You can easily spend luxury vacations Costa Rica all year round; however, if you are planning on traveling after New Year’s Eve, it is actually a fabulous idea. Costa Rica has become a very popular tourist destination, and more specifically, this has been the case of Guanacaste Province; furthermore, if you plan a visit in this time, there are many advantages you will enjoy.

The Weather in January in Guanacaste Province

By the time January starts, the weather in Costa Rica is already dry as the “dry season” has started before; this means that the days are sunny and you don’t have to expect heavy showers in the afternoons. During this time, the wetlands are drier, and there are trails that you can go by with less difficulty. The levels of the rivers and lagoons also diminish during the rainy season. The tide level is also lower; the level of the tide also affects tour adventures. On the one hand, the number of animals you can spot increases in some areas; also, different species migrate depending on the season. In general, this season seems to be a good time to visit, as it is throughout the year; nevertheless, there are some advantages and disadvantages depending on the season.

Advantages of Planning Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January

Planning luxury vacations Costa Rica in January can have many advantages; on the one hand, as in the case of January, the dry season in Costa Rica coincides with the winter in the North; this means that if you are visiting from the Northern Hemisphere, you will be able to escape the cold. Furthermore, you won’t escape it to arrive in a rainy area! Days are sunny, warm, and perfect for tanning! In addition, there is one great difference from visiting by the end of December; in January, Ticos are also enjoying their holidays, and they still are, at least the first days of January. However, after New Year’s Eve, Costa Rica is undoubtedly less crowded; by this time, many tourists have returned to their hometowns. This means that beaches are also less crowded and more services are available for everyone.

Are there Disadvantages to Planning Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January?

As previously mentioned, there may be downfalls to visiting at certain times, but it’s an awesome destination all year round; however, prices can be a little higher, for example, which I not really a disadvantage. In this sense, if you visit the first days of January, prices will still be high; however, as January progresses, prices may diminish, so you might be able to save a few bucks by then. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Regarding the conditions of the roads; after the rainy season, usually repair works start in the affected areas of the country. Nevertheless; by this time, it is difficult to find roads in perfect conditions already, you might spot construction workers though. Regarding accommodation services, you can find more options for your luxury vacations Costa Rica because people are returning home.

The Best Time to Spot Wild Animals

One great advantage of visiting Guanacaste during this time favors animal lovers; this is because as the dry season progresses, water ‘disappears’. In consequence, the precious resource becomes more and more valuable; thus, the little portions of water left in lagoons, rivers, and ponds, attract all the fauna. The best idea if you wish to witness different wildlife species is to approach sources of water. In some areas, activities like birdwatching become popular during this time; one great example is the wonderful Palo Verde National Park. This park, which has dry and wet areas, has its levels of water lowered significantly; as the precious resource becomes scarce, animals gather near the remaining spots with water. In Palo Verde National Park, there are abundant waterfowl species, so it is a wonderful sight.

Towns in Guanacaste Where You Can Stay for your Fabulous Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

This is not specifically a town; however, it comprises a total of 31 different beaches! The coastline stretches for 15 miles, encompassing an area of great natural beauty and tourist development. In Papagayo Peninsula, you can find incredible Costa Rica luxury villas as well as the best resorts. The area has seen great development while maintaining a surprising 70% unspoiled, as dictated by law. The popular Coco Beach is located in the Papagayo Gulf and it is a favorite among tourists visiting the province; it is located less than an hour away from Liberia by car. Coco beach has a long selection of cafés, bars, and restaurants which makes it popular among young crowds; furthermore, Costa Rica luxury homes such as beachfront Costa Rica luxury villas are also abundant here. It is important to make the distinction with this beach town as there is another Coco Beach on this coastline; Hermosa Beach may be quiet and calm, but it is also developed and tourist services are also abundant. Regarding the distance from Hermosa Beach (Guanacaste) to Coco Beach, it is even shorter than in the case of Coco Beach; the Costa Rica luxury homes, resorts and hotels available are also incredible. Ocotal Beach is also located in the Papagayo Gulf, actually very near from Coco Beach; this town represents an option for tourists looking to go on the many adventures offered in Coco Beach. However, Ocotal Beach offers a quieter atmosphere; there is amazing rental property in Costa Rica, great services and a lower partying vibe. Beachfront rentals in Costa Rica are also amazing in Ocotal Beach. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica In addition to these towns, there are other amazing towns in Guanacaste with great options regarding beachfront rentals in Costa. Rica rental property in Costa Rica is a growing business and you will be able to find incredible options in the real estate you rent. Furthermore, there are incredible tourist destinations and other wonderful services for you to spend amazing luxury vacations Costa Rica! Thanks for read: ''Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January: an Amazing Experience''. Share or Comment this post. Also try: Anticipating Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in the Holidays
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