. Beyond these accommodation options for tourists, there are no real homes or real Costa Rican community; this is mainly a destination for tourist activity, although its services are fabulous. This means that even though you might find a bar or restaurant in Flamingo Beach, this isn’t really a Tico community; in addition lifestyle is strictly related to these tourist activities. Waters sports and amazing rental homes and resorts are this town’s biggest attractions; furthermore, if you are seeking interaction with the Tico culture, there are other towns you can visit nearby. Coco Beach, or Playas del Coco in Spanish, is one of the most popular destinations in the Costa Rican Papagayo Gulf.  This beach town does have a Costa Rican settlement, as opposed to Flamingo Beach; however, it is just as popular among tourists, or maybe even more. In addition, Coco Beach is also very popular among Ticos who enjoy it as a destination for the holidays. More specifically, Coco Beach is very popular among younger visitors; this beach town is very popular for its fabulous bars and infrastructure for nightlife in general.  In some towns there may not be an active nightlife, but this is not the case of Coco Beach. Young visitors will enjoy spending a night out, interacting with other Ticos, dancing and having the nights of their lives. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Hermosa Beach, as well as Coco Beach, does have a Tico settlement besides its tourist features; in addition, it has fabulous tourist services and activities available for tourists. The name of the beach give justice to reality, Hermosa means “gorgeous”. This beach town is truly gorgeous; its calm waters make it perfect for a few activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. Hermosa Beach may not have an artificial creation as other beach towns mentioned; however, it has gone through major tourist development. This means that while it keeps a laid back vibe, you can be witness of its growth through; you can find bars, cafés, and restaurants in Playa Hermosa for your entertainment. Hermosa Beach is a wonderful destination in Guanacaste for vacations or expat living. Costa Rica has been blessed with many wonderful features that each day make it a better destination; whether for spending luxury vacations Costa Rica or for expat living, this is truly a tropical paradise. Visit soon, and have the time of your life in this paradise. Thanks for read: ''8 Reasons Why Guanacaste Province is Perfect for Luxury Vacations Costa Rica and Expat Living''. Share or comment this post You will love read: ''A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in a Paradise where Natural Conservation Meets Modern Urbanism''
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